Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sesame Street Live!

Last weekend we went to Sesame Street Live! We didn't have anything going on and Travis and I have always wanted to take Alex so we just decided at the last minute to get tickets. We got pretty good seats (middle, middle) and had a fabulous time! It was fun- for taking 2 kids downtown to see a show. It's always work. When Travis and I do things like this we tend to walk away saying "well, I am proud of us!" Just getting out as a family deserves a star! :) And then if it goes well and is fun, its a real bonus! Well, in Alex terms- we had a big time!
Alex loved it as expected, smiled big, did some dancing, and just kept looking at us open mouthed. He asked me yesterday if we could go to see Elmo Show again- he mumbled some nonsense about Big Bird said to come again!
He had pretty good behavior until the very end and he got a little antsy. He kept saying he needed to go to the bathroom which we were pretty sure he didn't need to since he just went at intermission. And then when we went out to the lobby at the end, he had a full out melt down and layed on the floor. Nice. He was very excited to get Whataburger for lunch on the way home. And ordered his favorite specialty drink- "emommade" (lemonade). He had a dream day!
Ellie did pretty good at the show. She was a wiggle worm and kept wanting to watch the people behind us. I am sure they were not amused and thought that Elmo dancing was a much better show to watch. She liked the musical numbers (smiled, clapped, and stared in awe) and I just kept shoving food in her mouth the rest of the time. She was about to fall asleep actually and then came intermission. Thats when she got her second wind. And then she made it till the last 5 minutes and she finally fell asleep. Which is pretty impressive considering the craziness going on on stage. Lil thing was just all Elmoed out. But really her ability to go with the flow never ceases to amaze us. She was smiling, laughing, and clapping all the way home after only having that 5 min power nap!
In general, I loved the show! I know, its no Broadway, but I thought it was very well done, entertaining for all ages, and really cute! I even laughed out loud...well, maybe that was at the poor saps that have to dress up as fruits and veggies and dance but I did laugh out loud. Some things we learned- 1. you dont have to show up early. we were there way too early for nothing. 2. Bring your own snacks and drinks! We were so glad we did! We did buy a snowcone because we were trying to be fun for Alex and he said he wanted one. He didn't even know what it was and when he realized it was cold he opted for the pretzels we brought. Travis enjoyed it thoroughly though.

snacks and stretching at intermission

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Everywhere a Quack Quack 2

Remember this...

Well, I put these duck pajamas of Alex's on Eliana the other night and it just brought back memories! (Now I just noticed that they were different duck pjs! Oh well) I had to round up our duck brigade! I had a little trouble finding them all but this is most of them. We have added a few more to the collection, including cheerleader duck. Eliana is a fan just like Bubba was.

Friday, February 18, 2011

a love ride

this was on valentines day, taken with my phone...apparently I am not the only one that loves Ellie girl

Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Months

this month bear pic was a little tricky, not much to choose from
I love a baby in a onesie and this month I have decided that you need to remind me that you are still a baby!

Oh, how the months fly by! Can't believe I have to start thinking about your first birthday coming up!
I have to start by saying that this has to be my favorite baby age! Hands down! You are soooo sweet! Soooo happy to see me! You get so excited to see Daddy when he comes home! We are in a good routine! You are doing more and more big girl stuff everyday! Your little personality is starting to show. It's so fun!
Big girl skills to add to the resume...
Drinks out of a sippy cup! just switched to a real spout too (no more chewy top)
Claps hands
"reads" books! (love this!! and it happens to be a great way to get you to be still on the changing table)
puts arms up and bounces on your knees when you want to be picked up! or when you are excited!
I swear you waved at the phone repairman today! ha! and brother yesterday!

The big news this month was your first and second tooth!! Woo hoo! finally! (I love the way you rub your tongue back and forth over them.)
first tooth pic when it was itty bitty

You are a sleeping beauty- giving me a couple of all nighters this month, but more often you wake just once a night. Sleeping from 7:30ish to 7:30ish. Still a solid 2 hour nap 2 times a day!

Its time to buy stock in Cheerios again! (anyone else love cheerio breath?!) You like them way more than puffs. Its so funny to see you go at em like a starving child and shove them in with handfuls. You also love banana, blueberries, green beans, and crackers....these all get leg kicks and happy "more! more!" grunts! I have totally given up on baby food. We do all finger foods or soft foods. You are still not a big eater and you are super slow.
You are eager to eat Alex's snacks and we have found you several times sneaking his snack catcher. It's funny because you know you are not supposed to have it- picture a greedy lil animal hunched over, shoveling the food in as fast as possible, looking back only a few times to check to see if anyone has noticed, and being careful to not make a commotion. :) It is sad when I have to shut the party down.

you babble more and more. (Did I mention last month that she says Da da da da?)

You cry if we don't take you outside when we go. You are the official trash take-er out-er helper.

You love your butterfly mobile! You light up, give a huge smile, and look at me with those eyes of "do you see these momma!? Wow! I wanna touch em!"

You are interested in walking. I have to force you to sit down. You like to walk around in the walker and you are getting better about maneuvering it. You can balance on your own for a bit too! You can use the push walker but you just don't show a whole lot of interest (it doesn't last long) so we don't do it often. This is all okay with me...I am totally okay with you holding off a bit! I want you to be a baby as long as you want! :) I also know that my world will be flipped upside down when you start walking.

You like to get into trouble. You give me looks of innocence and sweet grins as you play in the fireplace, touch the dvd player, flush the toilet, and crawl into new rooms to go exploring. You never stay put for long.

You really like to get "non-toys" -real life things that catch your interest

You have started to like tv a little bit more but nothing like brother. You like the music mostly and will stop whatever you are doing to sit, clap, smile, and laugh.

You love to laugh. I love to watch. It works out beautifully.

Here are a few random videos. I have realized with Alex that you forget the little things and its fun to see video of just how they are. I love her little hands slapping the tile as she crawls fast. I love how she stops and sits and looks back at us with a big smile. I love her little laugh. I love her riding the motorcycle bc its just stinkin' cute how she held on and kicked her legs. That part was from back at the beginning of Jan.

Sweet baby girl, you are my sunshine! I Love you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my sweet valentines

Will you be my Valentine? (Do you even have to ask!?) and a few more because she is just so darn cute and I made her a Valentine shirt

ok, moving on...

I get a kick outta you!

true love
What a wonderful, beautiful day with all my valentines it was! I love you all to the moon and back!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to you! and you!

Last Friday was Travis' birthday- the big 32! It actually snowed on his birthday! Really fun since we usually only get one snow day a year. (Its funny how opposite it was from by birthday a mere 5 days apart). Travis still went off to work some but came home for a pizza party lunch with us. Alex was so excited! Not for pizza but to see Daddy!

these are my new fav's

We tried real hard to get a good one here...

took about 10 pictures and I think it got worse with each shot :)
sometimes you just have to foldThen on Saturday we went over to Honey's house to celebrate Travis's birthday and Grandpa Steve's birthday that was coming up (the really big 60! Today!! Happy Birthday Grandpa Steve!). Cousin Holly and Zachary were in town so we got to play with them too! It's always fun to see them and this was no exception! Alex really likes Zachary and just wants to watch him, follow him, and be close to him. :) Zachary was a very good sport!Happy Birthday Sweetie! We love you so much!!
Happy Birthday Grandpa Steve!! We love YOU so much too! ;)
By the way, Honey got drums. Can you guess who wants to go to Honey's house now ALL THE TIME!? Bring your ear muffs friends!

Friday, February 11, 2011

it doesnt get much cuter than this

just ignore that snotty kid without pants on, I dont know who that is ;) and the beautiful singing

i just couldn't wait the few days till her "month" post

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How To Eat A Cheerio

first, grab a cheerio

then ask mom if its okay (looking cute so she will say yes)
then shove it in there good

make sure it gets in there, they can be tricky lil suckers
then go back for more!

warning, they can be tricky in the fingers, you might have to use the other hand to helpand brothers like to steal them, so watch out!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day!

Not so sure about this mom...
its really cold.

Ellie was happy to stay inside and just watch out the window.
And yes, we had to borrow brothers hat. come out Ellie, come out

look mom, I lickin' it
he went from not sure, to okay, I will make a snow angel!

moving to the backyard...getting into this!
throwing a snowballthe sign of a fun snow day
...or a sign that we are totally unprepared for snow and he needs boots!

I like this smile
snow falling off the roof
Proof that Ellie did go outside.
Her first snow!

After we came in, I put Eliana down for a nap, and this is how I found him when I came out. He did it all by himself. Now, this is how to spend a snow day if you ask me!