Thursday, January 31, 2008

24 weeks and 27 years old!

I can't believe that I am 27! (so old, I know! haha) I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! I took the day off from work, not only to celebrate but because I had my 24 week checkup. Everything is looking good and on track! Yea! My doctor acted like I was kinda boring- but hey, boring is good! I will take it any day! What a wonderful birthday present!
Thanks for all of your calls, cards, emails, and happy wishes too- you made my day extra special! :) I have to share- I am so excited because Travis got me tickets to see Celine Dion! This is like my life dream! haha...but really, I am super pumped! The funny part is that the concert isn't until Jan. of 09! next year! but I don't care! I just love that I have a ticket and I know I will see her! Isn't he the best husband ever!!!!!!! :) (Credit to my mom too since she helped him- shes the best too!)
We registered this weekend and we are getting so anxious to set up the baby room. I know we have plenty of time but it will be so fun, we just can't help but want to! It was so overwhelming to register and it took all morning! Travis was a trooper and I was so proud of him for helping and being patient with me. We will continue to update them and work on them as I figure all this stuff out! It's a lot to think about! :)
I am feeling big. (I know I know, I have a LONG way to grow, I mean go) Putting on shoes is getting harder, picking things up off the floor, getting off the couch- oh wait, maybe thats because I am a couch potato! Anyway, everyone comments on my belly button sticking out. There is just no fighting it. I just have to embrace it. :) My kids at school have even been brave enough to mention it (like I didn't know). They all thought it would be very cool for me to "have" the baby on my birthday. I think they were all a little disappointed this morning when they walked in. The kindergarteners all stare at my belly as I walk down the hall. It is so obvious, its funny! Even if I talk to them, they keep their eyes fixed on the belly button!
He is a very active baby and has started moving more during the day. Just this week he was kicking me as my kids came in for the morning. He obviously didn't like it either! heehee Travis' mom got me some classical music cds for babies and he loves them! He always starts moving when I turn them on. And I think he likes the music at church too! We might have a lil musician on our hands!
My next appointment is in three weeks (instead of 4) and I will go one more 3 weeks, then it is down to every 2 weeks already! I can't believe how time is flying!

Monday, January 21, 2008

22 week update, amost 23

We had a little scare last Monday. I was hit by another car on my way to work- in the driver door. Needless to say I was shaken up! Turns out everything and everyone is fine. Well, the car is not, but that is being fixed. We feel blessed that it was not any worse and so thankful that the Lord has built an amazing home for our baby to grow!
I can really feel him now- sometimes a little too much! :) He is moving all the time! Especially after I eat. Sometimes I feel like it is his way of talking to me and I feel even closer to him.
I had my first leg cramp the other night- and oh my! wow! that is some pain!! I was sore for 2 days! I hope that those do NOT become a regular thing! It is actually caused from the weight on my back, so I am suppose to stretch before bed I think.
I FINALLY decided on a theme and bedding for the nursery! This was a long process for me and I can't tell you how happy I am that I found something I like! We are so excited to get going and start on the room. We cleaned it out and it is now ready for paint and furniture! So fun! Green and blue with elephants- it is soooo cute! (Well, I think so!) :) the crib sheet to the bedding

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

He felt it!

So last night we were laying in bed and Travis thought he would try again to feel the baby move. The baby tends to move just as I am laying down at around 10 so I thought there was a pretty good chance we could just wait for it. We were very patient and after awhile he moved- and Travis felt it!! He was so excited and just lit up! It was a very special moment. I am so happy for him because I know he has been so anxious. Yea! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

20 Weeks- We are half way there!

This is the 3D mode- thats the precious face, with his hand up, the placenta and the cord blocking too. You take what you can get, right?!

It is a boy, for sure!

Here I am in my pink "scrubs"- I like to call them.

Today was my 20 week doctors appointment. It was all good news - signs of good development and health, confirmation of baby boy, and I didn't tip the scale after all the Christmas goodies! :) Baby didn't really want to cooperate as he was face down and "blocking" us out with his hands covering his face. Still got a few good pics and still looks "too cute"! I felt him kicking and moving for the first time this weekend. It is exciting and amazing, and I only wish that Travis could experience it with me. It might be another month till he can feel it on the outside.

I have to mention our other Isaacson excitement...Travis recently found out that he passed his Professional Engineering Exam! He ROCKED it and we are so proud of him! This was truly something to celebrate as most people have to take it multiple times! Congratulations Travis!!

We look forward to the new year and really count our blessings! Happy New Year to you!