Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome to Austin

This weekend we decided to do an "Austin day" since we never have been downtown with Alex to do all the fun stuff Austin has to offer! Well, we got a late start so it turned into pretty much a photo shoot (which was a big part of the plan) and lunch.
The day started at the mural...we have always been interested. Too bad we were surprised to find out it is on a random deserted street and there was no one to take our picture as a fam. Oh well.

Then we went up to Congress for a few capital and city shots. I really didn't have a plan so we were just winging it! :)

Then we headed to Zilker park! We have been wanting to ride the train with Alex for a while! Too bad by this time it was super hot! I'm talking sweat city. nice. But it was fun! and Alex did pretty well.
We had an abrupt end to the fun when mommy realized that she didn't change Alex's diaper and had been shoving water down his throat all morning....bad combo = time to go!
So we headed to lunch at Guerros- some of the best Mexican food around! hands down! Probably the best part of the day in my book. I can still taste the chips and queso.
It was a fun family day and we are excited to head back when it gets a little cooler and do even more!

We also want to say Welcome to Austin to Alex's grandparents...both sets are moving here in the next few months!! Woo hoo!! It will be great to have more family in town!! So exciting!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

15 Months

My little buddy is getting to be such a big boy! I can't believe it!!

He has 10 teeth now! He did get the top molars like I expected and the bottom ones are on their way in! Not fun I am sure!! :(

He has been sleeping SO much better. Even graced me with a few real all nighters! Most nights he still wakes up once. But normally its early in the morning (actually around the time Travis wakes up to go running in the morning- crazy guy!) and then he goes back to sleep.

He learned how to breathe in and out his nose on purpose-hard and fast- silly but cute. He figured out how to shrug his shoulders and does it all the time! (Like he is bored or something, just hanging out)
When you say...a cow says... he goes "mmmm" we are working on the "ooo" part.

I love that he will hold your hand and walk with you. so big.

He is a speedy one. Almost running! He tries!

He shakes his head kind of like he is saying no no no, but I dont think he really gets it yet. (thank goodness)

He is working on puckering up when giving kisses instead of the open mouthed...we are all excited about this one!

We have figured out that he is officially allergic to dogs. Big bummer! This one is almost harder than the milk allergy. I hate that it affects other people mostly! I am going to really pray about this one!! We love dogs and always dreamed of having one later on! But I am constantly reminded that if this is all we have to deal with (as far as health), I will take it.

Alex is eating well...just scarfed a whole hot dog, several grapes, and a handful of peas for lunch. :) His favorite has to be strawberries though! (just like Momma)

We went to the doctor today and he is growing like a weed. Tall and skinny. In the top for height and only 5% for weight. (Oh, and good news, ears are clear and healthy!! yea!!)

He is not "talking" with words still but I feel confident that it will just click one day. He sure does make A LOT of noise and can "communicate" what he wants with his cave man grunts very well. He points at EVERYTHING. He doesn't even know what he wants, he just knows he wants it. He signs all the time too! I love it when he goes through all the signs he knows trying to find one that works for what he wants to say. (Kinda like a mom who goes through all her kids names, you know)
He has just started lifting his hands up in a "where did it go" pose and even uses his mumbo-jumbo talk with matching inflection.

He just learned how to climb up on the couch. Whoa. This is going to rock our world. He is now going vertical! He just wants to RUN, yes run!, from end to end of the couch. Please pray I don't have an ER post any time soon! (Any tips on "time out" for someone this age please let me know-haha)

I love laughing and playing with him everyday. He is starting to really play and interact well with others. He is so funny! And sooo animated (EVERYONE comments on this). He will let you know exactly what he is thinking with his facial expressions. He can be so silly, but he can also be soo focused on a task.

He is just a sweet sweet spirit that lights up my life. He brings joy to my day and has no idea how much I love him. Happy 15 Months Alexander Travis!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Week

Started out super fun by having the gang to our park and pool. Alex is pretty much done with the pool scene though. Again, all he wanted to do was eat snack. Grunting like a cave man at the bag where he knows I have some cereal for him. The he sits in the chair and eats...at least he is still and sitting. I will take it! :) Don't the girls look precious in their matching suits!? We love our friends!

Wednesday we had lunch with Auntie Jo at Schlotzkys. Always fun...sorry no pics. But Alex did make friends with the men sitting next to us. He always makes friends. With everyone. Big cheesy grins and giggles and waving seems to do the trick. Even business men melt. What can I say?!

Thursday we went to a Joe McDermott concert at a local church. I thought it would be fun and Alex would like the music. Well, Joe is a NO GO from us! :( We had to wait a long time for it to begin which is never good (not really his fault I guess) and the music was over Alex's head. Too much talking. And when he played the guitar really loud and hard it made Alex upset (what a weenie, I know). I kept thinking, if only he would play twinkle twinkle, ha! But we got out and saw our friends again so it was a fun day!
I never get pics of us together when out...but this day we had plenty of time to kill!
take 1... this is a classic look these days

take 2...theres my sweetie

trying to keep the troops in line...Henrick is texting (probably something like "get me outta here!"), Alex is stealing Kenzies food (I am telling yall!! seriously loves his cereal!), and Kenzie has stolen a wallet (lets hope its her moms).

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Big Dallas Saturday

We headed up to Dallas for a fast weekend to do some celebrating with friends!

First we went to a pool party for Mikey! He graduated from SMU with his MBA. It was so fun to see so many friends we haven't seen in a long time and get to see our friends we just don't see often enough. It was great because so many of us have kids now and they are pretty close in age. Alex had a great time playing and swimming with everyone! I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the kids together! :(

That night I went to a bachelorette party for my college friend Brandi. She is getting married and I am so happy for her! It was so fun to see these Zeta girls and get a night out on the town! Well, when I wasn't aching for a bed...definitly too old to stay out that late! :)

Jacobs lingerie menu for the honeymoon...asian food theme of course!

zeta love
Ashley, Me, Mindy, Brandi, Julie, Tara

we went to a kareoke bar...yes, that is Jeff, Julies husband, belting it out

the girls singing their little hearts out
it wouldn't be a party if Tara didn't do the robot, right?!
Travis was on duty for the night and hung out with the Hailes. He said it was lots of fun, and he had everything under control, until Alex had a "blowout". Yep, supposedly the biggest poop ever. Poop everywhere. I had to laugh. Thanks Tana for being the "assistant"! :) But Alex really bonded with Travis. The next morning he only wanted Dad and couldn't stop the kisses! Too sweet!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

sprinkler park

We tried going to the sprinkler park again (we have been several times before) because we needed to get out of the house...unfortunately it was so hot that it wasn't really that fun. Yes, it can even be too hot for the sprinkler park. We were some of the only crazies there.

Alex kinda likes it. He chased this ball for a long time. It was a good way to make him get wet.

But ends up doing this.

And really his favorite part of anything we do is snack. He plays for like 2.5 minutes and then cries for it.

Then he wanted to walk around the park park...nothing to do with the water! jeez. Don't you know its like the Sahara over here kid?!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

when we're bored...

(and its 200 degrees outside)...

we play peek a boo around the crib (favorite game right now. cracks up laughing! could do it for an hour!)

catch up on our reading

stand up on things

and get into trouble like pulling out clothes and diapers

exciting stuff, huh?!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lakeway Day

For my moms birthday, my parents rented a lil place in Lakeway for a week. We went to hangout for the day and had a great time!

always some gaming with my fam
listening and dancing to some swing with uncle chad

getting in some good playing with Nani...
where did that ball go?

look up!... tickle tickle! (papa wes' favorite game)
(sorry for the kix in mouth shot- the kid eats like nonstop)