Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Soy Joy

No, I am not selling the nutrition bars. Yesterday was our allergy doctor visit. Our pediatrician said that we pretty much had to go. Okay, okay.
So, it wasn't that bad. We only tested him for milk and soy. Surprise, he is allergic to milk. But JOY, we are NOT allergic to soy!! What a blessing!! So we can have soy cheese, soy milk, soy yogurt (well, someday)! And there are some snack foods and such that are made with soy instead of milk which just gives us some options! I can also try soy formula if I want, which is nice to know. Or if something happened to me, like, oh, I don't know... I got stuck on a deserted island (lets make it Hawaii, oh yeah) Alex wont starve to death and Travis can take care of him. Watch out Travis, I might be booking my flight! :)
I am still bummed about the milk but I am trying to stay positive about what we can have! The only thing that really "got me" was his first birthday cake- it will have to be milk free. We are going to find the best vegan cake recipe ever I guess! And its funny because most of the moms in my playgroup are vegan so I have a great support!
The actual doctor visit was quite exhausting. We were there for an hour and a half!! And most of that in the little cold stark exam room. There were so many little steps (the doc and nurse were in and out a million times) and the actual allergy test has to react for 15 minutes! In baby time that was forever! Alex is just such a busy body these days it was a little much to be cooped up in the room for such a long time! Well, maybe it was more of an issue for me- Alex had a big time circling the step stool and pushing it. He was so cute in his diaper and socks- yes, lesson learned wear a two piece outfit next time so the kid can have some pants on! :) He didn't seem to mind the scratches on his back too much- but I thought it was sad.
When the doctor had to consult with me about the results it was really hard for me to focus, due to the wiggle worm and fussy mess in my lap. Thank goodness we brought puffs. :) Next time I might need someone to help me corral and entertain the lil monkey. Another example- I could barely get his clothes back on to go home! That would have been lovely.
All the nurses and secretaries loved Alex! They oohhed and ahhhed over him. He was especially cute when he smiled for the camera when they took his picture for his file.
We will be going back when he is a little older to test for peanuts and eggs.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This kid cracks me up.

Here he is trying to watch TV through the playyard. Pretty good effort I must say.

Here he is after he fell in the toy box all by himself. He did not like this at all and wanted out immediately. Hold on kid, mom has to get a picture!

Here is what my little busy beaver has been up to when quiet in the crib. Little stinker. I should have known. There goes the beautiful and new crib.
Parents strike back...We put on a "gummi rail" last night. I am sure he will just move to other parts of the crib but we are trying to think positively.
I have to say that this reminds us a little of our old pal Rudy, our former bulldog, who ate the wall. You just have to laugh.
Being silly! "Talking" REAL big!

We have tooth number 6 now! Busted through the other night!
He has also been eating a ton! He is eating three meals a day and finished a whole container in one sitting this morning!
He has also been "talking" a ton! Its mostly "da dadada da" but he is really trying to tell us something!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

9 Months Old

(This is the Precious, with a capital P, outfit my Aunt Barb and Uncle John got Alex! Yes, that is his name embroidered on it! LOVE it!! Thanks again!)

In honor of the occasion I wrote this acrostic poem (fancy, huh?!):

A- Always moving- up down and all around! and he has pretty much mastered it with out falling! yea! He is slowly cruising the furniture even!
L- Loves to swing on his new swing! He still just loves to be outside!
- Ear infection, first one this month
X- eXtra cute with his 5 teeth! 3 on top and 2 on the bottom...waiting on that 4th top to bust on through!
A-always wants mom :)
N-not sleeping through the night but doing MUCH better. I only get up twice! yea! Never thought I would cheer about that. We will be moving to a "once a night" soon. very soon lil buddy!
D-decided that changing his diaper and clothes is for the birds! and wants nothing to do with it. lil toot.
E-eats!! He loves fruits and puffs. We have started trying some solids and he seems to do better with the veggies that way. I don't really care what he eats. I am just so proud of him for becoming an eater!!
R-rides in his new big boy car seat now! I had to have a "moment" when I told Travis to put the infant carrier in the attic! :(

His 9 month stats are...
Length- 28.5 in (50-75%)
Head - 45.5 cm (50-75%)
Weight- 17lbs 14oz (10-25%)

Can you see me?

I am behind the big pile of Kleenex. Cedar fever (or something?) has gotten the best of me! This is the worst I have ever felt. The worst stuffiness, sinus pressure, ughgh ever! This is why I have not posted in quite a while. I have been enjoying everyone else blogging though- it truly cheers me up. Well, Alex's ear infection got worse before it got better and moved into this yuck that I have. Maybe I caught it from him and its not cedar after all? Who knows!? Travis started feeling bad the other day too. :( Well, this is day 4 for me so I am hoping that I can breathe through my nose again someday soon. Don't worry, Team I will be back on the field in no time!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sew Sweet

I have been wanting a sewing machine for a long time and have had dreams of becoming some kind of Martha Stewart "whipping up" (isnt that what the pros say) curtains and "play clothes" or something?, and so I finally got one for Christmas this year. I was pumped when I opened it... and it has been collecting dust, still in the box, ever since... till yesterday. Big surprise, right? Well, my sweet mother, knowing me well, offered to come up and help me get started. Sewing 101 with mom - sign me up! I was so thankful and we had so much fun figuring it all out! Jo came over too and had lunch with us. She was the "babysitter" so that we could work. She had no such interest in learning to sew. Well, lesson 1 went well but I know that I won't be whipping anything up, anytime soon. Many many more lessons are needed.

We did manage to do more that thread the machine- which was a majority of the first lesson. :) Our first project- a necktie onesie. I can't say that I did much but cut the fabric - Mom did the sewing because I was too nervous that I would screw it up. ha! Thanks Nani!! Looks precious!!

Alex wore this today to his Valentine playgroup party and then to his 9 month well check. We wanted to look extra smart for the "interview" with the Doc. : ) She did say that he was the best dressed patient she had all day. (Yes!) We got to say "yes" to all the skills questions but one- Can he wave goodbye? :( Maybe we can earn extra credit for looking so handsome!
Everything went well with the rest of his checkup except we found out he has his first ear infection. No wonder he has been a fussy mess lately. Poor guy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

This momma be lovin me some...

(Afterthought: I don't know why I am talking this way. I apologize. I will blame it on... the rain. oh yeah, sing it!)

New blog. No clue who she is or where she is. She is an amazing writer and she seems to write to me, personally- I know it. Its like the little boy in The Never Ending Story when he knows they are talking to him in the book. Check her out... my fav post so far is "I'm a play group dropout." Crack this momma up! Antique Mommy

Greasy burgers and homemade fries. Am I pregnant? (No Travis I am not.) Went to Mighty Fine Burgers this weekend and I am in love. I suggest it to all. But even better, don't let your little one spill your tea all over you. :)

Shark. I hate housework. with a passion. but this thing is pretty cool. got it for my b-day and I was so excited (you know you are old when...)! Seems to work and do the job! We will see how long it lasts. I give it 3 jalapenos. :)

Etsy. I can't seem to stop searching this site. What is wrong with me. I may need pro help. Loving these baby shoes that our playgroup friend, Annie, wears. Don't think that Alex will want flower shoes though. :( What could I make and sell? Note to self- find some creative talent during naptime.

Fray. Listening to the new CD right now. goodness. makes me want to run.

Bachelor. Who will Jason pick?? Why do I get sucked in to this trash? It's like a drug. I like Jillian and Molly. But I am thinking he won't listen to me. They never do.

Boys. Can't post without giving you some of my precious boys.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rock N Roll

This is some footage from over the last few weeks. Alex just recently started "dancing" and I just had to put it to music! :) I hope it puts a little happy in your step today!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Big Three O!

30 years ago today a precious baby boy was born. I praise the day a million times over! What a wonderful man, husband, friend, and father you have become!
Happy 30th Birthday Travis! May all your wishes come true!
We love you so much!!

We had a little cake issue :( Who thinks I deserve a refund?!

We celebrated with a Superbowl party!

Uncle Matt explaining the game

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Everywhere a quack quack

Alex has quite a collection - ones that quack, squirt water, mama duck, blue duck, and flashing disco ducks. He loves his rubber duckies!