Monday, October 26, 2009

Cupcakes, Costumes, and Swine Flu. Oh my!

So Thursday was Annie's 2nd birthday party- Cupcakes and Costumes-too cute! We were super excited to go celebrate, play, and wear our halloween costume...ok, maybe I was excited. Well, it started out like every other day but when we got to the party Alex was really fussy. And it just got worse. He was crying and a mess and I had no idea what was wrong! It was really cold- weather we didnt plan for at all! So I thought maybe he was just cold, but it was weird that he wouldnt eat anything! This just wasnt like him at all. So we left and he fell asleep in the car in about 3 minutes! I was so shocked! He never does this and it was early for a nap. When we got home I realized that he had fever. I took him to the doc that afternoon to find out that he has swine flu. Poor thing. I was just glad I caught it early and got him on meds fast. The scary thing was that with me being pregnant I am at a high risk for getting it also. So I had to get on Tamiflu also as a preventative.
We are doing great now! Alex was only sick for the one day really. A little weak the second day but no fever since. So it was very short lived thankfully! And I, knock on wood, am still flu free. I am just praying this continues and doesn't show up in the days to come.

I love all the costumes! Too cute! But Alex is not wearing his. No, he is not an indian or whatever would be in a blanket. I just tried to keep him warm in the blanket. You will have to wait a little longer to see his cutie patootie costume!

Go for it girl!! Love it!! I think she had two cupcakes, minus the cake. ;)

Brandy wanted to get a picture of all the kids and this was a rare moment she caught. Thanks Brandy! Her pictures are so good! And yes, green is a clue but I took his costume off for comfort so this is not it either! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We did our 2nd annual family trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend! Fun times were had by all and the weather was beautiful!!

Alex found a pumpkin right away that he liked!

The worker suggested one a little more his size! He liked that idea! thank goodness :)
He really liked the hay best I think!

Daddy did a little wagon ride (who needs a fancy hayride!)

I love my little pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Music Class

We started Kindermusik this fall and Alex absolutely loves it! I knew he would with the way that he loves music already! It is a great program and the class is perfect! It is all boys and they are not too much older than Alex. He is the youngest but fits right in! Every time we go he has more fun, participates more, and understands more! I love seeing him progress! They dance (which Alex is a pro at! haha everyone gets a kick out of his enthusiastic dancing), sing songs, play instruments, and read a book that has musicality. The teacher is awesome and I can tell Alex really likes her (and her loud singing).

This is "quiet time" where they play softer music and the teacher blows bubbles to set the mood :) Alex loves it!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Rockstar

I hadn't done a "photo shoot" in a while and what better occasion than a cute outfit and a beautiful day! :) (He is about 16 and a half months here) Alex really likes this shirt and actually wanted to wear it- this is the first time he has been interested in what he wears!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shelbi's Wedding

Last weekend we headed North to Travis's cousin Shelbi's wedding. Too bad the cold snap came in too! It was freezing!! and it was an outdoor wedding!! I know poor Shelbi was not planning on this! :( We had to stop on the way and get Alex a coat because I hadn't bought him one yet (I mean, its been so hot still!) and I didn't realize the weather till late! No worries, it all worked out! The wedding was beautiful! and the reception tent was actually quite warm with the heat lamps. Thank goodness! We all had a great time!!

Alex wanted to make sure we didn't forget to pack him too! (He sat there on his own)

Shelbi was a beautiful bride! Loved the blusher!! Not everyone can pull that off but I thought it was perfectly precious on her! and you better believe she was freezing but never showed it!
The tent did not feel like a tent! It was Fall fantastic! Yet again, Alex loved the band! He was so intrigued by the instruments and lights! He danced the night away!!

The Isaacson Crew
some of the cousins...we'll say "the cool ones!" (haha just kidding!)
breakfast the morning after with Alex's fav 2nd cousins, Lauren and Katie! they have become quite the entertainers! and are so sweet to Alex!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Team Has A New Recruit

That's right! I am pregnant! We are expecting our newest teammate April 21st!!

That means.... Alexander will be a big brother!! :) He is super excited!! Well, he doesn't know it yet, but he will be! They will be almost exactly 2 years apart with Alex turning 2 in May. Not sure if this is crazy or perfect. I will admit I am very nervous about juggling 2!

Waiting for Daddy to come home so he can read my shirt and find out! (Apparently most children don't become big brothers till at least 2T so this was the smallest shirt I could find!)WE'RE EXCITED!!

We got to tell Honey in person too!

And then Alex got to tell Papa Wes and Nani! At first my dad thought the shirt was about the TV show- Big Brother. Nani had to spell it out for him! haha!
I am finally getting out of the nasty first trimester yuck phase! Hallelujah! It has NOT been fun and NOT easy having to take care of Alex! Probably the worst was changing poopy diapers when already feeling like throwing up! fun. It was pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Alex though. It just never seems to end and I do believe it is the worst feeling in the whole world. This is kinda why the blog has been a little slow lately. I would sleep everyday during naptime (I am trying to curb this slowly) and go to lie in bed as soon as Alex goes to bed at night leaving little time to do just about anything!

Everything is going well so far with the pregnancy and baby! We have actually had two ultrasounds so far (because the first was so early we couldn't tell much). And the doc was pleased with the growth and how everything looks. I loved seeing this ultrasound because the baby was already kicking and reaching all cute already!
We cant wait to find out if its a boy or girl towards the end of the month! Yea!!! And it will be so fun to be pregnant with my sister...the babies will be about 4 months apart and I have decided: they will be best friends! :)