Monday, November 24, 2008

little scooter pooter

I told you he was itchin' to crawl! :) This was yesterday morning. In only a day, he is like a pro scooter! No more switching the toys for him. He is a man on a mission and after a new toy every minute! I think he is really excited about his new skill and loves to play this game!
And yes, I am a nerd and I really did cry. just a tear. haha!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun Foto Friday

I was going through old photos and realized that I never posted these! This was when we went to my parents house for Halloween. My mom cleaned up the old swing that my sister, brother, and I used when we were babies. It's a blast from the past with the 70s charm! :) It made my mom happy that Alex loved it! This is exactly why she saved it all these years!! right?!!

Here is my clean baby lion! Fun towel at Nani's house!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Half Year!

My little Alex. I can't believe you are half a year old! 6 months!! It seems like yesterday that I was carrying you in my belly. Even scarier is that in another half a year you'll be 1!
I am cherishing your "littleness". You have started to let me hug you, rock you, and cuddle a little more. It's only for a moment (before you notice something you want to look at more closely) but I will take a moment any day!! These are the moments I live for. You get the tired sillys and laugh when mommy just looks at you funny. I love it. I think Daddy is a little jealous. ;) You are a mommas boy for sure...and I can't lie, it warms my heart. You are such a sweet boy!
You are amazing us daily with your strength and abilities. You are full of wonder and curiosity- we love to watch the wheels turn in that precious lil face, normally mouth open. You love to look at the trees. You would stay out there all day if I let you. You have started to show your sadness if I take you in too early too.
You want to touch and taste everything! "The dragonfly" is toy numero uno. It is the best to suck, bite, and flip. You are so good with your hands now that we take it everywhere.

You can roll over with the best of them. Sometimes it scares you though to do too many rolls in a row. :) We are working on getting your legs under you (crawling prep). I know I say this every month but you really are getting close to crawling and you want to sooo bad. :)
We started rice cereal a few weeks ago. Nothing scheduled, but just a few trys here and there for fun. You hate it. You really want to eat, but rice cereal is not the taste you were dreaming of and hoping for. The other day we tried bannanas with it. Worse! You gagged and made the most awful face. Sadly, your cold-hearted parents got a laugh out of it. I know, you were not amused.
We are excited to try more foods though! So welcome to the world of solids Alex! You are such a big boy!

Sleep. My least favorite topic. Well, lets see. I regret to post that there is not much of a change here. You are still unpredictable. You have been waking up every 3 or 4 hours most nights though. (little toot) Once in a blue moon you grace me with a heavenly night where I get an amazing 6 hours. I am praying that starting solids might help fill that lil belly of yours to help you. We might have to get tough though and start sleep training. I hate to do it, but my sleep hungry body might talk me into it. Everytime I get geared up to start, you sleep well and keep me confused. I know you can do it!!

I find myself singing Wheels On The Bus to you every time we are in the car. You love it. I have tried other songs and you detest. So I will continue because I would rather listen to that then you crying. I am thinking of going on tour. Check your local listings for the Traveling Mom Road Show coming to a town near you! Hopefully we can branch out and sing some new songs in the near future! :)

I have to leave you with a few of the "honorable mentions" for this months bear picture. It was a tough decision.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Look what I can do! Sit all by myself!...

Well, for a minute or so.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few shots from our first Halloween! We were at my parents house so we went trick-or-treating to our 2 neighbors that we know and love. The treats were hugs and kisses! Can't beat that!

Monkey in the Middle

Who talked me in to putting my baby in a tree?!

Gotta love a monkey with no pants on!

Happy Birthday Chad!

My big brother turned 30!! We went to San Antonio for his big party this weekend. The theme was the Autumn Olympics. He planned out all these games including a ping pong tournament (Go Travis for winning!!), pool, ice skating, water balloon games, pumpkin smashing, word pictionary, and his latest hobby- swing dancing. It was a big day but lots of fun! The most fun was watching Chad have such a great time all day! We love ya Chad! Happy 30th!!

Alex did so well all day! I was so proud of him! He had a great time- especially dancing with Auntie Jo! :)

Welcome to the world, Baby Andrew!

My good friend and roomie from college, Ann Marie, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Friday, October 31st.

This little guy was lucky enough to enter the world in Hawaii! What a view!! :) I'm jealous!

Andrew Wyatt Fredland

Congratulations Fredland fam!! Can't wait to meet you Andrew! (Do you think Travis will take me to Hawaii so I can?!) Hang in there Mom and give him lots of kisses for us!