Monday, May 7, 2012

my little eliana at 2

Oh Ellie, where do I begin? You are too much these days. Full of life, spunk, fun, and ideas. You are in full terrible twos mode which means tantrums and drama and high pitch squealing and screaming. From dinner to bed you are really loud and wild. You think everything is funny and the best is if you can make Alex laugh, then you are really funny! I think Alex has definitely influenced your wildness, since you want to be just like him. You are into everything and just figured out how to unscrew tubes and bottles which makes for a problem in the bathroom. You also love bandaids. We have to keep a close eye on you.  Saying that, we can't trust you with the baby at all. You have already hurt him a few times just when I turn my back for a second.  Its only because you have so much love for him and you just don't know what to do with yourself.  You can't wait for him to start "playing" with you. Oh dear Lord.  Your conversations with baby include a few short phrases that are repeated over and over including "Hello Bebe!" "Bless you bebe!" "Bye Bye Bebe!" You can't say Jacob but have tried a few times but its hard so you stick with "bebe". You love to kiss, touch, and rub your head all over him, often asking to "hol" him.  You like to rock him in the carrier and say "treetop treetop!" meaning you are singing rock a by baby, of course. You are hilarious. Just a mess.  
Precious and too cute for words! It's hard to stay mad at ya. That sweet smile, twinkly eyes, and crazy hair. You are cute even when you pout! (hang your head, drop yours arms at your side, and sulk around the room) I don't know where you learned to do that. really!  I love to watch you dance- bounce, shake your head slightly from side to side and clap your little hands.  Your favorite and pretty much go-to dance move is booty shaking with your hands on the floor. Again, don't know where you got this one from. You like Pops cereal every morning. You pretty much eat turkey lunch meat everyday for lunch since its one of the few things you will eat.  You want to eat snacks constantly all day though.  Your excitement for a cookie (too-tie) is overwhelming.  If asked, you reply- yeah. yeah. getting louder with each one. and you tend to repeat things like that until answered or acknowledged with me repeating what you said or want. You do talk a lot! A pretty good parrot. I like that you talk back to the TV to respond to cartoon characters questions- "Do you want to come inside my playhouse?" "Noooo." : ) haha, I think she means yes!
You love to play in the sand box and play cups in the water- since the weather has been so nice but you do not like to be hot, so this summer should be interesting. Everything is done with purpose and like it is important business to you. I love when you pick up toys to take somewhere and you grunt and "ughghg" because its "heavy!" "Hard work" You just started telling me "ri bak!" (normally repeated at least 8 times), with your little finger in the air, when you are going to get something and you will be "Right back!" :)
Your favorite words are "wa wa" meaning water but lately its just a response for most things. "wha dat wha dat wha dat?!!" You don't even let me answer before asking multiple times in a row. "Mo-mo" or "Ehmo" meaning Elmo. "Ye-yo" meaning yellow but she uses it for all colors especially ones she is picking out for herself- "ME!" Often really wants pink or purple. Not surprising.  "Me!!!!!!" is a big favorite! along with the ever popular "mine!" She is actually quite well mannered and likes to say sorry and thank you (nothing better than a precious "ank ou") She is really good at "No momma!" and "No Aleh!"
For being a crazy two year old she is very well mannered in public too. She tends to stay with me and even better if Alex is staying with her too. She likes to get in the car (most of the time) and likes to go places...the problem is if Alex gets to go and she doesn't. She has learned that there is fun to be had when you go!  She also doesn't want to leave fun but the meltdown doesn't last long...this phase so reminds me of Jekyll and Hyde. She has started to get braver and can be friendly to people that are far away and will wave a huge grinning wave...sometimes to no one ?!? silly girl!! but you tend to still be quite shy and timid around new people. I think thats why you stay close to momma. You do get scared easily- the yard workers scare the bjesus out of ya, bless your heart.
I do love to see you run though...the cutest thing, whether you are scared or excited. High knees with arms and hair bouncing a long. I need a good video bc its hard to describe.
One thing you get really excited to do is hide. And you are really good at it now. Sometimes we can't find you and it gets a little scary. When we do eventually find you, backed up tight in a spot, you are there, still as a mouse, with a huge smile on your face.   
Your hair is getting long and we can put it in a tiny ponytail or pigtails but you wont let me. You scream and flail your arms OR if you do let me, you rip them out in about 5 minutes.  We are working on keeping a clippie in to keep the hair out of your eyes because you really need it now. I am praying we get better and better in this department bc you are sooo cute with your hair done.
We just recently got you off the night time bottle. It wasn't too bad of a transition but you refuse to drink milk out of a sippy cup. So you drink water and in turn you wake up earlier (normally 7ish) and you eat like a pig in the morning (requesting about 3 different things for breakfast). You still have to have your "poppy" (pacifier) for sleeping.  You still do great at going to sleep. I can throw you in the bed and leave. You want to nap! Its great! Normally 1-3. We just bunked you up in brothers room and this has been quite a transition for you (hence why we didn't take away your poppy).  You really hated to leave and give up your room and that breaks my heart but I think you are getting used to the idea and starting to like it. We put you to sleep first and wait for you to be totally asleep before tiptoeing in with Alex who goes right to sleep. So that works just fine because it normally doesn't take long. The only real issue is that you tend to wake Alex up in the morning and he used to sleep in a lot more. He has been looking tired.
I love hearing you talk to him- Al-eh! Al-eh! He is your best friend and yall truly love each other even though you don't always get a long.  I loved seeing you guys at a birthday party recently and Alex grabbed your hand on his own to wait in line with you, to take care of you, like a good big brother would. Melt my heart. I love that if he sits somewhere you are right beside him. I love that when one of you is crying the other consoles. I love seeing you play family with Star Wars guys- Chewbacca does make a good mommy and Yoda is a good baby.
You ARE growing even though you are still my little sweet petite with tiny bird legs.
Your stats are 21 lbs and 33 1/2 in. You are starting to wear 24 month clothes. You like to get dressed unlike brother although I am starting to see that I have to talk up the cuteness of the outfit sometimes. You love to point at your shirt and show people that we meet what you are wearing.  And what two year old doesn't love shoes?! yours, mine, daddy's, or brothers...all so much fun!  

 now ellie can go on bike rides too! I love it! I am a sucker for a little kid in a big helmet! 

 my two babies haha


 loves to take pictures like mommy!

 superhero birthday party- we had to make do for sister! pjs, leggings, soccer socks! cute lil supergirl! this doesnt show it but she was excited!

You are just pure joy to me and I love you forever little sister! I am so blessed to have my girl, my best friend, my shopping buddy, tea party guest, and dress up partner. Can't wait to watch you grow into a little lady this year!