Monday, July 25, 2011

Fish Creek Falls Day and homeward bound!

On a side note, Ellie was so good about playing around in the condo during our down times...she LOVES to play baby...we are working on her mothering skills....she is also modeling what I like to call the pj cape- its all the rage in Colorado ;)
Fish Creek falls is just right there in Steamboat and it was just what we wanted to do in Colorado.
Classic beauty. Being a natural park made it so nice for us to be able to "hike" and be safe and comfortable.We were ready for some falls!

Alex loved that we saw a chipmunk up close and personal on the short hike down to the river.

It was amazing! and so powerful! It was actually really cold down there and there was a good mist over the bridge. Super mom left Alex's hoodie in the car! :) So we forced him to wear Travis' shirt.
That was some raging water and I was so timid to get too close to the edge! Scary stuff!
gotta love the camera timer on the rock

Alex wanted his picture taken with this little waterfall...ok!
up the mountain to get a better view of the falls
my happy hiker

Snack break! Why can I never get a decent picture of the two of them? Classic Ellie- cracker in each hand

Anyone else thinking fat albert guy? :)

He is an awesome God.

there were tons of sweet white poppies
Again, poor girl was forced to nap on the go...this time with a little privacy ;)Didn't even mind getting transitioned into the car
We headed home for lunch and was raining so we just hung out in the condo and had some quality time tossing rubber chickens. (Great game Milan and Courtney ;)) That afternoon Ellie and I went to do a little shopping and Alex and Travis headed to the Hot Springs! It was so cool and Alex loved it! It's set up like a little water park and was perfect even though it was cold and rainy.
(picture off the website- cause we don't take pics in the rain)
We headed home the next morning. Alex was a little "off" in the poop dept. the whole trip so we had to make an emergency "try" as we were down the road a little and Travis couldn't resist the photo opp. Unfortunately, the view did not help Alex and his tummy. :(

This was the golden hour....the only time he slept in the 4 days of car trips...two hours from home! The poor kid was wiped out! and had fought it long and hard...after a major meltdown in the gas station we all knew that it was time.

He woke up as we were coming into town and Alex was SUPER excited to be driving in to Round Rock! It was hysterical how fast he changed his mood. What a trip. Unforgettable, thats for sure!

And thats a wrap! Whew! back to regular blogging! yay!! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On to Steamboat

Well, before we got to Steamboat we had lunch in Silverthorne at the perfect spot- could not have asked for it to go better! Stunning view, gorgeous weather, private covered picnic benches, and then a hunter brought his dogs to fetch in the lake for some after lunch entertainment!Alex was more than thrilled to reach the condo...let's face it, we all were! :) Travis has some VERY generous friends that he knows through work that very graciously let us stay at their condo. It was perfect! In a prime spot right at the bottom of the mountain and right next to the walmart and grocery store! We spent that first afternoon checking out the precious town of Steamboat, getting groceries, and getting settled in the condo. Grabbed some delicious local pizza for dinner and we were all ready for bed.

Alex was even more excited about the condo when he realized that their little boy had the coolest lego motorcycles and matchbox cars! It was his dream come true and I don't know what we would have done with out them the whole time we were there!

The next day we headed up the mountain on the gondola. It was perfect weather (a little overcast) and just gorgeous. Apparently everyone else sleeps in so we had the place to ourselves too!
We wanted to do the simple hike around the top of the mountain. Made it to the first lookout, about 5 min in- can still see the ski house, I am getting the camera out, and Alex slips on the big rocks into the gravel and skins his knee pretty bad. crying hysterically. Are you kidding me?

Back to the ski house for first aid and then we were back on track...although he was crying and couldn't walk so I put him on my shoulders...tough with a full backpack on too.
Finally, he was distracted enough to walk again but I had already switched with Travis and was carrying Ellie in the pack...I am so tough :)

super excited about making and throwing a snowball. It was a main goal of his on this trip.

my little silly boy photo shoot

back down we go

After naps we headed to the park on the river
ellie needed a photo shoot too...I could eat her up