Monday, February 27, 2012

Come on bebe!

well, dont worry, it will still be a while till baby comes...but a hurting girl can dream :)

37 weeks today! thats a full term baby! we are technically good to go!

Went to the doc last Wednesday and everything looks good. (I will go every Wed. now on) We got an ultrasound and I was so excited to see the precious lil one thats been kicking my ribs. Yep, its head down at least! It was a little uneventful because they do a lot of measuring and the baby is so big its hard to see it actually. Hence, the lack of a picture on here. And then on top of that, baby was not very cooperative and covered its face with its hands pretty much the whole time. But I was so relieved that my fluid levels were normal (unlike with Alex). Praise the Lord. This is the stuff that really matters.
I was NOT so relieved that I am not progressing at all BUT I guess we dont really want the baby to come too early now. Especially not on Feb 29th!! A leap year baby. Wouldn't that be horrible! Well, a baby is never horrible but it would be very unfortunate and you can better believe I will do everything I can to avoid that from happening.
My tail bone hurts really bad now. It's no wonder, the baby is already about 6lbs 9 oz supposedly.
The heart burn is in full effect. Travis says I need a belt dispenser so that Tums are in hand at my every desire. I think he might be on to something big. Million dollar invention that changes pregnant girls lives for forever.
The doc, Travis, and I discussed that the 13th would be a "good" day because 1) its the date of my other kids birthdays- they are both on the 13th- it would be crazy I know 2) its spring break and so "people" will be off but my doc will be working still (she won't be later in the week- yikes)
So glad that everyone else thinks that would be a good day...we will just make that happen, right?!
We will see. and as we have said before, only God knows!

Ellie is OBSESSED with the baby equipment that I am afraid she might leap out of her skin when we have an actual baby in the house. She has been sure to brush up on her baby skills to be ready!

Baby stuff out of the attic and washed, check! Car seat in car, check! A family soooo ready to meet the newest team member, quadruple check!!

Nothing says love like a buffalo, a new roof, and music

Alex got a buffalo for Valentines Day (and a life savor apparently)
Sadly, this is the only picture I took of him all day since he went to school and it was a crazy day (and no, he didnt wear those shorts, but those are his favorite so I let him change into them when he got home. a true valentine present.)
A moment of true love and appreciation
Ellie had a fun Valentines Day going to Music Class...
dancing with her best friend Ella Kate
and hanging out at Nani's for the day, which was fun and special alone but it was also because, lucky me, I got a new roof for Valentines day! yep, thats what happens when you have been married for a while. ;)

this is not valentines, but it shows who her valentine is...Alex. The girl loves him sooo much. They have so much fun dancing and being silly in the car. It fills my heart with joy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


take just a moment and vote for us!!

I sent in a picture for a friend photographer's contest and the winner gets a free session...I would die. This girl is amazing!!

This is the picture I chose. I will never forget the passion Alex has for playing cars. It warms my heart...well, maybe not the missiles and blowing up part (thank you Cars2.) but you know what I mean. :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!
Go to Heather Walker Photography and click our picture!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

family and the force

Its funny because I think I can trace Alex's interest in Star Wars back to this visit of Holly and Zachary from two years ago...this years visit was no exception of fun. But this time the interest has stuck and we are officially obsessed. He has claimed he knows all about Star Wars in the previous months but up until now he really has had no clue more than they fight with light sabers.

Holly was very kind and shared her wealth of Star Wars knowledge along with letting him play with Zachary's guys.

We had a great time visiting with Holly and Zachary and love them dearly. They are always so kind to come see us (so we don't have to travel to Houston). Zachary is getting so big and so grown up. He was intersted in my pregnancy and had great insight...he asked when the baby is coming, and I said that we don't really know but March 19th is my due date. He thought about this quietly and came back with that God will decide when the baby is coming and he will choose the right time. Wow. Thank you Zachary. What an amazing spirit you have. You are so right. He then decided to rest his head on the belly and later rest his feet in my lap as we lounged on the couch together. Such a loving, sweet boy. I didn't mind a bit. I also felt a little guilty because his true love, Eliana, was having no such thing in touching him. She was a bit overwhelmed with his "enthusiasm". ;)

"the force" only continued from there...
Luckily, Alex went to Honey's house the other day and she got down all her boys' old Star Wars toys that she saved. Alex was in HOG HEAVEN! She very graciously let him bring home a few but I am told that it was quite the deal session deciding which ones. He will tell you that the storm "poopers" are his favorite ;) gotta love it!

I also found a book at the library and it is really good for this age and learning about the story and characters. Alex maybe read it (asked someone to read it to him) 10 times the first 2 days. I will admit that I learned a thing or two myself and it wasn't too painful.

It has only fueled the fire but its fun to see him so excited about something! You can guess that more guys and light sabers are on the birthday list!

Monday, February 13, 2012

35 Weeks

There is no doubt I am growing! They say its the size of a cantaloupe now but I really feel more like watermelon. You don't want to see me try and get off the couch. Its not pretty.

I put up a poll to find out what the feeling out there is- blue or pink??!! Rock the vote!! I for one, can't wait to find out what this lil sweet pea is! You have a week to make your choice count!

Ellie has finally grasped the idea of a baby being in mommy's tummy and she is a little obsessed with it. She is also weird. She likes to rub her forehead on it and even lick it ??? I have no idea, but it is funny! She will hug it and kiss it and tonight, wanted to pick it up and take it in the bath tub with her. Yes, MY BELLY! Like it becomes unattached or something! I wish!! I do love her enthusiasm though! and baby, you are going to have one extra loving special big sister!

This ultrasound was from back on Nov. 4th but I realized that I never posted it! I was trying to scan it in and my scanner was messing up, then it got lost in the shuffle of the office during the holidays, blah blah blah, horrible mother...and we found it again thankfully during our major clean up operation recently. Can I tell you how good it feels to get things organized and clean?!
And more importantly, isn't that the cutest baby you've ever seen?! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

let the birthday's begin!

This time of year we get the birthday train going and it doesnt stop... my sister has hers in the beginning of January, mine is the end of January, Travis' is the beginning of February, and then we have Grandpa Steve's mid February, the new baby will be March (yes, I am having a baby NEXT month!), Ellie and Papa Wes in April, Alex in May... there are many more throughout the year of course but these are the ones that seem to make us feel like non stop partiers! It's fun, don't get me wrong! Alex is really into birthdays and keeping track of who's is next and when...sadly, he is one of the last on the list which is really hard for an almost 4 year old who already made a birthday present wish list.

So, when I reminded him that it was my birthday the morning of, he so kindly put on his best pouty sad face and said "but its not my birthday....and I wont get any presents" Thanks kid. Love ya too :) I have to remind myself that complete and udder selfishness is typical of this age. (please say yes)

I had a wonderful couple of birthday celebrations.

I will even go back as far as when I went to lunch with my mom and sister for her birthday. A special fancy lunch with the girls. It was so nice to chat and relax and reconnect. I will take that as a birthday lunch for me, as well as sis. :)

For my real birthday...we had dinner at Fuddruckers (a Skeeters favorite) with my family. The kids had fun with all the video games and we all (well, minus those on "kid duty") got to chat it up- so much so that we were there for a record breaking 3 hours or something crazy like that!

(and I just realized that Ellie is wearing the same shirt for both events. oops! we do have other clothes)

"no no papa. no more tickling."

The best part was that Travis and the kids made me a cake, delicious and adorable...
AND they went shopping for my gift that afternoon. Seriously cute and I got time to myself at home that day to do what I wanted. Double gift! Picture this for a second...Travis took both kids to Target to buy a card and then to James Avery to get me a charm pendant. Not that its some fancy gift or anything but I get all sentimental just thinking about him with the kids in a silent jewelry store looking in the glass cases. Travis said they had a "meeting" about being good/quiet before they went in and that they both did really well. He said that Alex was actually really intrigued by the whole thing- kept listening in on sales ladies helping others and looking at what they were looking at very seriously. Shockingly, he also kept the secret. I didn't know he could do that and was very impressed. I know it took every bone in his body to hold it in. He was so excited for me to open it and I think very proud of himself too.

I love my beautiful key charm (he says bc I am the key to their success-a common phrase Travis uses to tell me I need to get up early and get ready for the day if we want to be on time) BUT I love the whole idea behind it even more. I adore that Travis wanted to include the kids, teach them to love on me a little that day, because, lets face it, mommy so often gets a little overlooked being the one with them all the time. Thank you Daddy, from the bottom of my heart, for a very special birthday.

My actually birthday day was a Monday and so it was quite typical as a weekday goes. We did have plans to meet up with my moms group from church at a play place. Great chatting with the moms and the kids both had a great time! and then for dinner we ordered pizza- always nice to not cook! And of course I had another piece of cake. Well, maybe more ;) Here is my 33 week belly with my 31 years self.

The next celebration was Travis' birthday. It fell on a Saturday so we got to spend the day with him. I did give him a break and took Alex "shopping" for a bit during Ellie's nap so he would also get his coveted free time. The kids and I made a cake for him. Alex was adamant that it needed to be a Cars cake. We made do with what we had and the cars toppers that Holly gave us the previous day. Good timing yes indeed. We had gone shopping for his gifts earlier in the week and Alex was super excited to have Daddy open them because they were a little bit for both Alex and Travis. I am weak and its hard to reason with him when he is soooo sure that Daddy wanted a new football. I will add that he also tried to talk me into returning the shirt we got him and getting him Cars. We may have a problem.

Ellie was a huge fan of the card. Rocky theme song...I can't blame her, its so catchy. Video soon!
Honey came over for the "party" and then stayed to babysit the kids so we could go out to dinner and a movie. She IS a rockstar! Thanks Honey!! It was so nice to have a long fun date night with my amazing husband. Happy Birthday to you! I love you!! thats a lot of celebrating already! Cant wait to have a new birthday to celebrate next month though!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun FotoS Friday

A little recap of fun times in January...

Ellie needs a cape too
we love a picnic lunch on the patio
oh, I am loving my new lens
diaper box races, poor Ellie on her turn to push
who thinks they love Star Wars?!
she wants to be just like you
beauty shop- my hair has never looked better
and she has never looked so beautiful ;)

we loved having daddy home at New Years

lunch in the front of the TV and wrestling on the couch- I cant competesomebody wants to be a big girl
I have no words for this silly boy
fun with friends

btw, can I get a what! what! for being back on the blog!? maybe its more that I am putting off anything remotely physical :)