Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yep I am in my last year of my 20s! I have had a wonderful weekend of celebrating (and cake eating)! It started with a fun dinner with my family at my moms house on Friday. She made me her famous "Sunday Roast" dinner by my request- love it, love it! It is so nice to be so close with my family and even Chad drove in!
Then Saturday Travis and I headed downtown for a little getaway night. We are so thankful to our friend who gave us the night as a thank you gift. AND A huge thank you to my parents for babysitting Alex!!! It was so nice! We stayed at the Omni where Matt (Travis's brother who works there) hooked us up big time. He even had them deliver cupcakes to the room- so sweet! We went to dinner at fancy Flemmings which was out of this world fabulous. Travis and I both made note of how nice waiters can be when you aren't at the local Chili's (for example). Needless to say we enjoyed not having to feed and entertain a toddler too...I'd say just a little. We stuffed ourselves silly and waddled (well, me for sure) back to the hotel. Sad to say, yes, there was no wild night out at a bar or anything to report. And it just happened to be FREEZING outside anyway. We really just wanted to rent a movie and cuddle in bed. A great night in this pregnant girls book! :)
And my birthday gift was a new point and shoot camera that also shoots HD video- for easy carrying in the diaper bag or Dads pocket (Thanks Kristen G for letting us copy you!). I love it and I am so excited about it! So look forward to some fun videos of the little guy soon!
It was a very happy happy birthday.

note: we didn't sit this way at dinner, it was only for the picture, and that is not my wine glass I am sad to say. I know what you where all thinking

Monday, January 25, 2010

another race day

Travis did the 3M half marathon this weekend (for the second time). He did well and beat his time from last year. He likes this race so much and will probably end up making it a tradition. We don't mind. Our part is easy...we get to give hugs at the end and take him to brunch with good friends! :) And this year, Uncle Matt even kept us company while we waited. Can't beat it!

super cool medal dad

our friends who ran also- Jon and April
Congrats to all!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Special Treat

This week, Daddy worked in town and got to come to music class! It was a special treat and so fun! Next week is our last class and we are so sad! Alex just loves it and has grown so much since day 1!

what a good sport

refusing to look at the camera these daysmy sweet boy

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Babysitters R Us

We got to babysit baby Kalyn for the first time yesterday! Alex and I were so excited! He really was excited when I got out the play mat and the boppy and said they were for the baby. He showed Jo where they were right when they got here. He did great and was only a little jealous at times. Kalyn is a dream! She is so sweet and so good. I think she was a little scared by all the noise in the playroom but then realized it was fun. I had fun playing Mommy to her and it kind of eased some of my nerves about having our baby girl. The only tough part is that I cant trust Alex to be in reach of her without me right there. I am hoping that it gets better with age and having the baby here everyday. Wishful thinking, I know.

touching her toes

"sharing" his pretzels- dont worry Jo, she only had one :)

Time Out

Alex needed to go to time out the other day (yes, I know its shocking. ha.) My friend said she was using the laundry room now because her daughter was playing when it was in her bedroom. I was near the laundry room and decided to try it out. Unfortunately, the picture says it all. I don't think it will work for us. I had to take a picture even though I am sure that is totally "wrong". He was totally content in there just watching me work in the kitchen.

And by the way, I HATE that cat door. yuck! the downsides to buying a used home.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

a little bit of Alex

Some things I love about now and don't want to forget...

~ how he holds his blanket, has to be the edge and only one layer, between his thumb and forefinger to fall asleep. and he tends to start poking at his eyes (gently of course)

~how he calls for me when he can't find me in the house. "Baba?!" We have decided that this is his name for me and he just can't say the m's.

~how he likes to say "one more" by holding up one finger and we do it back to him and then he likes to touch the fingers together and giggle.

~how he "blows" on things that are said to be hot. he scrunches his nose up and blows out his nose.

~how he says "shhhhh" when people are sleeping or it gets dark in a room or he sees a baby

~how I have been finding him lying on his back randomly chilling in a room

~how he likes for me to "narrate his plate". he points at each food over and over again wanting me to say the names of the food. yes, this gets old real fast. but i love it at the same time.

~how he says "ahhhh" after he drinks cold water. he also likes to point at my water and at his water and drink at the same time.

~how much he loves his dada and wants to be just like him. he LOVES to watch "fubaww!!" with dada!

~how serious he is in the car. i love looking at him in the rear view. something about being in the car seat makes him so little and sweet.

~how he loves to "honk" noses and did it to the music teacher the other day (watch out! haha)

~how he "talks" to himself as he plays. normally it contains some "dabba dabba dabba" very similar to flinstones talk.

~his full out "buh-bye!" that he saids loud and proud now ALL the time. even when he just is leaving the room

~his "excited face"- big eyes, high eyebrows, with a little gasp and smile that will melt any heart

~how he smiles and laughs when he toots. boys?! one of his favorite things to do is make the sound that daddy taught him- the sound of a toot in the bath tub. (ba-boww- thats the best I can do for ya) He cracks up so hard! and just keeps doing it over and over! I have to admit it makes me laugh too.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Preggo Update

Haven't done one of these in a while sooo...

Here I am on Christmas Eve- about 24 Weeks

I am feeling pretty good these days. I feel as though I doubled in size just over the last few weeks. I am having a hard time bending over to pick things up off the floor all day. Luckily, Alex is starting to get the idea of being helpful. (Such a sweetie) He likes to sit ON my belly when I hold him and I am pretty sure he thinks its funny to push my belly button back in- thats right, snoopy is back and bigger than ever!

I started feeling sciatic pains a few weeks ago and it hurts pretty bad. I had a hard time walking. I have been trying to wear a maternity support belt (under Dr. Jo's orders) and it seems to be helping (as she said it would). The heartburn is killer- I feel it even as I am eating and it seems that all foods will do it. So, tums are my new bff. I have been graced with a few killer charlie horses in the night- always fun. For Christmas I got a "snoogle". No not a puppy. A preggo body pillow. Its great!! Highly recommend it! Even Trav has been caught snoogling up to it.

I go in on Tuesday to do my glucose test...cant wait. (hopefully you hear the sarcasm) but I cant believe how the time is flying.

Over the holiday we pushed into high clean out gear. We have to make room for baby and that means getting rid of my major storage space. It is a slow and daunting process but we will get there soon enough. Where to put my china? Where to put my gift bag collection? Where to put those old bridesmaid dresses?

We decided on bedding for the nursery and we are excited. The theme is fairies (although, I really don't want to go overboard with the theme). We got it at a great deal which made even Travis excited! We also bought the crib and even have it already. Next up after we get the room cleaned out is paint. Luckily, my painter (mr. t) is ready and willing!

As far as names go, we have been thinking but no decisions have been made. You know though that we don't share even if we do decide. I know I know.... but I promise it won't kill ya. :) We are always up for suggestions, so if you want, just leave it in the comments. That way we don't have to hurt your feelings when we stick out our tongue :)

Only about 100 more days to go! We are so excited but I am also just enjoying my precious time alone with Alexander.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas (Part 2) with the Skeeters

It is a first for us that we get to celebrate with both families so close to the real holiday! It was so fun!

This was actually the first time Alex met Kalyn. I was so happy that it went well. He was very interested, so sweet, and did great! He really didn't want her to go at the end of the night.

He liked the tree and presents on her outfit. (Don't you like that hat?! Its the only one that fits that lil head- whoop for that!) And he liked to "tickle" her.

I was so relieved that he let me hold her and just wanted to sit next to me to see. Yea for big brother to be!

Alex really got the hang of the whole present opening thing
Papa Wes and Nani got Alex a table just for him. He loves it! and sits at it all the time!

Playing blocks with Uncle Chad... or is it Uncle Chad letting Alex play blocks with him ???

so happy we get to share motherhood together

what a wonderful christmas...again we are so thankful to be so blessed.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas With The Isaacsons

The stockings hung...

Look what Santa brought! A kitchen!

checking it out, not quite sureoh, he loves it. especially the boiling noise the stove makes.

a little present opening break to read the new book Great Grandpa and Great Grandma sent
this was the year of the raincoat. we got them for each other (on purpose). mine barely zips up, but I know it will one day! :) I felt horrible, by the way- cedar fever got the best of me- so not too many pics of me and the red nose, thank goodness
matt got a rain coat too!
Honey and Grandpa Steve got Alex a wagon! super fun!

testing it out on the back deck- what a view right?! and a beautiful day for a ride!We had a wonderful holiday! Small, cozy, casual... blessed. Oh, and Alex played kitchen and cars all day...doesn't get much better.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve with The Isaacsons

What is that thing on your head Uncle Matt?
Oh, its a hat
The first gift...gotta have something to play with tonight. I think Alex liked it!
Thanks Honey and Grandpa Steve!

Christmas Veggie Tales Book before bed
For some reason, not sure why, this has become an Isaacson tradition. Goldschl├Ąger shots.
Thank goodness I didn't have to participate this year.

My Little Baker

My little baker "helping" me make Christmas cookies...flour is so fun