Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Photos and Lost Pines

So we have to back up a bit...I was so anxious to get caught up that I totally skipped a very fun and eventful weekend back before Thanksgiving. Yes, maybe that would be more than backing up just a bit.
It was Honey's birthday- 60th I might add!! So as a family we decided her gift would be family pictures. It took some work but we got everyone dressed and on board. The photographer suggested the location and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible! Humid and hot! The girls complained of droopy or frizzy hair and the kids were way less than cooperative. And being mid pregnancy is not an ideal to take pictures I might add. One of the few things that did go my way is that Ellie agreed to wear a bow! I was in heaven on that note! It really is a miracle we got anything! Serious miracle- maybe some photoshop miracles. Thanks to Pixie Dust Photography! I do love the memories and these sweet faces that we love so much!

and our Christmas card... truly miracle pictures

After the session we grabbed brunch at The Cheesecake Factory...

and then headed out for a fun night at Lost Pines Resort. Oh how I love this place.

Like I said the weather was oddly hot and humid but it didn't stop the fun. And what better occasion than to celebrate Honey!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Day After

The day after Christmas we headed over to my parents' house for Christmas #2.

I know you are sick of seeing Ellie in this outfit but come on :) the girls are matching! so fun!
you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get these 3 to look and sit still and smile...come on Ellie, we are making memories (right rebekah?! haha)

again, the girls are less than thrilled but Nani looks beautiful
Alex by far got the biggest gift. He was pretty pumped about the size and a little less pumped to find out it was not a race track but a picnic table. one that surprisingly has been lots of fun since its been so warm in January this year!

I LOVE this one of the girls in Kalyns new wagon
everybody wants a ride!
we got Kalyn the same beauty set that we got Ellie... Kalyn is quite the beauty pro multi-tasking already with hairdryer and nail polish
Ellie got a lot of accessories to her doll house. We LOVE the mini van that plays music!
this was later that night trying out our new remote control Cars movie cars. Daddy might be more into them than Alex right now but thats ok. Auntie Jo was smart enough to get the 2 pack
and a random funny...Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus wish you a very Christmas!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas 2011

To post this as quick and as painless as possible, I will focus on pictures (mainly highlights bc there are so many!) and not so many words. We had the best Christmas and as always, feel so blessed. The kids make it so fun!! I love it! This year was at Travis' parents house. We went over for Christmas Eve and stayed the night and all day.

Christmas Eve
we live to torture uncle matt

After Church

I dont know those children who are smiling and sitting so pretty for a TIMER!

one present!


Goldschlager shot tradition...I keep getting out of this somehow ;)
Christmas COOKIES!
I made some pretty snowflakes, if I say so myself :)

Christmas morning...Santa came! Ellie needed some direction. It was kinda overwhelming with an audience first thing in the morning.

you gotta test drive around the kitchen
Stockings! Santa delivered as asked!

On to the other gifts!
shark ship- VERY cool toy for boys! I highly recommend it- props to Honey for finding this one

peek a boo, I see you

babies babies babies
Ellie is obsessed with the Ipad
Big Hugs for Honey- such a sweet girl

so pretty Grandpawet cold weather did not stop this boy. I will never forget how happy he was riding around the cul-de-sac singing Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Ellie chose drier conditions in the garage

and the feast before much needed naptime!It might look like my kids were ready to eat but thats an illusion. Pretty sure they survived off pretzels and desserts the whole holiday. They just didn't want to be bothered with such silliness as eating. Go figure bc that was number one on my list!