Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Love

Happy 6th Anniversary Babe!
I love you more than anything! Thanks for being by my side through this crazy ride we call life right now!
honeymoon in maui

We had a great night out! Fantastic dinner at Roaring Fork- great conversation uninterrupted by crying or whining or screaming, a yummy margarita, to die for guacamole, and a hottie across the table! A girl cant ask for more! But it got even better when we headed over to Yogurt Planet (self serve pay by the ounce frozen yogurt)! We were first timers and we are now big fans!

Happy Birthday Ray

We recently went to our friend Ray's First birthday party! It was out at his Grandparents lake house and just so much fun!
looking so cute in his lil icing beard

finally a good family picture

Jenny and Kristen were there too! (Jenny holding Eliana)
great friends

Alex loved the whale pool once he got it all to himselfdecorating his cupcake very carefully (only to refuse to eat it)

Paige was so sweet to make these safe for Alex to eat! They were delicious actually and I posted the recipe on my other blog.

throwing water balloons on the sidewalk! never had so much fun! :)
Daddy taking care of baby girl

okay, I must leave you with this....the most beautiful cake ever! and the most delicious!! Seriously!! Paige made it herself (she IS a fabulous baker and cook!) and she weighed out each layer making it perfect! I told her that she is hired for my next party!! :) Mmmm I want some more cake!
Happy First Birthday Ray!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


so I knew I shouldn't have posted about her sleeping so well....somethings been up ever since! She is waking in the night now! ugh!! just stop.

So what about me...
well, basically I am all kinds of sexy right now. I am shedding like a golden retriever. seriously I could make a wig or two. My legs have so many mosquito bites I look like I just got home from summer camp. I have a sore on my lip from where I bit it during The Bachelorette last week. My chest looks like I wrestled a chicken since Ellie likes to scratch me while nursing. And unlike at 3 months with Alex, I am not in my old clothes again yet. I have decided to start running in the morning before Travis goes to work. I really miss running and I really want to get back in shape. Day 1- pretty good. successful run. feeling good. Day 2- I caved. Sleep won. pathetic. Day 3- determined to not let day 2 happen again. success. We will see how long this lasts. I am hoping that posting it on the blog will hold me to it. So, of course I decided to post pictures of someone a little cuter. ;)
I have been trying to learn all the words to the theme song of UmiZoomi- we have high goals here. And I am currently looking into an obedience school to send my 2 year old too....any suggestions?

Monday, July 26, 2010

bathtub bonding

The kiddos took their first bath together. It warms my heart to think of all the ones to come. Alex did great and was really excited about it. Eliana LOVES bath time so she was great too! And Travis and I decided it was much better for us too! Less work and we can be in there together! Misery loves company right?! :)

At the end, we had our backs to the tub to take this sweet picture....

and then heard "cheese, cheese!" Someone wanted us to know this...
lil stinker. I have to admit it does look relaxing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

and the babies meet!

We recently had a special visit from my good friend Carla and her precious lil ones! She had her baby boy the day after I had Eliana- wild! It was so sweet of them to come visit us, when we should have come to visit them!

Alex and Isabella (love this girl!!)

The big kids (I hate saying that, they are not big kids! :( ) played away and even got their "jumping on the couch like wild hooligans" fix. It was great to see them really play together! Alex was sooo sad to see them go! The moms got to swap notes and enjoy the girl time! We are definitely in the same boat! The babies did what they do best...sleep, eat, fuss a little, and just look stinkin' precious!

Eliana and Andrew
didn't plan the plaid but too cute!!

Thanks for making the big trip friends!!

the force was with us...

and Zachary brought it! We loved having cousin Holly and Zachary over for dinner and playing! It is always so good to see them and see how the boys grow! Zachary is really into Star Wars light saber fighting so there was a lot of that going on. Alex has no clue, but like any boy, jumped right in! I understand that Star Wars WILL be in my future but I am not looking forward to it. I want it to be Dad department but I am afraid I will have to learn it all too. Being the awesome mom that she is, Holly could seriously do some damage in a contest against the geekest of geeks at a Star Wars convention! :)

love this one...see the was serious stuff
Holly also brings us the best gifts...we love Handy Manny! Thank you!
We had a great time visiting with you guys! Love you!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Months

You are an absolute sweetheart... you have started laughing sweet giggles that just melt my heart! You sleep through the night often (between 5 and 6, I guess that is morning for some, not my ideal, but Daddy is up so it makes it feel like morning). Every couple of nights you will wake up in the middle of the night and nurse and go right back to sleep. You love to sit up in my lap and watch the craziness in our house! Favorite place is probably the play mat and changing table. This is where you "talk" to us the most. You LOVE your bed and prefer to sleep in there... probably because you enjoy the peace and quiet. You are pretty good at going to sleep on your own now. Which is nice since I am always dealing with Alex. I pretty much throw you in bed, pop your pacifier in, pat your back a few times, make sure the room is set with sound machine on, and walk out. You have started liking your aquarium too and that helps with the times where you aren't quite ready to lay down. This really shows me how different babies can be on their own, because of personality, because I haven't done anything really different or to teach you to do this. I can't say it are such a good baby! I love you lil sister!!

hold her hand

okay mom, ready!
sweet dreams

Fun to compare....I dont think they look alike but this is one picture where they do

She is really good at talking and smiling with her pacifier in her a cigar (of course she is talking away and by the time I get the camera she is pretty much done)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

alex says

I never posted that about a month ago Alex decided to call me Momma! It was so weird because he just started saying it on his own all of a sudden. We did read a book that was about babies and mommas- it repeats "Momma, do you love me?" and I guess it hit home with him and he decided to call me Momma that afternoon. No more Baba! It's actually a little sad.

he is really struggling with the "tr" in truck. his favorite things of all time. let's say that he says the word probably 40 times a day! and instead of truck it comes out with an f. I will leave it at that. we are working on it because it is quite embarrassing when he screams it across the room. no joke. good thing the pope isnt coming for dinner.

he has started to say sorry. its really sweet actually. I taught him to say it when he comes out of time out but he also says it now on his own for different reasons. Like the other day when I apologized to a man in target for being in the way with our cart. Alex told the man sorry right after I did. We are working on all his manners and he is getting the hang of please and thank you (peas and ank ou).

he says "Eliana, what doing?" in a sweet voice when he wants to play with her. I noticed that I tend to ask her that a lot too.

he says "bye bye! have fun!" when he pretends to go bye bye or he is trying to say that he is leaving without me because I am taking too long to pack up.

if you ask him where he is going (when he is playing pretend driving away on the car) he will most likely say HEB (he says it more like EEB)

he says "ee too! ee too!" when he wants to go with you "too" which is ALL the time! kid won't leave me alone for a minute! and he has a major meltdown if he doesn't get to come with you somewhere (taking the trash out or in the garage) He also likes to use the word "too" in sentences like "Dadda yard guy too" "Momma play cars too" "Eliana pool too" You get the idea

if you say something scared you (like Alex semi-choking on food for example), he does his hands out in front and makes a monster noise, because monsters are scary of course!

The other day he repeated me saying crap- big oops! I was on my way to visit our friends who just had a baby and I forgot the gift I made her! I did remember the dinner! :)

That trip was funny because I also got pulled over for speeding...another oops! I really didnt even realize it. 45 in a 35! ugh. Anyway, it went well. I got a warning thank the Lord! And the kids did great- Eliana slept through it and Alex sat quietly watching the construction near by. I was curious if he even had a clue what was going on. The next day I found him playing with his police car and the police man was standing by the window, "Michael" was driving, and he kept saying "ticket!" "too fast!" Ohh, he got it alright.

he is putting together little sentences more and more and it is so fun to hear him speak! he can really communicate with us and let us know how he is feeling. tonight at dinner he said "tummy hurt". And this morning he climbed the ladder at the park all by himself and telling daddy about it he says "up ladder...self!"

Here is some video I took the other day. it seems that every time I try to video Alex he doesnt want to cooperate and he always has food on his face. oh well. You also get to see some of how he is with Eliana. He's a stinker alright, but he is sweet. I think he is showing off for the camera a bit. And he can count better than that and knows his ABCs better too! He has known his animal sounds since forever it seems but I just couldn't think of what else to ask him. ... And you get to see some of miss beauty :) bonus! (her 3 month post is coming soon! I am a little late!)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the fourth

First off, I am a lame mom and didn't get my kids cute red,white, and blue outfits...I know. Maybe next year!

We decided to hit up the local parade even though it was 200 degrees and festive! Alex had a great time and we got to hangout with the Hoyts!

The fire truck blew the siren right when Travis was trying to take a picture but took video by accident...and thats why its sideways too...but Alex's face is funny

We had the Isaacson's over for dinner and Leah and Scott were in town too! We were supposed to go see fireworks but they canceled them due to weather. It was so stupid because it turned out to be a great night!
But as we were going to bed that night there were fireworks going off in the 'hood that we could see from our back porch...Alex freaked out and decided he didn't like them. So, maybe it was a good thing we didn't get to see any. Alex ended up sleeping in our bed because he was so scared - it was like a war outside his window, I can't blame him. Maybe next year! :)

I was truly celebrating getting over my nasty bug that put me in bed for two days this week! God Bless America and Grandparents! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


We got to visit with Gigi again last weekend and had a nice lunch at my mom's house. I was so mad at myself after we left her house last month that we didn't get any pictures of her and Eliana. I was so scatter brained! So this time I made sure we documented the special time! I adore my Grandmother and it makes me so happy to see her hold my babies like I know she held me a long time ago. She has held A LOT of babies in her lifetime with 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and now 5 great grandchildren!

The dress Ellie is wearing was mine when I was a baby...I must have been a bit more petite ;) it didn't really fit. But I know it was fun for my mother to see it on her Grand-baby and I think it is so pretty. They don't make them like that anymore (unless you want to pay a pretty penny).

Monkey See Monkey Do

Alex "pumping" after he watched me pump. The kid is creative I will give him that. He found this toy blender (minus the pitcher) and pressed it to his chest and tried to run it. I asked him what he was doing and he said "mommy pump". I had to laugh out loud!

I have tried to hide the pumping from him actually because lets face it...its just weird. I don't even want to see it. He was quite intrigued though and wanted a very close look. The engineer in him wanted to figure it out. Let's just hope he isn't scarred for life.

We have also been playing a new game around here. Alex likes to "burp" us. He pats you on the back till you let out a fake burp. Just like mommy burps the baby. :) Daddy gives the best "burps" and Alex laughs soo hard...there in turn it became the new favorite game. We are classy peeps, what can I say.

Yard Guy Update...Honey got us a "real" yard guy shirt so that we don't have to wear the pumpkin. Thanks Honey!! Although, I might not be able to pry it off of him so he might wear it everyday.