Monday, October 25, 2010


It's the team annual trip to the pumpkin patch!! Alex's third year (check out that flashback! wow has Alex grown up!!) to go and Ellie's first. And this year we were joined by Nani and Papa Wes and the Choudhrys! I do admit that I tend to stress about getting "good" pictures BUT I made a mental effort to let go and enjoy the fall fun! Alex wasnt really feeling well but we made him suck it up, sadly. He was a trooper and had fun overall! We bought a pumpkin for each of us and look foward to carving our jack-o-lantern! It happened to be the day of the fall festival there at the church and so they not only had the pumpkin patch but vendors, a fire truck, and a drum school performed. This was the highlight for Alex. He won't stop talking about it! He loves drums!! I suggested that maybe Papa Wes's house be the host for his future drum lessons. ;)

Ellie is just a precious pumpkin! I made her shirt and headband for know, in all my free time! :) But really, I do enjoy a craft once in a while.
Trying to get a picture with the Grandkids is near impossible...quite humorous really. And so were the cheerleaders!
How much for these pun-kins!?

And I REALLY wanted a picture of my two kids together but that attempt failed. Its a no go. Next year!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

It has gone so quickly! too quickly!! And I can't believe that in another half year you will be 1! Lets not talk about it.
You are just too much these days lil sister!! It's been a big month! We finally let you try food! You can cut the oliver twist act out now. Although you don't seem to be a fan. I can't blame you and I am not surprised. Alex hated it too. I am always amazed at babies that love food from first taste! But we are not giving up and will keep trying. You have only had rice cereal and bananas, so it is on to bigger and better things (like pears and peas!).

You are a girl on the move! You are on the verge of crawling by doing some pretty good scooting. (and since I am writing this a little late- you actually crawled for me today!)

You are going after things you want! Including brothers cars...he is not so in to this as you can imagine. But you seem to be a good sport about getting them ripped out of your hands. You also love to jump in the doorway jumper and are quite good at it. Your brother could last all day jumping where as you like it for a little while and then let us know that you are all done and would like to move to the next activity please. I can't put you in your bouncer any more because you just want to roll over and get out.

You are doing all the things you should like sleeping less in the day and sleeping more at night, good girl. You are still a sweetheart in the car and a very good shopper. Thank heavens! You will still nap while we are on the go but transitions will wake you up (like in the car or out of the car). You really prefer to be in your bed. You are getting harder to rock to sleep (because you just want to look all around) so I am afraid that some sleep training is upon us. But I will keep rocking you as much as I can (I don't care what the books say) because I know how fast it goes and I just cherish it so much.
The other night as I was rocking you to sleep you kept reaching up for my face and slightly touching it. It made you laugh the sweetest laugh (with your pacifier in).
(these are some old ones from the month that I found that I never posted)

You are just a joy Eliana, and most of the time, all smiles! I melt at your giddy kicks and gummy drooly grin. Oh, and you have Daddy wrapped around your lil finger for sure.

And to be fair, this is from today. So 6 months and some change :) Sorry its so long. Too lazy to edit it. Just cut it off when you have had enough. haha

Monday, October 18, 2010

lunch with leah

Aunt Leah, that is, and Uncle Scott. and Honey. and Grandpa Steve. :)
We had a fun quick visit last weekend over at Honey's house!

Aunt Leah is the coolest...letting Alex play on her iphone. He is not used to this since Mommy's phone is from the stone age. ;)

anyone else see the resemblance there?!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I know what I like, I like Alex

I love em...I do. I swear he normally does better than this but I actually think its cute that he messes up. He gets so nervous when you put him on the spot.

and just because its funny.... do you remember the commercial?! He sings this ALL the time now!

sometimes you catch it...

and don't ever want to let it go.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

meet you in the middle

We decided to meet our good friends Carla, Izzy, and baby Andrew in New Braunfels for a playdate at the McKenna Children's Museum. My friend Leah suggested it and I am so glad she did. It was the perfect place. It's a VERY nice, clean, big, and fun children's museum and it was a good "middle" place to meet from San Antonio. The kids had a blast running around and playing and Carla and I got to chat, a little :)

alex hogging the space monitor
watch out! coming through!
story time
playing bank....even though they have no clue, its cute!

the lil monkey Isabella(alex's shirt was all wet from playing at the water tables outside)

a little lunch date ;) at chickfila
I love sweet!

We had a great time and love hanging out with our friends! We wish we could see them more!! I was really proud of myself. It was a big day (and totally by choice) but I am really glad we did it!


Alex's first fish!
Papa Wes took Alex fishing last weekend. They dug for worms in the backyard and put 'em in a can. Alex loved it! They went to the pond near their house and it was too marshy along the edges so they trekked over to the other pond behind the house. Papa Wes had to hold Alex because the weeds were so high but he made it work. They caught one in record time. He barely got this picture- by the time he got the camera and turned it on, Alex had dropped the fish and the string was all pulled out. It was a learning experience for both boys. :) Needless to say, Papa Wes was done after all that. And I think it was enough for Alex too. Thanks for the fun Papa!! I am sure this was just the first of many many more fishing trips!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

this lil aggie...

knows who to cheer for (even though they blew it! sorry ags!)

loves to jump

doesn't care for rice cereal

and is apparently wonder woman