Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take your guess!

So I thought it would be fun to do a little competition...Leave a comment to claim a day that you think our lil girl will be joining us! I will add you to the calendar. Winner gets bragging rights and a feature on Team Isaacson :) Good luck!

Latest info: I go to the doctor again tomorrow and I am hoping for some progress! I have been feeling a lot of lower back pain today and random contractions...may be soon!!???

Saturday, March 27, 2010

and so we wait in anticipation

We have been preparing for 'lil miss' to come and I failed to post any updates so here are a few of our first painting days a long while back. We decided on a khaki wall and pink border (not pictured yet).
We had some great helpers...Honey came one night

Alex was really wanting to help
...or just pushed the roller around the house
The room is coming along. I still have little things to deal with and finish up like the curtains (don't get me started). I will post the latest soon, promise.

I went to the doctor on Friday and had an ultrasound. I was very very excited for this. One, I get to see our precious lil baby and two, I find out if my fluid levels are normal or not. This is important because with Alex I had high fluid and that is why we induced. Even though it is not a good thing to have, it was nice to have the birth all planned out. So, I was just anxious to know what would be the plan- would I have to wait and have a "normal" labor or induce. So, the good news, my fluid levels are normal. Bad news, now we wait. This makes me so nervous. All that good stuff like "Where will I be?" "When will it happen?" "How fast will it happen?" I am torn because this will be more exciting than Alex's planned birth, but it was sooo nice to know and plan it all out.
I am just ready to have this big girl out! They estimated that she is already over 6 lbs (and I say, growing by the minute! eek!). With one month till my due date, I really hope she decides to join us a little early! or I might cry! :)
We did get to see her quite well...makes me all the more anxious to hold her in my arms.
oh, and we think we have a name picked out....hallelujah! because this has been a struggle! But no telling ;)

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

We had our Easter egg hunt playdate on Friday and it was so fun! Thanks to Miss Kristen and Emma for hosting the festivities again! The whole gang was there (except for Mya who couldn't make it) and even our new friend Madison joined us. The kids are all just adorable and loved the hunt this year! We are just getting warmed up for a few more hunts coming up!

Enjoying a treat before the big hunt! Can you say we LOVE Rice Krispie treats?!

The group...don't their faces just crack you up?! Seriously
And they're off...

The keys to success are
1) stay low
2) forget the basket, it slows you down
3) be sure to survey for dropped eggs at the end

I love my lil bunny (and bunny-to-come)

Alex is such a ladies man. He was flirting with all the mommas...too funny! He loves Kristen A!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Rodeo Time!

On St. Patrick's Day we headed out to the Austin Rodeo! If you wore a green shirt you got in for free- great deal!
My mom, sister, and her lil cowgirl Kalyn, came with us to help me out and keep us in good company. It is getting harder and harder for me to wrangle Alex up on a big outing like that so I was so excited they could come! We had so much fun, there was so much to see, and we didn't want to leave- the day was so perfectly beautiful!

Alex loved seeing the animals but was NOT a fan of the petting zoo. To be honest, I can't blame him. Those goats and deer are way aggressive to try to get the food. Not sure it called for the big ole tears running down Alex's cheeks, but that's okay.

Alex really loved all the announcers that talked on microphones- doesn't matter what they are saying or who they are. He just loves people talking in microphones and likes to imitate the sound in his own way. Cracks me up the things that entertain.

Here we are at the pig races...it was too funny. Alex was a little confused I guess. He really seemed to like it once they started though. Kalyn liked it too! :)

He liked the horses. We didn't see anything too exciting (the girls were just warming up walking around) but he didn't need much. I mean, he liked just hearing the cows "moo" too.

He really liked the tractors. Big surprise. I knew he would. And I knew he would throw a fit when I pulled him off to go too.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lets Play

playing at Madisons house...its so sunny there

talking on the phone
can we build it?! yes we can!

A great day for a party in the park

Saturday we had Kenzie's 2nd Birthday Party! It was a gorgeous day and perfect for the park! We had so much fun with our friends!

I love this time of year with the beautiful pear trees in bloom!

The birthday girl! Too cute in those pig tails!

All the kiddos

Happy Birthday Kenzie!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My cup runneth over

So my sweet friends and sister threw me what was supposed to be a "Sprinkle" (a small shower) but somehow it turned into more of a waterfall! My cup runneth over... I am so blessed with such thoughtful, generous, and sweet friends and family! I can't thank everyone enough for being there and all the wonderful gifts!

The shower was precious and pink pink pink! They even had pink milk! I loved it! And I special requested donuts...my all time favorite indulgence.

Am I on a one donut limit for the day?! No way!!The adorable onesies that Jenny and Kristen MADE! so special and too cute!!!
My mom got me a Bear for our monthly bear pics but the special part is that she made it a dress! Heart this forever!!

The girls had Travis write notes of "Why I am a good mother" and put them on these flowers- such a special touch that I will treasure forever...
AND So what pregnant girl wouldn't cry at that! Geez.
This is me hiding because, being the brat I am, I totally flat out asked for this gift! :) I just think they are so cute and such a great idea! Its an all-in-one diaper clutch from Mommy's Moonlite. (Btw- I had no idea they were so pricey! Thanks again Jenny and Vaughanie!!! and a special thank you to cuz Katherine who was the secret shopper!)

Love these faces!

After the shower, we got to hang out with "the girls", Ava and Bekah, at my parents house. Unfortunately, Alex had fever and so he was quarantined to our house. :( But aren't these two just doll faces! They decided to wear matching outfits that Kristen got them for their birthdays. So fun!! I just wish we could do more play dates like this...better yet, if we all lived in the same town! :(

A little Mr. Potato Head fun...

The Daddy Day Care...
Its hard work, right Zack?!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My New Endeavor

I came up with this blog idea the other night when I couldn't sleep. I have always wanted to do it but never made the effort....don't know why I chose now, but we will go with it!

It is a work in progress for sure, and it may even be a total flop. We will see! :)

Please check out the new blog for kids with milk allergies and please pass it on to anyone you know that might benefit from it! Thanks for your support!!!!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preggo Brain Strikes Again

So some of you have already been hearing about my complete loss of sanity that I like to call Preggo Brain. I really believe in it and want to hear your best preggo brain story.

I have had a few good ones over the last few weeks. Mostly just forgetfulness of "where did I put that??" I used to cry at work when I was pregnant with Alex it is so frustrating.

Yesterday was a doozie. I recently bought this juice. I like to drink juice since I try to stay away from coke and caffeinated drinks and you feel a little healthier too, you know. Little did I realize that this is a HIGH energy drink (looked at it today a little closer and has probably 3 times the caffeine of a coke- OMG) and so after drinking one at 4 yesterday- I was up wide awake till 4 am this morning. No joke. Family fued and Cosby show are still so good fyi.
So warning....this is NOT JUST JUICE. Sometimes I can feel so blonde.

Share your best preggo brain story with the team and readers! Cant wait to smile! :) Wish I had a prize to give away or something! I think I know who might win though...Nicole, you must share :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A beautiful day

calls for a picnic dontcha think?!

and yesterday was so pretty we had to be outside too!

Ohhh I love the sunshine!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

S is for sick, "school", and shower

So, whats been going on around here? Lets see...

Well, Alex caught a bug at the end of last week- yuck. He has had a low fever, runny nose, and cough all weekend. I took him to the doctor today and he has an ear infection. I am just glad its not something more serious like RSV or pneumonia. Hoping he gets better real fast here because we are getting a little house crazy!

I went to sign Alex up for Mothers Day Out for the fall on Monday morning. Yes, I am officially a crazy "school" mom! I really wanted to get him in this one program and its a first come first serve registration. Since we get to register after the church members and siblings of students, there are only a few spots left. So, you make sure you are the first ones there...that means camping out! haha, not really, but 5 am sure felt like it! Yep, I went at a little after 5 and took my spot as 4th in line. With my lawn chair, food and water, book, and all bundled up. The only thing I forgot was my tums for my killer preggo heartburn. (Registration wasn't until 8 mind you!) I was just sooo thankful that it wasnt raining! Well, I enjoyed the excitement of it all and the chatty new friends I made in line, and got Alex in! Success! He will be going two days a week in the fall and I already want to tear up about it and jump for joy at the same time.

My wonderful friends and sister threw me a shower this weekend. It was so special and so fun and just too wonderful :) That post is to come!

Here is my belly shot the day of... about 32 weeks. I am getting "bi bi big" as Alex would say. Went to the doc today and everything is still a-ok! Always great news!