Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

We got snow the other day! Not the normal Texas snow thats really ice or doesnt stick...but real big snow! And it pretty much kept snowing all day! It was so fun! We spent the morning in pjs and didnt leave the house (what a great reason to slow down for a day!). And Dad came home early from work, so we got to build a snowman in the afternoon! (along with the other millions of people that were gitty with snow glee, you've never seen so many snowmen) I really enjoyed seeing the snow fall outside the windows all day. What beauty and peace. But I am really glad that we don't live up north and have that all the time, for months at a time! I could never do it!

look mom! hes making a snowman!!

alex wanted to add one more snowball on top
daddy teaching how to make snowballsand isnt it funny to throw them at mom :)
The end of this video has Alex singing "Snow, Snow, Snow" If you are a fan of White Christmas like me, you know the song. We taught Alex this at Christmas time and he has been a big fan! He sings the word whenever he hears it (or now, sees it!).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is how I roll

Alex recently learned how to use his feet to ride his "bike". It was like a light bulb one day randomly. Good thing we have a "race track" in the house when the weather is bad!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Let me introduce you

Let me introduce you to THE guys
Policeman Perry, Fireman Frank, Cowboy Bob, and Construction Worker Michael
Papa Wes so wonderfully named them, except Michael who came with a name on his box
Anyone else humming a little YMCA??

We would like to point out that we do not discriminate here and Michael joined the group when we got him at Christmas like he had always been a part. I swear Alex did notice that he strongly resembles the President while we were watching the state of the union though. :) The rest of the guys are Travis's old guys from the 80s. They have been through a lot, I am sure of this, but they seem to be standing the test of time like pros.

If you want to know what Alex is up to in the toy room it most likely involves these guys. And he often takes them with us when we go places now too. His favorite are probably the police man and cowboy and so they often get to ride off as buddies in the police car... fighting crime with the best of 'em.

Nap Head

So Alex's hair was getting a little out of control...well, see for yourself. This is after nap time. I didn't even touch it. (The flash was making him close his eyes, lil cutie! haha)

Normally I love his crazy bed head but I could admit that maybe it was time for this...

bye bye curls! : ( See you again soon, I hope!

By the way, does anyone else see something totally wrong about a toddler getting a 18$ haircut!? We went ahead and stayed to play a little with the train set and chalk to try to get our moneys worth! I think I need to learn some scissor technique fast!

Monday, February 15, 2010


We started our "love fest" on Tuesday with a Valentine "party" playgroup. It was great to have the whole gang there but we are realizing that the houses seem very full with all the toddlers running around! :) We did a fun craft but Alex wasn't digging it too much so I actually ended up making one for him (to give to Dadda). Look at how much these lil ones have changed since last year! (I stole these off Brandys blog and she is going pro so thats why they have copyrights)

Alex looks so little in the crack of the couch. So serious too. It makes me smile.

last year! where is all their hair!?
I hate being in the front row, but glad we got a picture of all of us together!

Then on Saturday night we went to celebrate Grandpa Steves Birthday (its really on Valentines Day). We had fun checking out their new backyard complete with a fire pit!
Alex just wanted to run around in the cold though. I did get him to sit and "pose" for me! I was shocked! I love this sweatshirt btw- thanks Holly for the handmedown! I love that its super soft and the hood stays on!! And Alex actually likes it on! haha

The Birthday Boy, Travis, Matt (Brother), and Robin (Matts girlfriend)

silly grandpa!
Alex enjoying his soy ice cream sandwich (since he cant have cake) He loved it and we were up till 10 that night to prove it! yikes!

On Suday, Valentines Day, we enjoyed going to church with some new friends, visited with some old friends (The Hoyts) on the street, and then came home to enjoy the beautiful day. I asked Alex if we could go outside to take a Valentine picture and he immedietly grabbed this sesame street valentine (from Emma, ohoh, wink wink Emma!). I always have a hard time deciding which ones to post so...get ready for picture love!

My Sweet Valentine

excited that Dadda was putting it in his shirt pocket- too sweet

Had to get some running in with Dadda. He just kept running back and forth to the fence and back.

believe it or not this is a real kiss from my little man. he was being so sweet and just kept giving me those precious kisses....ah, melt my heart

We also spent the day prepping and painting the baby room! Not finished at all! But so excited that I will be able to update yall with that soon!

Hope you had a very Happy Valentines Day! Love, Team Isaacson

Friday, February 12, 2010

a little time with the girls

I LOVE my time with my best friends from back home in San Antonio! They were sweet enough to shower Carla and I since we are due within a week of each other. It was so great to spend a little time catching up and they gave me some ad-or-able things for the baby! :) I was only sad that I only had the afternoon! I miss them all so much and wish we all lived in the same town still! Its always a little bittersweet.

The group (minus Shelby who is up in Seattle, boo). Top: Kristen "Kassner", Jenny, Me, Carla, Kristen "Vaughan" Seamans and Ava (isnt she precious!) Bottom: Addie, Paige, and Cathy

The Mommas! I am 29 1/2 weeks along. (sad it turned out blurry, I am still figuring out the new camera and I think I had it set wrong)
Here is my "self taken" belly shot at 27 weeks that I never got around to posting. Man, have I been growing lately! Since this picture, I have grown out of many shirts and pants and things are definitly getting harder to do! I cant believe that I am 30 weeks already!

And Travis insisted that this be included. This is what happens when you are figuring out how to use a timer. The belly up close and personal, haha!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We tried out gymnastics for the first time and it was so fun! Its just "open gym" so it gives Alex the freedom to do what he wants instead of being told- key for a toddler! :) Our friends have been going for a while so we were excited to finally be able to join in on the fun now that music class is over.
climbing out of the foam pit

i dont know....just fun to climb on
the balance beam
whats more fun than a wedge?
running on the long trampoline
and the best part of gymnastics is the trampoline! remember, this is Alex's first time ever on one so he is not so good, but I think its so cute that he is trying! I think he might have done better if they had allowed me to help him/show him but parents (and I am sure pregnant ladies especially) are not allowed on the equipment. Bummer- I know you wanted to see a video of me jumping! haha! (and lets see how many times this annoying mom can say "jump!" I dont know why I thought he needed me telling him)

Here is a little bonus for ya...we love to dance! and did I mention that I love my new video camera!? :)

Happy Birthday!!

Travis turned 31 last week! We celebrated with his mom, cousin Holly, and Zachary for pizza, cake, and ice cream!
We love you Dadda!! You are just too great for words! (I could go on and on.)
There IS a single candle in front of the zero that you cant see- for 31! I was excited to reuse last years candles, like a nerd, and you can bet you will see them again on my cake next year! :)
Zachary was so sweet to Alex and Alex was so intrigued with Zachary...makes for a fun night! (Somebody cut my childs hair! yikes! :) why can't I see that in person!?)

Holly is too kind and brings "Happys" for Alex when she visits...a recorder and a water paint book this time! Big hits! Thank you "Aunt" Holly!! :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

its not a purse, its a "man-bag"

it holds such "manly" things as "guys" and little trucks. and its a bug. thats "manly".

Monday, February 1, 2010

Horsie Ride

This is Alex's favorite thing to do right now...he cries when there are no more rides and does not understand that the horse gets tired