Monday, November 23, 2009

First Haircut

Okay, it was time...finally at 18 months, Alex needed a haircut. This is what his hair looked like when he woke up the day before! Whoa now, thats some bed head!

Seriously, it normally doesn't look that bad. And I have been really enjoying the sweet curls in the back (mainly after nap when its dirty and when he gets sweaty). I had a moment on the way to the shop that maybe we shouldn't do it! Travis said it was time and there was no going back. Ok.

We went to the cutest place- Pigtails and Crewcuts. Loved it! They have a train table, tvs, the cute car seats, and then even a playroom in the back. The lighting was horrible with the afternoon sun and lime green walls but this is life not a magazine photo shoot, right.

The Before

all ready in his taxifirst cuts...going well!

love this "not quite sure momma" face. we had to bust out the snacks to keep him happy and still. I knew we would. But really he only fussed a tiny bit and far exceeded my expectations!
such a big boy. doing good!

The After

Success! And the only one to cry a little was Mommy! Even though I like it, I have already decided that we will grow it back out. ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rock N Roll Marathon 2009

Last weekend we all headed to San Antonio for the Rock n Roll Marathon.

This was Travis' first marathon so naturally Travis was nervous, but he did all the training and really prepared for it, I knew he would be great! This is what Travis does best and something I have always admired about him. He is so dedicated and has so much self discipline.
Alex and I had been preparing for the big day too! We got our shirts ready and posters made! And even did some "carb loading" with Travis was gonna be a workout for us too! :)

Really though, we could not have been more excited for Travis! I even couldn't sleep the night before! I was signed up for text messages of Travis starting and hit certain mile markers so that I could keep tabs on him and catch him a few times to cheer him on. It was awesome to have that reassurance that he was okay and doing well when I couldn't see him. I was so excited to get that first one that he had started!

I started at mile 8 to cheer because it was close to the hotel. It was going well and I got all set up in my spot. I tried to keep Alex happy (snacks and his truck book) while we waited and frantically searched the runners for blue shorts (thats what Travis had on)...I was trying to liven the mood by pointing out costumes to Alex...oh look, superman! oh look, Elvis! Darn Elvis! Before I knew it Travis was right in front of us! We gave a big cheer and he was gone! :( The camera around my neck was ready for nothing! I was so disappointed in myself! So we headed down the path to catch him at a loop around a little after 10 miles. Again, I didn't see him till he was right in front of me, and he actually saw me first! There were just soo many people running because it was the people doing the half marathon too (an estimated 25,800 to give you an idea)! It was crazy! Well, I gave a big "go go! Yea!" and he was gone :( Again, no picture! Rats. Well, Alex and I decided to camp a little, eat some breakfast, and dance to the nearby band. That was the end of my chasing him.
Alex was loving the tejano band

I was so excited to know that my dad and brother were down the road at mile 15 and then at 19 to cheer him on and hopefully do a better job of taking pictures! :) And they did!! Even got video! It was so nice to hear the updates and hear that he was doing well! And he really was doing great!! He was strong and happy and moving right along at an awesome pace not too far off from him target! At mile 19 the report was that he was pretty tired. The sun had come out and it was getting really hot! I knew that Travis would not be feeling good about that. But he was still going!
Mile 15...looking good!

mile 19Chad running with Trav and taking video...I am jealous because if I didnt have Alex, I would have run with him a little just to chat with him. Oh, and maybe if I wasnt preggo too. :)

I had to laugh because my dad got a shot of the infamous Elvis! He stayed right ahead of Travis the whole time. This guy is a beast! It was so hot and he is wearing that hot costume and he doesnt even look like he is breaking a sweat!
Alex and I headed to a fun park right down the road on the way to the Alamodome- cant beat that!- to get out of the stroller and get some energy out. It was a good thing because Alex was all over it! and wouldn't even stop for a second for a picture.
Before long we were headed to the Alamodome for the finish!
the band at the home stretch to the finish dancing in your seat
Our friends Paige and Ryan (and the big cheerleader- baby Ray!) came to support also- such great friends! They were actually the ones who got Travis into running so it was fun for them to see him come so far! We decided to camp not at the actual finish where there were a million people, but right at the big hill just before the finish. We could not have been more excited to see Travis run around the bend!! He looked so good too! (We had been watching very tired hurting runners come up that hill) This was a tough spot and it was getting sooo hot!! - we thought, he will either hate that we are here or use it for power. What a brutal ending to a marathon! But Travis did it!!! If you cant tell, haha, I am SO very proud of him!!

The Reynolds Camera and Cheer Crew- I wouldn't have made it without them!

Alex was getting a little tired of waitingGo Daddy!!

The Team Isaacson cheer team is looking pretty disheveled by this point...I know I know, I am not the one running! but it was a big long morning for us!

My dad was around the corner to get shots before us and to warn us that he was coming- Mile 26!!

you can see us (tiny but there) with the yellow sign
Our view...Here he comes!!!
yes sir! He was in the zone and so focused

Finish big T! Way to go!!

Alex was crying as Travis passed and ran on...I am talking full out tears. Not sure if it was me yelling or if he didn't want Daddy to run away. Either way it was pretty cute.
Congratulations!! You did it!!
My final text message read: Travis Isaacson has crossed the race finish mark at 12:37, with a time of 4:54!

We are also very proud of Aunt Leah who completed her first marathon! I know that Travis had so much fun doing it with her. Woo hoo!! Way to go girl!!
At the start
The Finishers!

And we are so very proud of cousin Holly and Uncle Scott who did the Half Marathon!
And all the many other ones out there that did it too! You should all feel so proud of this huge accomplishment!

Like I mentioned, we have some video of Travis running. There are 3 different clips. If you are interested you can watch (click) here- part 1, 2, and 3
You can also check out the website for video of Travis (and anyone else- just search their name) crossing the finish line. Its pretty cool.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thats Our Baby Girl!

I promised pictures soo.... (15 weeks)

Even though these look a little freaky...shes cute already! :)

All stretched out. What is this, a vacation?!

I know that these are always hard to see but I feel like I have to include it (you know, to be fair). Thats the classic butt shot. We are looking for "lines" and got em! :)

I am feeling great! and growing right along! For the humor in it, I will admit, that I bought myself an apple pie (yep, a whole pie) the other day at the store after seeing Paula Dean make one on tv (I really wanted hers but who has time for that). When Travis asked who it was for, I said "me. Remember I said I wanted one. But I guess you can have some too." So there...hows that for a preggo?
I am officially feeling her move now! Very fun to know she's in there and saying hi! I can really feel her move when I rock Alex and he is pressed up against my belly. I know this will get harder to do so I am cherishing the time I have now. And its like she knows big brother is right there and she wants to play!
Oh, and we got our first "pink" gifts! :) Fun fun!! A precious, I mean precious, pink sparkly tutu. Some darling little mary jane shoe socks, and a pink soft bunny rattle. I think I am getting used to the idea now!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Look Who's Talking

I wrote this several weeks ago and never published it. I am lazy and had video "tech difficulties" (which maybe I will post later). Better late than never right.

At Shelbi's wedding weekend Alex started to really talk! He had been saying "Hi!" as he waved a little before that but this was the perfect setting to really practice! He said and waved "HI!" to EVERYONE!! It is just too cute and too friendly! He will say it to people really far away and people not paying attention. He gets a little confused if people don't respond back, because most often they do with lots of grins and giggles...he couldn't love the attention more. He has been on a roll since then and has continued. The other day I caught him saying "Hi" to our Darth Vadar candy holder! He says it to characters in books, on tv, and even no one- like when we go outside in the front he says it down the street and no one is there. He says it to us when we leave the room and come back 2 seconds later. Love it. He really includes everyone and has no bias really....even the scary guy at the grocery store that I would never say hi to! I hope this friendliness and love for everyone continues through his life... he is just a joy to be around and spreads smiles where ever he goes! This is really the first word he has used in context and not just at random times.

But the most exciting thing is that he started saying his name! Well, its pretty darn close! He points to his chest and says "I Alex." There is nothing sweeter! He leaves out a letter sound sometimes but you know what he is saying and the cutest part is the x sound that he has to work real hard to make. I can't believe that my baby is so grown up! It brought tears to my eyes (yes, I am a crier!) He isn't saying this as consistent but has said it a lot. He was very excited to introduce himself in music class last week. That was exciting because there was no prompting from me and it was to other people than family. She focuses a lot on names in class so I think it is helping with the overall concept.

He has also gotten pretty good at communicating what he wants and more importantly doesn't want. He started shaking his head "no" a while back. Its actually pretty cute. Well, only because he said "no" to everything. Even things that I know he wanted or just did. He has gotten a little better and says "uh huh!" to things he wants now. Yes, I know. I have a true hick child- no, yes mam in this house! Its pretty cute when he says it though because its usually said with enthusiasm and hands up motion. Things that will always get an "uh huh!" are "Do you want to..." go outside, watch cartoons, and eat a snack.

I am so proud of you Alex!

*new addition as of this weekend- he can say strawberry! well, more like "aw bebe" but thats a great try!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I want to work with Dad

So this is a little backwards but I wanted to post Halloween pics first. Before Halloween, Alex and I accompanied Travis on a work trip to The Woodlands. We had a really good time! The weather wasn't that nice but we were right there on the Riverwalk right next to the mall, Pottery Barn Kids, and Barnes and Noble- thank goodness for indoor free play areas!! We also had Honey to play with which was so fun! Our room had an awesome view of the river and Alex LOVED playing in the window sill and keeping watch on the area...I am thinking we might need to get a view in our next house (it kept him so happy and busy). We also enjoyed spreading "cuteness" to all the business men and women in the hotel. So many seemed genuinely happy to say "hi" to Alex in the elevator. It's a tough job, but we were happy to do it.
Travis was there for a civil engineer convention, and as boring as that sounds (love ya honey), they did have this tractor, or "front loader" (as Travis corrected me). I didn't get any pictures the whole weekend but the nice man at the booth emailed us this one he took. I was so glad- I love a little boy with his Daddy, doing "boy things" at that. We had so much fun keeping Daddy company and getting out of town for a little mini vacation.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a wonderful and fun filled Halloween with Alex the turtle! (Most people thought he was a frog, which I admit that the hat does look like. Oh well.) Alex hates hats and never lets me put them on him so I was shocked that he wore his all night! We just did the old "play with my phone" distraction and we didnt even have a fight!

The Turtle Wrangler- Alex just wanted to run around and we could barely catch him!
The fun started with a block party the night before. Alex had a great time running around with the big kids and watching them ride bikes. He is so interested in bikes! He just wants to touch them and figure it all out!

He is crying because he wanted to touch the ice in the grass from the cooler we dumped out. But man, what a face!

Then on Halloween we went trick or treating to just a few houses with our friend Evan "the shark" (isn't he too cute!?!). This was Alex's first real time to go and he was a pro! He loved to ring the doorbells. He can't say trick or treat but he got the hang of getting candy out of the bowl and putting it in his bucket. We even signed thank you to our kind neighbors. No, Alex wont get to eat any of the candy but he had fun. And he doesn't know what he is missing yet :)

Then we went to a fall festival at a local church. I didn't know if Alex would be able to do anything but we thought it would be a fun place to go and people watch and just be festive. :) Well, he actually had a lot of fun doing the preschool games. Games like...put the spot on the giraffe and throw the beanbag in the pigs mouth, you know, the regular stuff. His favorite was the balloon room- just a bunch of balloons all over an empty room! He didnt even want the prizes really- just enjoyed the activity.

Evan's cousins were there too- soo cute!

Then we headed over to say a quick trick or treat to Nani and Papa Wes (and Gigi was visiting too). Good thing we knew them because Alex just walked right in and went straight to the piano! I am amazed at the things he remembers!

Ready for bed!!