Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming!!

What?! Only 3 Days till Christmas!

I hope that I am getting more for Christmas than just my two bottom teeth!

I have been working on my sitting (so I can open presents)!

Just in case Alex tries any funny business (like trying to peek at Santa) we lowered his crib today. He was very excited.
Alex caught a little cold this week. This is only the second time he has been sick. It has not been fun- that, along with the teething, has been a rough combo. Here is a question for ya...why do kids have to SCREAM when you try to wipe their nasty snotty nose?! You would think I was using sand paper. really.

I took Alex to San Antonio on Saturday so that I could see my friends (and say a lil Happy 1st Birthday Isabella!) and my parents watched Alex for me. It was such a great little trip! I think it was just what we needed- get out of the house, get a way from the holiday to-do list, spend a little (too little) time with friends! And my parents had so much fun loving on the grandkid! A little pre-christmas one on one time. Although, after a long day with Alex, my dad decided that stay at home moms are heroes. :) I have to say, it is not a job for sissies. I think Alex gave them a real run for their money, but there was lots of love for all!

My Christmas present...Alex did really well in the car and slept most of the way! Good job lil buddy, good job! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

7 Months Old

Well, this month has brought about big changes for you Alex.
You can crawl...well, a really good army crawl. You are now even more intrigued with the world and you must go and touch it! ALL of it! You don't stay still for long. You love to look upside down (especially when in my lap), roll around, kick, turn, climb over (yikes) and reeeeeach for everything! Still not sitting up on your own for long- cause you wont stop moving! :)

Your first tooth has FINALLY busted through!! Yea!! I will try to get a picture of it soon, but right now its just a white sliver. Here's to hoping that your horrible sleeping habits were due to teething (although, more teeth are on the way- does it ever end??!).

You love to laugh and especially when you get the tired sillies before bed. You will make yourself laugh now- on your own. I love it because I never know what little thing is gonna make you crack! And how could we not melt at that big sweet smile!

You know how to drink from a sippy cup. You love it! Its best if there is plenty of water in there so that you don't have to tip it very far back- but you are doing it! :) You like it way better than eating. That is still not a fave, but we are working on it.
You are riding in the umbrella stroller now and its soo great! You seem to like it and its great for shopping! I guess I should say Mom loves it too.
You are starting to be a little clingy...I can barely leave the room to use the restroom. You want me right next to you while you play. And if I am not there, you will scoot over to be near me! Who can complain? It feels great to be wanted! :)

On the mom front:
I had my first "obsessive crazy worried Mom" dream. Who knows why??? I dreamt that I was meeting with Alex's teacher (I don't know!) and she was telling me that Alex was the only one in his class that wasn't writing words- He only stamped all over his book. Are you kidding me?!! You just have to laugh!! :)

here's a shot for ya! yeah. :)
Let's try again, silly boy!

6 Month Photos

We had Alex's picture taken a couple of weeks ago. I was a little late on 'em (it was getting close to the end of the 6 months!) and then Thanksgiving rolled around, but we got them done! I asked a good family friend of ours, who is starting up in the business. Queen Bee Photography She did such a fabulous job!! We were so happy with how they turned out and I had so much fun with Alex during the shoot! Thank you Adriana!! You rock!! :) Little Alexander, child...are more precious than words.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peace On Earth

For lack of a personal post... I love this commercial.

So do any other moms out there tear up at this....or am I a total nut!? Carla?! :) Surely I am not the only one!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun Foto Friday

During our lil "photo shoot" Alex noticed an air plane! I couldn't believe that he would be so observant! I think he saw it before I did! He followed it right over our heads! :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday

We had a wonderful holiday in The Woodlands! Alex did pretty good in the car actually. We timed it out well and he slept for almost an hour there (darn train! whistle sounded as if it was coming through the car!! I couldn't believe our luck!! ugh!) and a good hour on the way home! The rest of the time was "The Mom Show" as usual. Alex is making progress though and did a great job! :) Oh, and I got a second aquarium at a garage sale ( Only 1 dollar!!) for the car and that was a great help in the entertainment! He loves that thing! The only problem is that he wants it in his lap so that he can suck on it AND watch the fish!

Daddy carving the turkey!

We had a great time with the fam! Lots of yummy food, playtime with Alex, games, shopping, naps, and visiting!

Alex didn't eat turkey this year but he did try sweet potatoes! and he liked them! yea!! He has not been liking fruits so I think we are on to something with the veggies!

Alex has figured out this whole scooting thing and is now a man on the go! If you take your eyes off him for a minute he could be way across the floor! Maybe sucking on the coffee table! eek! haha! He also has a new found love of cups. Yep, he LOVED the simple plastic kid cups that Honey had and kept them close by all weekend. She even let us bring them home! :)
Travis and his sister are training for a half marathon and kicked it off with a run on Thanksgiving morning.
I was thinking about how last Thanksgiving I found out that our baby was a boy! It was such a wonderful time and special memory that I will always remember during this holiday! I am so so thankful for you Alexander!

We are so thankful for ALL of YOU! We are so blessed!

We hope you had a very very Happy Thanksgiving!!