Friday, May 29, 2009

Whats the deal, Sparky?!

Ok, here's the deal. My parents became like my personal camera crew (fancy, I know) for the last few events- Alex's birthday party and Leah's Wedding! Well, it has been so crazy and busy that they still have the pictures and I don't. :) I am not complaining, just explaining. It's a long story too. Soooo you will have to wait a little while longer for those pictures and posts! I know. You are on the edge of your computer chair.

Anyway, I think we partied too hard this month because Alex got sick on Sunday and passed it on to me too. So we have been holding down the fort for the week. I think we are about to shake it though! Hope so, because I am pretty sure we are both dying of boredom!!

I decided I needed to take a few shots this morning to brighten our day.

Puts a whole new meaning to "frog in my throat"

Alex loves to make Kermit "dance" as he walks around the house. Thank goodness for new toys this week! (This is another toy from Travis's childhood!)

gotta stay hydrated when your sick!

this is how the lil guy holds his cup now as he walks around...tuck it and go!

These are Travis's old "friends" from when he was a kid. They are now Alex's new "friends" and he really does love them! What classics, right?!

This is some quality fun for cheap...$1 Baby and $1 shopping cart! Gotta love garage sales!! (Actually Honey and Uncle Chad deserve the credit on the shopping for these) Alex has enjoyed pushing "baby" around and goes for the one handed push quite often. "Baby" is obviously better behaved than Alex in the shopping cart.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Year In Review

I made this montage for the party and I thought I would go ahead and post it. It's about 10 minutes long and most of the pictures are from the blog...but its a fun way to reminisce if you have the time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Alexander!

The Birthday Boy!!
(Notice how he is poking the bears eyes. This was the best shot I could get though!)

Wow. It really does go like warp speed. It feels like just yesterday that I had him, that he was teeny tiny, that he learned to roll over, crawl, and walk! What a year! A year of so many firsts for baby... and us! Alex, you have brought us joy like no other! Happy Birthday Baby! You will always be my little baby boy. We love you to the moon and back! I can't wait to celebrate the many many more!

We had a quiet day of birthday fun. Just some quality time with Mom at home and the park. Auntie Jo came over to love on you in the afternoon. When dad came home we took your bear picture and measured your height on your growth board- birthday rituals! And we had your little party....presents and a cupcake. The cupcake was just practice to get ready for Saturday- the big party! :) We let you stay up late because I think the chocolate was too much for your little body to handle and you were wired! But it was fun- you really crack us up with how you walk in circles around the house wanting us to chase you. You love to laugh, thats for sure!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First (real) Mothers Day

This was me last year about this time...
a mother but not quite "hands on" yet. (Yep, the countdown is on! Alex was born a few days after Mothers Day. His birthday is Wednesday!)

This is this year! Oh what a happy day! Travis is such a wonderful hubby and took care of Alex in the morning so I could sleep in. I didn't realize it but he took him to HEB to get me flowers and donuts for breakfast. My fave! What a couple of sweethearts! He even put Alex in his I love Mommy shirt...melt my heart! :)

We had a nice relaxing day around the house.
We put together Alex's birthday present- the Kangaroo Climber! I think maybe I was more excited about it than he was. After we made him go down the slide :) he realized that it was cool.

I think Alex decided his gift to me for Mothers Day would be that he took a great nap so that Travis and I could lay out in the backyard. It was sooo nice! I needed some sun badly and the break! It was fabulous!!
We did a little shopping and headed out for dinner in the evening! A perfect day with my boys!
Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there! Hope you had a wonderful day and felt the love and appreciation you deserve!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 60th Papa Wes!

A little blast from the past...

My Dad as a little precious!


What a handsome dad! (1981)
Trixie Dixie, Look Who's Sixty!!

Last weekend we went to the lake to celebrate my dads 60th birthday! We also made it a little family reunion and had his siblings and family join us! It was so fun to see everyone and just get some down time! The lake house we stayed at was perfect and had a great yard right on the water! Beautiful!!

Alex loved this little bear! He would talk to it, touch it, and then decided to sit by it- he did this on his own! I just had to get a picture!

Alex went swimming for the first time this year...all decked out in his new suit and swim shirt. We got him this little floatie car, but he wasn't having it. I should have known. :) He was timid of the water at first but after some time with Dad, he warmed up! And then he loved the warm hot tub!

He was so fun all weekend! He did great and loved being the center of attention! He got lots of lovin!

Playing with bubbles!

Playing some redneck golf...a family favorite!

The men hit golf balls into the lake. Uncle John thought maybe Alex should try...hmmm?!

The young men of the group...Vinnie, Chad, Travis, and Charles.

Happy Birthday Dad!! Love you sooo much!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Park it up!

So, since my car was in the shop last week, for 3 days! , Alex and I had a few trips to the park. I decided to try and capture the fun! He loves it there and since learning to walk, is really starting to actually play and explore!

A good driver!

The tunnel is Oh so fun!


Rake the rocks! Oh yeah!

Time for a sippy cup break! All that playing makes you thirsty!

and I'm off!! Mr. Independent.
Swinging like a monkey!
I knew you were around the corner Mom!
Oops! It happens sometimes!
(I can't believe I took a picture- I mean, look at that face! Poor thang!!)

Climbing up the slide and riding down on his belly- no fear! Don't worry, he doesn't get to far up!

Fun times with my lil buddy!!