Tuesday, June 29, 2010

world cup

Travis is a huge fan of the world cup and so we have had a lot of the games on...someone else is becoming a fan too

I swear he is really good too...maybe a future star??

Monday, June 28, 2010


So, I need to back up a little...

It was Alex's actual 2nd birthday.
We came home from the park for lunch and I decided to try peanut butter and jelly as a special birthday treat- really, there was another mom at the park who was asking her little girl if thats what she wanted for lunch and it just sounded good. Well, Alex wanted nothing to do with it as expected but I thought I would try. He did touch it and then pretend to taste it by touching his lip. God was on his side that day. Unfortunately his lip swelled up like a grape! Super! I quickly gave him Benedryl,which we are so familiar with in this house. I wasn't too concerned since it was just his lip but called the doctor anyway- they said we had to go to the ER. Alex was playing and acting totally normal so I tried to stay calm but the thought of going to the ER sent me off. I was so upset...upset with myself for giving it to him, upset that it was his birthday and he was going to the ER, and upset that he was allergic to peanuts. I actually have to say that I thought he would be allergic since he is allergic to milk and they say that they go hand in hand often. I was thinking he wasnt though because he has had the french fries from chick fil a and everyone always says that they cook in peanut oil so if they can eat that then they aren't allergic. (Later to find out, that is a myth. When allergic to peanuts, you are not necessarily allergic to peanut oil.) I called my mom and had her come over to stay with Eliana so that I could be focused on Alex. She dropped everything to rush over (so thankful for this!). I wanted to leave right away so I ran over to the neighbors house to ask if they could just wait in the house for my mom. Eliana was sleeping so it wasn't a big deal. The man was there but he said his wife was gone but he gladly said he would do it and was walking with me in a heartbeat. Super sweet man. I didnt even give him any info (like where she was sleeping even) because I knew my mom would be there in a few minutes. After I got home my mom laughed and asked me "how old was that man, like a hundred?!" LOL! Its true he is old. But I didn't care. She said that he insisted she check on the baby because he didnt even know where she was. My mom laughed and said she was sure the baby was okay. No worries. She found her in bed.
So at the ER....there is all this rush to get there quick but then you get there and wait. What a let down. I also quickly realized that there were a lot of people in the waiting room and not much movement....super. I then realized that I was super mom and didn't have anything in my diaper bag for Alex. Not sure why I brought it- no diapers, no snack, no drink. Thankfully there was a tv and some books there. I started to worry though when the lady next to me said she had been there 2 hours! Are you kidding me?! Terrible two will not last 2 hours without any supplies in a sterile waiting room!! His lip didn't seem to be getting any worse and maybe slightly getting better. It was slow but after some time I realized that he was fine, it was going down, and I should just leave. I was glad that I was there to make sure that he was safe though.

snapped this before I went to the ER

A couple of weeks ago we headed to the allergist. We were planning on going anyway because we have been wanting to get him tested for eggs and peanuts. It's also been a year since we have been and they say to go and follow up every year anyway. We see Dr. Liberman and he is wonderful. One of the best and only pediatric allergists in Austin.

So we found out after doing the scratch tests on his back that he is in fact allergic to peanuts AND eggs (in addition to his allergy to milk). We plan on also doing blood tests soon to find out the likelihood of a reaction. I am not looking forward to this because I am not sure how they will draw blood from a two year old. Alex is now "ruined" from his last doctors appointment where he got shots. He is now old enough to remember and cries when he sees any nurse (and climbs up my body to get away!).

So, what does this mean. Well, it means that he can't eat anything with milk, eggs, or nuts in it. It really won't change too much of what we already do. I will still take food with us where ever we go. I will still read labels before giving food. I will still have my epi pen with me where ever we go. So really, the hard part is just the reality of it. I have a hard time with the idea that I have to tell him "no, you can't have that". It breaks. my. heart. I cry when I have these kinds of days where I have to face the truth and talk about the allergies. He has no idea, singing in the backseat to twinkle twinkle, so it's really my sadness for him. I have to protect him from more things now and that seems tiring and just scarier. It makes it more serious to me. Before, I felt like "oh, its just milk." but now I feel like he has some serious allergies (silly really, because the milk IS serious). And I know that the older he gets, the harder it will be for him. It is really hard to travel and eating out is not easy. Travis and I have to just embrace the fact that we will have to handle things a little differently.

I have my pity party and then I have to move on. The positive side to this heartache for me is that there are so many children with allergies 1)worse off and with more things- thank the Lord that he can have soy and wheat! really!! 2) there is such an awareness for allergies today which makes it a little easier. There are so many food products at my local grocery store! and It is easy to get information, talk with others like us, and get help on the internet. 3) there are SO many worse things/sicknesses he could have. This is not the end of the world. I praise God that he is healthy and happy!

Really the hardest allergy to deal with that Alex has is to Dogs. We know so many people with dogs and he can't even be in their homes without having some major reactions. Zyrtec helps but I don't always know ahead of time and it does seem to effect him (more tired, out of it). I also think that because I have always kept him away from dogs, he is now scared of them. I hate that. The doc did say that shots would be an option when he is older to help with this allergy if we want to.

So we will survive. I have to have hope that the Lord will take care of it. I pray that he will grow out of them but I realize that the chances are slim. I pray that someday (if he doesn't outgrow it) that desensitization will be researched enough to be an option to overcome the allergies. It is still very new right now. By the time he is old enough (around 5) to do it, hopefully it will be the practice. I also just pray that the Lord takes care of him. Keeps him from harm.

The other part of this trip that really hit me hard was that Eliana is at high risk for these or other allergies. I had thought of it but I just assumed that the chance was low that she would have them. But of course, its genetic- same genes. So really, if she does, it wont change much of what we do anyway (because I want Alex safe she was going to be given soy milk and dairy free food anyway). But it was the thought that she wouldn't have to battle this same issue - she could have real cake at her friends birthday parties. We will see. I pray she doesn't.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

yard guy

or "bard" guy as Alexander would say it. He is obsessed!! Every Tuesday there is a show out front put on by the "yard guys" and we have front row seats!! (our neighborhood fees include the yard guys take care of everyone's front yards. yes, it is nice!)

I finally had to get him a lawn mower...now he plays "yard guy".

And even wanted to dress like the "yard guys". This was the best we could do for a neon orange shirt.

there has even been a "naked yard guy" sighting ;)

the beach

While we were down in the Valley, we headed over to South Padre Island for a day on the beach! I grew up going to this beach with my Grandmother and I have very fond memories of playing in the sand and waves along side my cousin Brie. This trip made me realize what a trooper my Grandmother was taking us out there all those times!

You should have seen Travis and I loaded down with all our "beach gear" and two kids trekking over the deep sand to get to our spot. Wish I could have had someone take our picture. I had Ellie in the bjorn and bags on both arms. Travis had chairs and a big bag and Alex on one hip (he wouldn't have made it through the deep hot sand). Travis actually made another trip to get all our stuff. So, after all that work, we decided we were going to stay all day! And we did! It was perfect!! Alex didn't like the waves and cried when we tried to get him to go in but besides that it was a happy day.

don't know if you can tell, but his face was covered in sand!

Eliana sleeping in her tent...it was a great idea! she slept most of the time there. I did have to nurse her...first time to nurse at the beach, it was actually quite nice :)
looking for shells

this was one sandy kid
should have brought a baby pool since he wouldn't get in the ocean...
but sometimes you just make do

pretty pooped out, ready for a nap...
in the sand!
and we're done

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Congrats to the Grads!

We recently went to see my cousins Jason and Kayla graduate and we had the best time! This was a big trip for us. It was the longest Alex had ever been in the car and Eliana's first road trip. It took us 7 hours to get there but honestly, it didn't seem that long and went as well as it could have. It was fun! I think they were both at a good age for it. I was really proud of us for taking on the challenge and not just staying home (would have been much easier).

Alex got to see inside this big rig at our lunch stop. So fun!

It was a full weekend celebration! Party Friday night with their friends, Saturday morning graduation, afternoon at the house opening gifts, swimming, evening boat ride around the lake, and hot dogs and smores on the bonfire out back to end the night! We were all exhausted but had so much fun! Alex loved playing with his "cousins" (they are actually my cousins, not sure what that makes them) and all their fun toys! I am pretty sure he could have stayed all summer without ever getting bored!
Papa Wes with the party girl
the boat ride

Alex was a little tired after all the fun...just a little. This was probably the hardest part of the trip- sharing the bed :)

I am so proud of these two kids...both got scholarships to Texas A&M!! Whoop!!! :) I am not excited or anything. (among many other honors and scholarships)

proud parents

Eliana all dressed up for the graduation

This is what the kids looked like when I was in high school and they came to see me at a football game. I mean, precious!! I can't believe they are all grown up! and that means I am ...old. with 2 kids. wow.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 months

2 Months Big!! Can't believe it! You are growing growing growing everyday! You weighed in at 10lbs 12 oz! You are now officially out of newborn clothes and your new wardrobe is out of control cute...this is gonna be fun!

You completely warm our hearts with your sweet smiles and soft coos. We cant get enough!! You smile A LOT!! Especially on the changing table...its funny how fast you switch from fussy to fun after I change your diaper! You love to play and kick- which is great because I can put you in a bouncer and you actually like the toys, what a concept! You can push up high on your belly and topple over to your back and did it several times the other day! Watch out big girl! You can hold your head up really well and love to look around...you really think big brother is something else! Just wait and see! Although you still cringe a little when you hear his voice because you know whats coming. You relish the quiet times! You like to stand in our laps and show off your "walking".

You are a rockstar sleeper at night...well in my book because big brother did not raise the bar very high in this category. You go down between 8 and 9 and have been sleeping to 4 almost consistently. The other night you gave me to 5! We moved you to your room, in your big girl crib, about a week ago and I think that it has really helped you... I think we were waking you up and Mom was quick to grab you if you made a stir. Overall, we are all happy with this transition. I also contribute your great sleeping to The Miracle Blanket! Yes, it is a miracle. You have gotten used to being swaddled in and I think you like it now. You let me know when its time to go to bed. You really like to be swaddled for naps too and tend to switch like a light as soon as you're wrapped up. You will like sleeping on your tummy I know because you fell asleep at tummy time the other day- this mom was shocked! :)

You are a good eater and hardly ever spit up! At least not the drenching that Alex used to give me. You are up for about an hour (including eating) and then its nap time again.
You still go to town on your pacifier and I love it! except the million times I have to pop it in when it falls out (especially hard in the car- but I will take it compared to Alex's non-stop screaming any day!) Speaking of the car, you took your first trip this month...down to The Valley to see family and a day at South Padre Beach. You did soooo well! I was so proud of you! More on that at a future post. You have also found that your hand (first finger really) is a good substitute for the pacifier.
Nani calls you her strawberry because of your pale skin and light hair. Your eyebrows are almost non-existent. Your big blue eyes are just gorgeous and I adore your girlie lil lips! You are just more beautiful everyday and my heart just keeps growing!
Alex loves you too!!