Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Little Ho Ho Ho Vacation

Travis and I decided to do a little family vacation this holiday since we aren't traveling for Christmas (nor did we for Thanksgiving). And we knew it would probably be the last one as a family of 3!! We knew right where we wanted to go! Grapevine, Texas! Well, more specifically, the Great Wolf Lodge and Gaylord Texan! We were actually there the last time I was pregnant too! But just for a quick sight seeing trip. This time we knew what we wanted to do and had an exciting plan! I knew Alex would love it because he has been really enjoying all the Christmas fun so far! We were supposed to go last weekend but since the family came down with "the plague" we had to cancel. We really wanted to go so we just pushed it back a week. I am so glad we still went!

The Great Wolf Lodge is SUPER kid/family friendly! Which was such a nice change from the normal stuffy hotel where I hold my breath that Alex will behave and stay quiet. He loved the hotel from the minute we got there, though he was really well behaved the whole time anyway! The lobby was teaming with kids, it looks like a forest, and they had awesome Christmas decor everywhere! It was so exciting! Everything is forest themed- including the "do not disturb, cubs in hibernation" sign. So cute.

This hotel features an indoor water park that is included in the price of the stay- oh my goodness, it is so cool! Too bad Alex is a chicken and didn't think it was too cool yet, but Dad enjoyed some of the water slides for him. :) And he still enjoys just eating his snack while people watching. And yes, this meant that I had to put on a bikini (since I am not buying a maternity swimsuit in the winter!)....sorry folks, no pictures of this big belly for ya. I kept my tank on the whole time anyway. :)

Every night they have "Story time" where the kids all come to the lobby in their pajamas. Soo cute! And at Christmas time it "snows"! It actually "snows" twice a day. At 10 and 8- we saw it 4 times actually :) They have these characters (which reminded me of Chuck E Cheeses, you know what I am talking about) that sing and move and then it snows. Alex really liked it, in a kinda scared way.

waving to Rudolph up in the treehouse

Finally, we meet the big guy himself! They had Santa visit at night too! I was waiting for this because I figured it would be easier than waiting and all at the mall (with all the crazies, you know!) And it was so great! No wait really and we got to take our own pictures for free- love it! Alex did so great too! I was so proud of him!! No crying. Sat by himself. No smile, but hey, you take what you can get! Yes, I know he looks like he is wearing capris. They aren't. I just should have pulled them down. I was so nervous that I didn't worry about things like that.

The Gaylord Texan is right across the street and so we planned an evening to go over and see their sites. It is gorgeous and they have awesome model train set ups. To say Alex liked it would be a huge understatement. He doesn't "talk" a lot in public but he was pointing out the trains and town set like crazy! He loved the piano music at the bar too. :)
can't take his eyes off the trains

The real site to see there is their ICE exhibit. This is what Travis and I were so looking forward too. We had tried to go the time before but they sell out. So we bought tickets way in advance and thought we were set. Well, we were, but this place has a horrible system (and it was Sat. night before Christmas- stupid choice I know now). We had to wait about an hour in line just to get in. Not fun with a toddler. But, he was a trooper and we made it and gosh darn it we were going to enjoy this! It was just pretty brutal because you think you are almost there and then you turn a corner to find another long line. And then you get excited because you think you are there and people start bundling up for the cold, so you do too, and then you realize there is more waiting. Finally we got in! By this time we were tired and hungry and just wanted to get through the exhibit. But we did find a few spots to really stop and enjoy the beauty and fun of the ice sculptures. Did I mention that it is 9 degrees in there?! So we were a little cold too. They give you these parkas- one size fits all, so I look like a linebacker, nice. Poor Alex couldn't keep his on until I made Travis button it about half way through. Poor guy was freezing. We had to carry Alex through the exhibit because they don't allow strollers- now Travis' arms were dying from carrying the little guy. All in all, it was easy to complain, but we had a good time and it WAS an experience. I love that we normally find a laugh in the end when things like this happen to us. The ice really was amazing! Click here to read more about how they make it! They bring in men from China to work on it for nearly a month of all day shifts!

are you serious?

oh no, I've fallen and I cant get up Mom!
(I was laughing so hard! Alex, not so much)
Alex loves to say Ho Ho Ho whenever he sees a Santa or a snowman

One thing we learned was that Alex has bad seasonal allergies. We spent most of the time wondering why he was having itchy eyes and sneezing. It couldn't be dogs, or milk, so we were racking our brain. The ultimate conclusion is just seasonal allergies, and I think Grapevine must have had a high dose this weekend. :(

Alex had a blast at the hotel. He loves to play on the bed, run around the room, mess with all the things that are at his level unlike home (like the phone and clock radio), and this trip he decided he likes to ride in the stroller. He kept getting in it, on his own, in the room.

I had a bad case of pregnancy brain and forgot several things. No veggies and no toddler forks...equals Alex not eating very well (ie. pretzels and strawberries for lunch one day! yikes!). Good news- he survived! And well, we didn't eat so well either come to think of it...I took advantage of the buffets and sweet shop. A preggo girls dream (I think they were trying to cater to the 10 year old, but whatever).

We had a great trip overall! I just love being with my family and spending time together. We always have so much fun! This was the first time we have ever been on a vacation in the winter and we decided it is a great thing! It really took us away from the hustle and bustle, the daunting to-do list, and lets you really enjoy the holiday! It really is my favorite time of year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A New Gal In Town

My sister had her baby on Monday Dec. 7th! Kalyn Rayne Choudhry was born at 9:13 am weighing in at 6lbs 14oz. She is beautiful and precious! Mom and baby are doing fabulous...well, besides having some all night parties. ;) I only wish I wasn't quarantined so I could go love on her all day long! I am ready for some sweet baby love! Congratulations Jo and Vinnie!!

Tis The Season

Well, "the team" has been dropping like flies this week. First Alex got the "bug" on Monday. I got it on Wednesday and Travis got it on Thursday night. An innocent helper in it all, my poor mom, who came to watch Alex while I was sick, got it on Thursday too. Not good. She was supposed to be helping my sister with the new baby! Horrible timing. We are finally on the mend, but Alex is still struggling and had a relapse yesterday. Here's to hoping things get better fast! I don't know how much more poop I can take! :)

I will leave you with some of our holiday cheer to lighten the mood...

Alex loves the tree and ornaments...I had to get some kid friendly ones for him because the temptation is just tooooo much!

Its been cold cold cold, but sometimes you just have to bundle up and go watch some traffic.

(waving to the trucks, no his hand isnt ginormous but I bought gloves that are way too big and its all we had, adds to the effect though)

It was so funny because Alex would not stop looking at Travis when we were taking this picture. It was like he was intrigued by his hat ? we just couldnt stop giggling it was so cute!
Alex loves the nativity scene animals. I thought we were doing well with the "no touch" till the other day he brought me a cow in the kitchen and was saying "moooo". All is well, no animals were harmed.

And I leave you with this beauty... bunco theme this month was "lovely" christmas sweater/vest
I am just proud that Leah and I participated with our baby bumps!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had a quick, very quick 20 min, snowing the other day! It didn't stick at all but we take what we can get! I was so excited, threw our winter gear on (minus that I don't have gloves for him yet, poor guy), and ran out to play in it! Alex didn't know what to think of it but was curious due to my excitement. I think he liked it after all, even when it tickled his face!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

18 Months

(First off, I know that I am about a month late with this! oops. what are ya gonna do?)

A year and a half...wow.

He LOVES cars, trucks, motorcycles...anything big and interesting on the road! He begs to watch the street behind our house and could sit on the wall for hours I think, if we let him. He acts like its a real show and claps for the big construction trucks or school buses.
This has also lead him to be VERY good in the car. He can see out the windows now and is constantly on the lookout for something cool! He also no longer asks for cartoons in the car, but music. Oh such joy! I am so pleased with this choice!

This is also his new toy obsession. He plays with his toy cars and trucks on his own all the time. Its the first thing he goes to in the playroom. He moves them from room to room, moves the little "guys" that drive from vehicle to vehicle, and even started making that precious "vroom vroom" sound. He is ALL boy! :)

His other obsession is still music. He has a deep passion for it, I believe. The child has some stamina for drumming that is like no other. Somehow we got several drums and sets of drumsticks so there is always something to drum in every room. He has also started doing some of the motions/songs we do in music class at home. He loves it and always asks for more when the song is over.

He has started to feed himself with a fork and spoon. He is not a pro to say the least but has made very good efforts over the last few weeks and gets better everyday. Most of the time we have to get the food on there and then he will take it from there. (Update, he is now stabbing pretty well!)

He learned to drink from a straw just the other day, finally! He thinks its really "cool" and will drink a ton of water just because its through a straw. He prefers mommy's waterbottle...the water must taste better. yeah, thats it.

He is starting to want what we are eating. Although I am not sure if he just wants to know or wants to try it- he is still sooo picky. But this makes me so sad because we have not given up dairy and so in most cases, he can't have it. I continue to pray that someday he can eat whatever he wants. He did eat some of my banana the other day which is crazy because normally he wont go near a real banana- yea! And he loves tortilla chips and saltines...both things we were eating and he HAD to have one. He likes when we give him a whole one to bite- very cool you know!

He knows his body parts and I am pretty sure that his tongue and belly button are his faves.

He will motion his arm for choo choo. And he just learned to say Ho Ho Ho for santa.

Every time he sees an animal (no matter which one) he makes a grunting sound. He does it non stop for the huge blow up longhorn that tends to be in a lot of stores around here.

He loves to be silly and thinks he is pretty hysterical. He just started tickling us with his little fingers. He thinks its quite funny. And he even does the high pitched "tickletickletickle" to go with it. He thinks its really fun to sneak up behind me and also not push the garage button while I am waiting (not good for a pregnant mom that has to pee btw!).

He loves to ride on our backs for horsey rides. He hates when we stop and will push your back and climb on you till you give in. Unfortunately, Mommy's pony is pretty slow these days and getting slower. Dad is the best! Alex just beams as he bounces along. He loves to wave to Mommy as he goes past me- not the safest- but pretty darn cute.

sat. morning with daddy...already reading the sports illustrated

When we went for his check-up he got gold stars! He is doing great! He is still growing like a weed (about 3 inches since 12 mo) but not gaining any weight really.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we got to stay here in good ole Double R! We did spend the holiday with lots of family that we love and are so blessed to have visit! Then we headed home from my mom and dads house to sleep in our own beds and use our own bathroom....woo hoo! :) It was so nice. I will say I do miss my parents old house and I have fond memories of being crowded and sharing a bathroom with way too many people. But this was nice. And the food was just as fabulous as always!! Can I say that I love being pregnant over the holidays! I am not sure why we didn't get better pictures and a group shot...I know I was chasing a toddler and stuffing my face. Thats a lot to do!
We also got to see the Isaacsons this year. Normally its one or the other, but with both in town now, we get to see both families! Its great!! But again, no pictures because I was a bad blogger.

my little piano man...he loves it
watching the ducks and golfers

the wood cousins...we love em so much and they are always a ton of fun! Alex really enjoyed playing and lovin' on all of em!
Watching the Ags with Dad
aggies on the left, longhorns on the right...Dad is a traitor

our little yell leaders! we got this sign a few years back and we always bust it out for the this game. Its so funny because it rolls out and rolls up- great for some yell practice. :) Right Vinnie?!

Even if we didn't win, I have to say I am proud of the Aggies and we put on a great fight! Whoop!!