Monday, January 31, 2011

Elmo needed some butt paste

this morning I went to get Alex up and found him sitting up. smiling. holding something. look mommy. what is that? its the butt paste. what?!

Alex got the butt paste yesterday at nap time and since we didn't notice it, he slept with it last night too. he said "Alex booty hurt. so, I do it by-self. make it all better." oh, break my heart. how could i be mad!? It was a mess. all over. too bad elmo got the brunt of it. well, at least he doesn't have diaper rash anymore!

I totally forgot to mention "blankie elmo" in the 2 1/2 year post. They are a pair. He sleeps with blankie and elmo and also snuggles with them in "times of need". They are well loved. Elmo is getting pretty worn out fast. the funny thing about blankie is that alex has worked at ripping the seam in the corner putting his finger in the "hole". he has to find the hole to put his finger in it before he can settle down to go to sleep. such a silly boy. he would yelp "the hole! the hole! find the hole" as we would frantically try all the corners to find "the" corner that he has worked the hole bigger. this might totally not make sense. oh well. it makes me smile.

and on this same note, we did end up making alex's bed into a toddler bed right before Christmas. i just realized that we never posted on that. he has done sooooo well with the transition, stays in bed, and we haven't had any problems or trouble...till now. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

good idea? bad idea?

Honey gave me this idea off a blog she reads....

Alex was super excited and it did keep him happy (aka busy and quiet) for a long time

And then I had to clean up

But it didn't take too long :) I say.....good idea!

Monday, January 24, 2011

lets go outside!

the other day was beautiful and it had been a long time coming! We were so happy to get out and play!
there's a new fireman in town


alex wanted a turn too

9 months

Happy 9 Months sweet baby girl!
You are just so much fun! sooo sweet! and so busy!! you are all over the house exploring everywhere. I keep loosing you actually! :) You have started to cruise! and you are pretty adventurous. you also have a little dainty dance - just ever so slightly bounce or if sitting you will rock your body. it is just too cute!

(this got long so just cut it off, sorry!)

You have gotten much better about your attachment to me (obviously) but you still have a hard time when I leave you in childcare (MOPS and church). You do okay for a while but loose it when you start to get tired. And you wont sleep for them.
You had your first sickness this month and that included your first ear infection. That was NOT fun. You are a spitter when it comes to medicine, making it near impossible to administer it (even shoving it down your throat). But we made it through and you cleared up.

This month we found out that you are allergic to milk. I took you in to get tested because they told me that you were at high risk for food allergies like brother. And they were right. We only tested soy and milk this time, and will test the other allergens later when you are a bit bigger. So sadly, you are on the same diet as Alex. I am handling it a little better this time because I know how it goes this time around. And at least it will be fair in the house. I am still sad and still shed tears. I just was so hopeful that you wouldn't have the same battle. That you would be able to go to school worry free, enjoy birthday parties, and even share food with me. Maybe someday...we will pray that you grow out of it. I feel like your allergy is different from Alex's because you don't seem to have similar reactions, skin issues, or reflux so that all keeps me hopeful still.

On the topic of food, you really don't like baby food. I felt like the medicine turned you off from putting things in your mouth. You stopped trusting me. But we gave you refried beans and you went to town.
Ever since, you are much more willing to try food. You were very jealous of Alex's snacks and so we let you try some. Probably not a good idea but we just don't care :) It makes you happy. So you looooove to suck on a pretzel here and there. You cry if you see them and we don't let you have one. Not kidding. You can suck on a cracker and you have been getting better at eating puffs and MumMums (but you will only eat the strawberry ones now).
this was your first time eating puffs, gotta love the puff face- remember this one!
I found that you will eat Happy Baby baby food
so we have been trying that. 10 bites are better than 1. I have never been one to go organic and healthy but I understand that this stuff probably is better all the way around (compared to Gerber). And you really just want to move to solids- avacado, beans, carrots, bananas. We might just pass baby food altogether.
You hate getting in the car seat and fuss when I put you in but are fine 2 seconds later. And you are a great passenger still, rarely crying. Well, you do not like to ride at night. But like 100 times better than Alex ever was!
Alex is your best friend and you really love him, I know. He can make you smile and laugh like no other. Really, all he has to do is look at you.
I get on to him about bothering you or being to rough and you surprise me by laughing at him- and he responds "Ellie likes it! See! Ellie likes it!" My favorite is to watch in the rear view mirror at yall holding hands in the car seats. He will swing your hand to the beat of the music and you just light up. You just want to be right next to him all the time. You want to play with his toys and be big. He has actually gotten better about sharing with you because he enjoys the company. He really wants you to play with him now. You are so kind and sweet when he does rip things out of your hands to see.

I realized today that seeing him pester you or be rough with you or take things from you brings back all kinds of feelings in me, being the little sister myself. I think I react from my past emotions a lot of times and I hear myself as a little girl when I react. (But that is for another couch)
We were doing so well with sleep training and then you got sick. Story of my life. So we have had our ups and downs. You still get up at least once in the middle of the night to nurse. But you sleep in and take 2 good naps (on a schedule so that you sleep during Alex's naptime) so I try not to complain.
Still NO teeth!! Shocking! Alex had 6 by this time!
Hair is growing! promise! I have had to brush the back down a few days! :)
I love her sweet closed lip smile and bubbly giggles! She is quite ticklish!

I love you lil Ellie girl. You brighten our days and fill our hearts with joy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Party Party Party

We have had several celebrations over the last all started with a trip to San Antonio to celebrate my dear friend Cathy's upcoming arrival of her first baby! Hudson Grant to be specific- dont you love that! Ellie accompanied me on the trip and did a great job. She slept on the drives and was a trooper when I needed her to be and she had fun at the Bass house. It makes such a difference when we can stay with people that have kids. It was sooo great to get to spend some time with Carla's lil ones too, especially letting Ellie and Andrew get some good face time. I am pretty sure I even remember a make-out session. She knows a cutie when she sees one!

I love seeing my girls as always! We always want more time and we miss the ones that are not there.

This was at Cathy's Baby Shower. Ellie was kind enough to let Jenny hold her for a minute. Other than that the girl stuck to me like glue.

We celebrated cousin Kalyn's birthday at the begining of December. Ellie was a mess that day. It was nap time and she ended up falling asleep on me at the party- unheard of!

Its fun to be at something with babies Ellie's age.
Kalyn was a pro cake eater! Just the way it should be!
Happy Birthday precious girl! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and get to watch you grow! I know this is the first birthday party of so many more to come and we can't wait! We love you!!!
We also went to Ella Kate's first birthday party but I was on my own with the two kids so I didn't get any pictures. I was lucky to survive and throw a few snacks in my mouth :). BUT Leah threw a precious! adorable! cute cute cute! Paris Poodle party! (btw, great theme for my college poodles) Check it out!! Happy Birthday to the sweetest neighbor that is sure to be Eliana's best friend! We have loved getting to see you grow up this year! And steal all your fashion ideas! ;)

We also celebrated sweet Emma's 3rd birthday with our old playgroup. It was kind of a reunion since we never get to see them anymore. I miss these girls and their sweet little ones! (Baby Abby needed a holder so mommy Kristen kindly obliged.)

oh, if only they all just sat there, like this, again

Meg is saying that she likes her shoes. oh wait, I have those too! :) Ellie is asking to borrow her adorable skirt.
soccer break for snack
mommy's new haircut

best party favor ever! :)

And this wasn't a party but it very well could have been :) My Aunt Beth came through on a quick visit with her youngest two, Ryan and Alyssa. They are like cousins to Alex and we always have a great time playing! Well, Alex loves them. I think they get a little annoyed with him since he is all over them excited!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

so what have we been up too?!

a little movie watching

a little shopping (well, this was the reward for putting up with mommy and daddy shopping)

a little park-ing
a little swinging
a lotta playing

and a lot of partying...thats coming next!