Friday, April 27, 2012

Ellie turns 2!

 Ellie turned 2 and I decided not to make a big fuss about it and just keep it simple for a party.  Not only have I had a newborn but we had Easter and I had been sick a lot over the month.  Things have been crazy and I have learned that a two year old party does not need to be a big deal.  We had all the family over for pizza and cupcakes- in our family, that's still a big party really. I didn't even really decorate. SO not like me. I did start to feel bad on party day but then again, I know it doesn't matter. Ellie had so much fun and was very excited!

I decided on a butterfly party and folks, this was it! (Along with her butterfly dress)
 Ellie was a present machine! Crazy about opening! And once it was all said and done, she loved all her sweet gifts!

 Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!


Aunt Leah was here to meet Jacob and get her fill of baby love 

And we have an official princess and high heeled clacker in the house now!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

easter bunnies

I was determined to get bluebonnet pictures even if they turned out bad...and they did :) but I get credit for dragging the kids AND Honey (my lovely assistant) out to the field, in the heat, with the bugs, late in the season with high grass itching our legs. No one was really in the mood for pictures and smiling but its a memory!
 my best model was mr. jacob

 Friday before Easter we had an egg hunt with my moms group from church and Daddy was off so he came too! Along with Honey and Grandpa Steve.
Ellie did not like the petting zoo.

 She did like hunting eggs and really liked the candy

 Jacob had a blast ;)

 This is Alex' buddy Connor...they are two peas in a pod

 and he's off! Glad he didnt take out the little girl to get by!

 and running back to show Daddy the loot!
 more! more! she says

 night before Easter we went to my parents house for a patio party and egg hunt

 Ellie found a true love for jelly beans that night. We found her in the corner stuffing them in as fast as she could hoping no one would notice. smart girl. there was a lot going on and it took a while!

 the girls had fun making water hand prints
 uncle chad is always such a good sport and entertains Alex in all kinds of nothing
 the doctor needed to kick back a little
 and Nani with the little bunny

 And Easter always its crazy and I didnt take pictures really...does a phone pic of this poop blowout in church count?
How about this pretty girl in the car on the way home showing me her matching purple cup?
 and one family photo. this is as good as it gets people. we were just really proud of ourselves for getting to church on time and everyone looked decent
Happy Easter!