Thursday, September 23, 2010


Chaos....thats how I describe my home on most days and it also stands for Cant Have Anybody Over Syndrome :)

I have never taken my stay at home job very seriously. You know, I went to school for teaching and I learned all kinds of tips, techniques, and standards. Unfortunately, they do not teach you how to plan and prepare meals, clean house (after a 2 year old tornado), and do all the other million little things that pop up all the time. I am sure they used to teach that back in the 50's. And I know some of you have the God given talent of just being good at it naturally. I was not and I am super jealous. Anyway, I decided to start treating my job more like a job. I am going to have to work at it. When I taught I would always get excited about a new way I was going to be organized that year or a new organizational piece for my kids. So, why not for my mommy job too! It has been a whole new adjustment now that I have two, almost like I am teaching a new grade level. And with school starting it seems like a fitting time to revamp.
Well, my friend who is much better at this stuff than I am, Carla, told me about this lady- the FLY lady. She coined the term CHAOS. Check her out! It is a lot to look at but I like some of the stuff she has to say and she really breaks it down for us "slow" ones :) I am all about baby steps. Some things I have been trying to make a daily habit is that the dishes are done, kitchen sink clean, every night. Keep up with the laundry by doing some almost daily. And on days where I need to be "working", put my shoes on! I have also decided to keep track of my cleaning on a calendar so that I know exactly what I have done and when it needs to be done again. I had to give up my preference of cleaning the whole house at one time to have that whole clean house wonderful feeling. Fly lady will break it down into weeks and zones of your house. I am not quite there. I have tried to plan meals a little better so that I am not scrambling at 4 oclock and staring blankly at the freezer. Sounds like an easy thing to do but its really not when you hate making decisions like me! And the biggest advice the fly lady has (that really made me think) is to clean/work first and reward yourself with computer time. :) I have a hard time with that one! I always reward myself with computer time after taking care of the kids! And I am not doing it now! haha!! Baby steps, right!?
So I just thought I would share since I figure surely I am not the only one! Hopefully, or I look pretty silly about now! I am doing much better since this new wave and my revamp has been quite successful. Well, if you don't look too hard.

On a totally unrelated note, Alex did SOO much better getting ready for school today and being dropped off!! Yea!!!! I am so proud of him!

And I can't post without a picture right?! You understand. Happy Thursday All!

you want me to clean?!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great labor day weekend that was full of fun!

First off, a Round Rock Express Game! First for Alex and Ellie! :) We went with Honey and Steve and Uncle Matt. The weather was awesome and it made for the perfect night! The kids did great- Alex was so in to the game and was so well behaved! And Eliana did pretty well considering- she was tired and it was pretty loud. Good thing Honey was there to hold her and walk with her! One of the best parts was when Dadda caught one of the toy baseballs they threw out. One handed while holding Alex! Alex was super excited (you just cant tell because he was so tired too)!! We stayed till the fireworks even though we were pushing it with the kids. And of course, Alex did not like them, freaked out, and made me sit in the parking lot with him. Eliana loved them! :) I was nervous about all the peanuts everywhere for Alex's sake but we just made sure that he stayed in our laps and he did just fine.

Then the next day we had Evan's 4th birthday party! It was a Pirate Party with a jumpy house. Leah did another great job of making everything so cute! I am really sad I didn't get a picture of Evan and Alex together but it just wasn't happening. Alex refused to get in the big jump house (scardy cat) but they had a little one that was just his size and he went to town! :)

fun treasure chest cake

All the kids got eye patches in the favor bags so we had a pirate lunch when we got home. :) Alex has been pretty into pirates ever since!

On Monday night we hung out with my family at a little pizza and pool party! It was a quick dip because the weather was actually quite cool but it was fun! This was Eliana's first time in the big pool. It was so fun to be with Kalyn...I have missed her since I have had my hands full with my own! :( She is so big now and just moving everywhere! She will be walking before we all know it!

Can you tell it was cold? Alex's lil lips are purple! :) He didn't seem to care and kept saying "2 more minutes"!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


First day of Mother Day Out
we were lucky to even get a picture so I didnt push for a better one
The super cool motorcycle shirt was key for talking him into getting dressed and changing the subject.

Honey came over to watch Eliana for me so I could be there for Alex completely.

Well, school has not gone too well. Its been a process, that's for sure. I have been putting off posting because I 1) am busy 2) wanted to finish other posts first 3)wanted to see how he would do going again so that I could try to be positive.
So the first day he cried so hard he made himself throw up. He cried a lot (like crazy crying out reaching for me with that look!) when I dropped him off and they said he cried through out the day when other kids cried for their mommies. I will never forget how precious he looked when we went to pick him up- sitting in the hallway with the other kids, on the end closest to me, with his big backpack on his back, just like a sweet boy so grown up- brought tears to my eyes!
After the first day we had the weekend, and then we had our first MOPS on Monday. Horrible timing! He cried all morning at the house- hard! I didn't know if I was going to be able to get him out the door! And he started gagging again like he was going to throw up! He cried the whole way there and the whole way in the building. Freaked out when I left him in the room. Needless to say, MOPS was short of enjoyable and I cried like a fool in front of these strangers. They said that he threw up after about 10 min of crying and that after that, he seemed fine. and was happy!?!! I was so nervous about him going to school the next day after all that! It was hard to drop him off but it has gotten progressively better. I guess. He still cried but it has been less and less. No more throwing up- yea!!
He has tried to make "deals" with me to get out of going and just stay home. He says he is sick and needs to go to bed. He said he wanted to "bust out" of the car seat. You would think I am sending him to preschool prison camp! I don't get too much when I ask him about school but Tuesday he said "I dont like it. No like school." But, when I went to pick him up Thursday afternoon he admitted that he liked it. ?? He said he likes "music and movement" time. He doesn't really eat much lunch but I half way expected that. So he eats like a hungry hippo the rest of the day!
Today was the first day of car drop off and I knew that it would be a whole new transition. It was nice to not get out of the car with Ellie and all, but it was emotionally harder. Alex had time to just sit and think about being left while we waited in the car line. Then someone he doesn't really know took him out of the car- he wasn't a fan of that and I am pretty sure he told her to "go away!". Then I had to drive off while he cried for me looking over the lady's shoulder. It was pretty sad and I didn't really get to say my goodbye and get a hug. :( When I pick him up they just quickly say "he had another good day!" so I guess I shouldn't worry. He also said it was fun today and that he liked it! He was trying to sing the "circle time" song to me, I am pretty sure the teacher must sing when she wants them to come sit with her for circle time.
On top of school being rough, Alex has been refusing to nap!?! are you kidding me?! I thought school would wear him out! Well, it does, but he still won't fall asleep! I am really hoping that its just a phase! He really needs a nap and is a bear to be with all afternoon if he doesn't. The only positive is early to bed! And another result of all this was him being super clingy to me the other days and afternoons. It's MOMMY MOMMY! in this new fake whiny voice.
So its been hard on all of us. I have had my doubts of whether this was a good idea. I have had my guilty feelings. My heart breaks for him and I miss him, I do. We have both cried a little. But I think everything will be okay and it will be fine after we all get used to this new norm.
I have enjoyed the time with lil, cleaning, and sleeping in a quite house :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Months Old

Eliana is 5 months old! :) She is just too sweet for words! I LOVE going to get her when she wakes up from a nap. She gives the best smiles and giggly grins! I pick her up and squeeeeeze her tight. I hope that keeps her this little forever. I rub my face against her warm fuzzy head and take in the sweet smell, kissing her all over her soft cheeks like its a kissing contest! I just can't get enough.

I also love rocking her to sleep and looking down on those chubby cheeks, long eyelashes, and precious pink puckered lips. Her warm lil body fits so perfectly on mine. She happens to be the cutest girl in America. Bet you didn't know that.

You are still an easy going lil thing...always going with the flow with hardly ever a fuss. You went to church for the first time (I know, that's embarrassing!) and you exceeded our expectations! Yesterday we went to MOPS and it was your first time in childcare. Again you did great and had no problems taking a little nap and taking your bottle. You went on your first airplane ride. You went swimming in the pool for the first time. Oh, and you had your first illness- well, I don't know if you would call it that or not- hives on the back. Unexplained, and only hives, but we did go to the doctor to check it out. It was really weird! but you seem to be over it. Anyway, it's been a big month for you!

Still off and on sleeping through the night. And naps have gotten shorter (argh). It's okay though because you are a lot of fun to play with! :) You love to play toys!! You cant keep your fingers out of your mouth and you are very interested in our food. I am holding off on letting you eat have the rest of your life for that! Till then, you can keep licking your lips! It is pretty cute to see you grab for our cups and even Alex's. You have found your voice! Wow, girl can screech!
And this is your favorite place....looking out at the trees. You will stay here for quite a while.

And like I said in the previous post- you are rolling over both ways, playing in your exersaucer, and your hair is really growing in! Well, a little bit! :)
And we are almost ready for the next size up clothes (3-6 month or 6 month) but we are still squeezing in. Its a toss up! Probably need to do it! It feels like she is gaining weight like a champ every day- I know this because the car seat carrier is getting quite should see me wrangling Alex and carrying her. Quite comical actually.

guess who made her smile and then ruined the picture by being the blur in the corner :)

cars sticker for going to MOPS and being a trooper (more on that to come)

I love you to the moon and back little sister.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 4 Redwood Train

This was our last day in California. We headed over to the Roaring Camp Train in Santa Cruz with Nathan, Holly, and Aunt Les. This was by far the best way to see the Redwood forest! It was such a beautiful day and really fun for all! Well, after Alex got used to the whistle blowing and the steam. He was quite scared at first. Ellie also wanted to nap but the whistle was so loud. She finally fell asleep near the end.
choo choo

ticket please!

We made it to the top of Bear Mountain!
I actually got to change diapers up there! Fun stuff! :)
After the train ride we went to the beach for lunch! A great view and yummy food! We were all worn out from the fun day!
One of my favorite things from this trip was Alex the Ultimate Backseat Driver. He would say "Drive careful Steve!" "Car coming! Watch out!" "Stop!" Cracking me up!! He has since continued this and "helps" me out on a daily basis.

We stopped by Travis' grandparents house on the way home. We had a nice visit and I so enjoyed getting to see their lovely home!

That night we hung out with the family and took some pictures for record.

4 generations

the kids are so blessed to have great grandparents!

Ended the day with a "bath" in the hot tub.

We had a fabulous time!! Thanks again Jim, Les, Nathan, and Holly!!

The plane ride home was pretty uneventful. Alex fussed more this time because he knew what the airplane was all about. He was also very tired and ready for a nap. Both kids were OUT pretty fast.

Alex has been talking about the trip ever since. He misses Nathan and Holly and talks about them often. He also plays "choo choo up bear mountain". :) He also loves airplanes even more and seems to have memory loss that he wasn't actually a fan.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the word on ellie bird

miss ellie bird has been up to a lot and I just couldn't wait the 3 days till the 5 month mark to post- ha!

She has been rolling over (both ways now!)

and she also loves the exersaucer!
(this was the very first time in)

we finally got to the doctor for her 4 month check up and everything looks good
90% for length and 30% for weight

And check out the hair!! I know!! Watch out!! Pigtails before you know it!! It is growing and you can't deny it! :) We love your fuzzy lil head Eliana!