Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 weeks old...we are all hanging in there!

I am a little late on the 2 week update, but as you can imagine I am having a hard time finding time. How is it that my baby only eats and sleeps, yet I feel like I never get to! :) Since its been a while, I am posting several things from over the weekend and week.

This is my sweet angel at 2 weeks (and 2 days) ...he is probably tooting but I don't care! I love that smile!
Things are going well. His doctor appointment was positive and everything looks good. He was a little underweight, but I think that was because he filled two diapers right before! (The doctors lobby seems to be a consistent trigger for a poopie diaper! Of course!) So we went back in today for a weigh in. We just focused on feedings these last two days and the results were wonderful! He gained 4 ounces! back up to 7lbs 12 oz. We still have to go in next week to check to make sure he continues.
This is Alex "sleeping with one eye open". He seems to do this often and it cracks me up! Its like he is too lazy to open both eyes! Maybe he is getting it from me and what I look like at night feedings!

He is a great baby! He eats well, sleeps pretty well (except for the occasional gas issue or just wanting to sleep being held), and he seems very happy. We are so thankful!!

So today after the doc appt., since Alex was being amazingly good (awake and not crying a peep!) I decided to try to run to Target for some necessities. I should have quit while I was ahead, but if I don't try, I will never learn. :) As soon as we get there, I realize I have to use the bathroom. Great. That was funny- too bad I am not on a reality show! Then he starts to get fussy and cry...that red faced, painful, newborn cry that would make any woman ask "what is that girl doing to her baby!?" Well, I realized that if I push the cart around quicker, he seemed to quiet down and as I almost got to the door to leave, he fell asleep. Yea. More time. :) Well, it didn't last too long and I found myself in the dressing room feeding. Super fun. Ha! Well as soon as I could, we hightailed outta there! He started screaming again. I didnt even get all I was going for. Of course, when I get to the checkout, he falls asleep again. Oh well! I will figure it out! I have to laugh at myself because I feel like it was a typical first time mom outing made for a comedy!

Alexander's belly button! I am so glad that nasty umbilical cord fell off this weekend! Yea!! I am sure you are saying to yourself "That is a good looking belly button!" haha!
He was squirming so its pushed out a little.

Alex loves watching the elephants go round on his mobile!
I couldn't believe how focused he was on it!
He is wearing a gown of Travis's when he was a baby too! They are super soft!!

A little sun treatment to help with jaundice...he loved the warm sun! He normally hates to be naked!
Alex really enjoyed playing (well, looking) on his play mat for the first time!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The fun doesn't stop...

This is the life

Auntie Jo came to visit! Now Alex has met all his aunts and uncles!

Our first walk around the neighborhood and first time in the stroller :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Week Old Birthday!

Papa Wes came to visit again!I love this lil onesie with the puppy on the bottom!
One arm out is best

First Bath At Home...we have a not so happy camper
Now I'm better but still a little confused about what just happened in there.

Grandpa Steve came to visit!
The Isaacson Boys!
I can't believe Alexander is a week old today! Time has just flown by! He is still cuter than a button and gettin' cuter by the minute!
He is such a good baby! Very happy (likes to smile in his sleep a lot- too precious) and often content just hanging out. He is a good sleeper and the schedule of eating every 3 hours is working out. Feeding has gotten better and easier, thank goodness. And thanks to Honey, momma got some more sleep last night and is doing good today. It's our first day on our own- Travis is back to work and Honey left. We will have more visitors tomorrow though :) and Nani comes back.

Here is a lil about our lil guy:
He has to have his hands near his face (he does amazing escapes out of his swaddle and clothes to get that hand out, and he was always like that in the sonograms)
He is very strong (thank goodness he is not in my belly anymore! Tomorrow would be my due date!)
He still gets the hiccups multiple times a day (just like in the womb, he has them right now actually).
He is taking it all in...I think he just studied his hand for a few minutes, he loves to look at faces very intently.
He makes the cutest faces, keeping us all very entertained. My favorite is when he looks like he is sucking on a straw and makes a lil o with his lips.
Happy 1 Week old Birthday Alexander! We love you!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alexander Travis Isaacson

Okay, so I am finally updating the blog, as so many of you have been waiting for patiently. Thank you! As you parents know, we haven't had any time to do much of anything. It has been such an amazing experience though and we are enjoying this crazy time in our lives. The lord has truly blessed us with an angel. He is perfect and I am so in love! Here are some pictures from the hospital stay. We will post soon with more from home. I can't stop taking pictures of the precious guy- he is just so cute and I want to soak it all up! I cant believe it is already Sat. and he is 4 days old!
The Birth Story... (lets see if I can sum this up before its back to feeding...time seems to fly at warp speed right now!)
We went into the hospital on Monday night at 7:00, ready to have a baby, and VERY anxious about everything! It is such a weird feeling knowing that you are going to an appointment to have a baby. They set me up right away and started medicine to thin the cervix and start the body into labor easy. We watched our Monday night TV shows :) and tried to relax- key word tried. They gave me a sleeping pill to make sure I got rest for the big day ahead. When they checked me the week before I had not dilated at all, but when we went in we were pleased to find out that I had dilated to 1 cm already! That was good news to know that maybe my body was more ready than we thought and would react better to the meds. Tuesday morning they started the pitocin to really start the contractions. I had been feeling light ones all night but nothing too uncomfortable. My body took off with the pitocin and the contractions were very strong and started getting closer together quickly. By 10:00 I was really working! The nurses were smart and kind and reminded me that they don't hand out medals to heroes- get the drugs when you want to! :) Well, when you put it that way! Within 10 minutes I had hyperventilated and we backed off of the pitocin and we scheduled the epidural. I had some time to recoup and then the epidural kicked in. It was amazing and I loved it! :) I could not feel a thing and we started the drugs up again. I progressed quickly again and by 1:20 ish I was 5cm. The nurse said things would progress quick from here but we had no idea that they would move that quick. I got off the phone with my sister and told her the 5cm update at about 1:50 and we discussed how it could still be all afternoon- don't get to excited. I felt some pain and so I hung up to call the nurse. She checked me and I was already fully dilated! I am sorry, what?! :) Let me just call Travis who is hanging out in the lobby with his mom and sis- he might want to get in here!! Hysterical. That was a phone call to have recorded. My mom was driving in trying to make it in time- little did she know she would run in and be put right on my side while I started pushing. Perfect timing. Pushing went really well, and only lasted about 25 minutes. I only said "I can't do this anymore" once. was kinda funny because my drill Sargent nurse did not take that as an answer (in a nice way, she was awesome actually) She said I was going to have this baby before her shift was over at 3, and she did it! She is aggressive in a great way and I loved her! The birth was amazing. A true miracle. Words can't describe. We were so happy that he was healthy and well...not to mention a cutie from minute 1! :)
Everything went well from then on. All the family visitors were so fun! Breastfeeding started out kinda rough for me but after some instruction the next day, we were doing better. That first night is a doosy and they don't ease you into this thing at all! He is very well tempered and sleeps alot but with the revolving door of nurses, staff, and doctors, you don't have a minute to breathe.
Since my labor went so well, my body has been healing well and I am doing pretty good. I can't complain too much! I thank the Lord!
Alex passed his hearing test and looked oh so cute in his headphones- jammin out! (see pic) He had his circumcision on Wed night and that was really tough on all of us. It went as well as it could have gone- poor lil guy. I hated it. He came back really out of it and super sleepy. He hadnt eaten in a long time and so it scared me a little. They ended up having to test his blood sugar just to make sure he was okay and that woke him up :( again, poor lil guy!
Then the real excitement happened at about 11:00. There was a huge storm coming right for the hospital! It had tornado winds and huge hail. We watched it come in on the tv anxiously. When it hit, Travis saw a huge hail stone hit right outside our room and the roof started pounding. The nurses rushed in and made us evacuate to the hallway where there were no windows. It was scary. At least we were in the hospital :) But it was funny because I hadn't left the room at all until then. All these women and their babies come out for a lil block party in the hall. I felt like we were the only ones there, but man was I wrong. There were all these other women who looked just like me - beautifully exhausted in gowns of course all with lil babies just like Alex. Oh, maybe there are other cute babies out there. :) Most of us didn't talk except for "crazy lady"- she said she will bring the chips next time! haha...Luckily we didn't have to stay out there long and the storm passed quickly. Of course I had to pee right when they moved us! Hail damage to the Jeep in the parking lot was Travis's worry. There was some damage done considering the grapefruit sized hail reported on the news! It was Alex's first storm...what an exciting second day of life! We were ready to leave on Thursday morning...scared to be on our own... but ready to be left alone by all the nurses and staff at the same time. Travis was really ready.
It was an amazing experience that we will never forget. We are just thanking the Lord for our lil blessing. We are home and doing well. Alex is wonderful and just a dream. Note, this is not written at 3 am when it is tough to keep the eyes open and thoughts positive. Honestly, I can't stop watching him and looking at that precious face.
Nani, my mom, has been a great help! She has been right there with us through all the new "learning" that we have gone through in the last few days- quite comical at times. :) Now it is Honey's turn...we are so thankful for the help! We couldn't do this alone right now!
Travis has been a natural and an amazing dad from day 1! I am so thankful for him and I love seeing him hold his son. It brings tears to my eyes. He has been so great helping and supporting me also. I love him more than ever.
Okay, time is up, back to baby... more to come, so keep checking back often! You can leave comments too- just click comments at the bottom. We love hearing from you! Thank you for all the messages and emails so far! Your support and prayers have been such a blessing and really do keep us going! We love visitors too so let us know if you want to stop by!
Enjoy the picture slide show!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's go time!

We had our 38 week check yesterday, and I know some of you faithful T.I. bloggers were wondering why there wasn't an update! :) Well, we are in a whirlwind!
I went in and the doctor was surprised that I hadn't dropped at all! Maybe even higher than last week! (are you kidding me!) So, we did an ultrasound to just check everything out- size and everything. Well his size is great- 7lbs7oz (could be off a lb either way) but I do have an increased amount of fluid. That is maybe why I havent dropped- he is floating and not applying any heavy pressure. So the Doc wants to induce and take care of it in a controlled way. She is on call on Tuesday night so I am scheduled to go in Monday night at 7!! So we might have a baby on Tuesday!! We are shocked and so excited! I am scared too. (not gonna lie) I didn't really want to be induced. I have a million things to take care of still and my last day of school will be tomorrow instead of next week! We are feeling some stress with the change in plans, but at least we have a heads up- labor would have really thrown us for a loop! :)
So keep us in your thoughts and prayers! We will keep yall updated of course!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May! May!....may I have a baby please!

I never thought this month would get here! We are in the month of the baby coming! Yea!! 17 more days and I couldn't be more ready! I decided today that I am ready, the baby has to be ready- he is huge and I am pretty uncomfortable, so it is time for the lil guy to come out! :) It's official, haha. Hopefully not too much longer! Most of my shirts don't cover the bottom belly and the pants are tight. I had to go buy shorts today- it is just getting too hot. I don't care how much longer I have- I need to be as comfortable as I can be!
I keep thinking, everywhere I go, what if my water broke right now!? What would I do? How embarrassing would it be? How exciting! haha- it would be horrible in most places but such a great story! (For example, this morning in church! ha!)

We had a great week...
Our bible study small group threw us a surprise baby shower on Thursday! We were totally surprised! It was so sweet of them and it was a lot of fun! They have been such a blessing!
I put in for my last day of school to be the 13th! 7 days and I am "retired"! Woo- hoo! I mean, so sad.
Last night we went to our friends (Megan and Eddie Church) Kentucky Derby Party! It was really fun- we drew horses and had 2 dollar bets made on them. Eddie's dad in Kentucky really bet for us! Unfortunately, neither Travis nor I won anything. All three of our horses stunk it up. :) But it was great fun and what an eventful Derby with poor Eight Belles being put to rest. :(

Hope everyone has had a great weekend too! LOVE to you!

Maternity Photo Shoot

Our friend Megan Church is studying photography and asked if she could take my picture. I was honored and said sure and roped Travis into the deal too! :) She took some great shots and I think she is off to a great start! Thanks for the fun photos Megan! (This was a few weeks ago, so I was smaller then.)

This is one of my favorites....Travis is so sweet to me and the baby, and really does love being close to the baby like this! You can tell he is truly so excited! Love it!