Saturday, March 28, 2009


My best friend Jenny is due in a few weeks! So Alex and I headed over to her place for a little photo shoot of her precious belly before its gone! I had fun playing photog and loved trying to get creative! She was a perfect model and I think they turned out pretty good, if I say so myself!

Doesn't she have quite the "basketball"! She looks GREAT! And sooo beautiful!

Poor Alex was left to fend for himself...and he did! This is Jenny making him play with her stuffed "Bevo". ugh. :) Alex was a little more interested in eating the cheerios he spilled everywhere off the floor. At least it kept him busy! ha! But thanks for sharing your new toys Rebekah!


I have been quite a busy bee lately with several projects going on! It has been very therapeutic and fun!

The first project was "Operation Office Relocation" and "Operation Playroom". We moved our office into the "front room" which was basically empty so that we could make the old office a playroom. So far we are loving the new spaces and we are so glad we did it! We still have some decorating and such to do but it is a big task and will take some time. Pics coming soon!

The next project is "Operation Learn to Sew" where I have decided to sew fun burp cloths for new babies! I stole the idea from a friend (Thanks Chelsea!). It is a great first sewing project because it's pretty easy and, lets face it, it doesn't need to be perfect- its for spit up! :) They are nothing too fancy either. Thanks to my sewing partner in crime, Jenny, I have finished a few and it was so fun! I am now looking forward to making many more....if only I had more time! Unfortunatly, Alex does not enjoy watching Mommy sew. Bummer.

Another stolen project idea (Thanks Christy!) is the bag tag. I am having so much fun making these for new babies too! They are pretty easy to make after gathering all the materials. I loved mine and so I thought others might want one too!

My last endeavor is tutoring. I never thought I would be doing this but it came to me, so I felt like it might be a good thing to try. Turns out, I really am enjoying it. I am tutoring one little girl, once a week, for one hour in the evening. Its a nice SMALL job. The pay is good and there isn't too much prep. Travis is enjoying his time with Alex too! Good for all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

We had a crazy hail storm yesterday! The hail hit so hard and there was a ton of it! Travis made it home just in time! We all watched from the front door in awe! Alex was really interested too! It reminded me of the night when we were in the hospital after Alex was born.

Right on the new pretty flowers! : (

Kristen and Kenzie got good pictures too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Alex is doing much better! Thanks for all the prayers and sweet thoughts! This one was a doosie and it is taking longer to get over than before. He is still pretty fussy and cranky at times (Lord, help me) so I know it still hurts. I think it may be a mixture of the remaining sickness and his new stage of independence. He wants to be IN the fridge, IN the pantry, IN the trash, IN the dishwasher...and has a major meltdown when I don't let him. Oh, what I have ahead of me! ;)

Oh, and the medicine giving is WAY better this time! He actually likes it, I think! He opens wide and drinks it up! Yea!!

Here is what I came home to this weekend...My two boys in their Aggie caps!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Steps

Well, today was the day! Alex decided to take those ever precious first steps! They may be super small and only a few, but they count! I was so shocked (it was totally his idea, I didn't even prompt it the first time) and so he was too! We laughed and squealed in delight together!! :) He gets such a kick out of it! Being by myself I had to get creative in trying to capture it on video- hence the no heads! sorry! The couch just isn't tall enough! But the feet are the most important part right?! :) Then Travis came home and we did another take!

My baby is growing up. {sigh}

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Double Trouble

Its official. We just got home from the doc and Alex has the ever popular and oh so fun double ear infection and the "snot bug" (as I call it). Last night he had a 103 fever. Poor guy! I can't wait till he can communicate with me so I know quicker whats going on! Although, I did do better this time at looking for clues. But, I feel so bad for him! Lets hope this clears up quick! The good news...a new med this time that I only have to do once a day (instead of 2). That was the hardest part last time- picture Wrestle Mania- Mom vs Alexander The Great including a pink sticky mess! Lets hope it goes better this time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Yesterday we hosted play group at our house for a lil St. Patrick's Day fun! All the kiddos wore green of course! They had so much fun with the walker, car, and push toy! Everyone is moving and it was crazy!! They were even taking turns pushing each other! Wow, how group has changed since we first met! Alex is so lucky to have such fun friends to play with!

The group was also together this last weekend for Kenzie's 1st Birthday party... tons of fun! Happy Birthday Kenzie! Next weekend is Henrik's!

All the kiddos! Poor Mya got blocked :(

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 Months Old

Happy 10 Months Alexander!
I can't believe that your first birthday is around the corner! Time flies when you are having fun! :)

1 Thing that I love right now...
Every morning you are SO excited to see me. Your smile is so big and you jump up and down! No matter what, I can count on love every morning! I actually think you might get cuter over night too!

1 Thing that Dad loves right now...
The pitter patter of your lil hands slapping the tile as you crawl around the house. Its a precious sound that we will never forget.
We have decided to give you free reign of the house and take down the play yard (well, it is now more of a blocker)...and you are loving it! So we now hear this sound quite often.

You have a new found love for books. Especially "Thats Not My Snowman". You "read" it as many times as you can everyday. It is a "touchy-feely" book but the only page you like to touch is the "bumpy buttons" page. We don't know why, but we have tested the theory and it seems to always prove true. You are a funny boy. :)

You have learned how to balance standing up and it is so fun to you! You love to practice! No steps yet but you are a-cruising! "Look Mom, no hands!"

This is Travis' chair he got for his 1st birthday. So cute!! Thanks Honey for the special gift!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Video Update

I am behind on my videos- it is hard to make myself sit down and do it! So here are a few to catch up!

Does this count!?

Alex will only wave {1} to himself and {2} during meals. It is so funny! He won't do it any other time! I think it still counts! I had to set up this "not so hidden" hidden camera to catch it!

All giggles!

So a few things... It was laundry day, so excuse the mess. And yes my singing of Itsy Bitsy Spider is not going to get me anywhere- I know! :) Alex loves to laugh and laughs sooo hard! Its so fun!!

Walking {with a little help}

Alex has been "mowing the carpet" like a mad man lately. Its all he wants to do!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun Foto Friday

I See A Naked Jay Bird

We tried bath time in the big tub the other night. This is how it went. All Alex wanted to do was stand up! Not so safe, but his little butt is oh so cute! It wore Travis out trying to manage the lil bird, so we are back in the sink. We decided we can only handle it once a week!

Big Boy Teeth

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dallas Trip!

This weekend we headed off to The Big D! Alex's first time!
We were going to my college friend, Tara's wedding but we also got to see some of our other friends and had a full 2 days of fun!

We started off visiting our friends Tana and Ben. They got to show us their lovely home and precious pups! This is Cash. He is huge. :) What a sweetie though! And we didn't get a picture of little Ottis- so sad! Alex actually wasn't that scared of Cash and even had some face to face time through the window.
We just had a great time playing with Alex, eating burgers, and catching up!

Saturday night we left Alex with our friends Kristen and Mikey and we headed to the wedding. Considering Kristen is due in the next few weeks it was very kind (and brave) of them to watch Alex! We are so thankful!! :) They are going to be wonderful parents and I am so excited for them to have their little one. It was fun seeing all their new pretty newborn gear ready to go! It gave me happy flutters just thinking about the sweet little girl coming so soon!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Walters!
The wedding was fabulous! And I haven't seen my Zeta girls in such a long time, it was like a reunion! They always know how to have a good time and this time was no exception.

They had a Cuban cigar roller at the reception! so here are the boys smoking in the freezing cold and looking oh so tough!
The Beautiful Bride!The bridesmaids sang to Tara and Will! It was awesome! Melody is a really good singer and Sarah and Christen had all the right moves! They had motions to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered- I'm Yours!" that would knock your socks off! :)
This is "The Schneid" doing her rendition of "Put a ring on it". She was serious about being feirce!...I love this girl! :)

All the Zetas! Love your faces! (We missed you Ann Marie!)

The next morning we went to the wedding breakfast to see everyone again and let them meet Alex. Little did I know that when I was sadly up with Alex at 3 am., the party was just ending at the hotel. I am telling ya, they know how to party! So needless to say that breakfast was a little low key. But it was fun to see everyone again one last time! And I was so glad they all got to meet our lil guy in person!

Then we went to lunch with Kristen and Mikey, Ben and Tana, and Aaron and Chelsea- they happened to be in town too! It was great to see them and catch up with everyone over pizza!

Fun times and great friends!! If only we all lived closer and could do it more often!
Alex did great on the trip overall! He decided he didn't need a nap on the way home and was awake for the full 3 hours (so thats no afternoon nap)!! Thank goodness for The Wiggles! I think he is addicted. oops.
Today, we are all recovering, resting, and keeping it low key.