Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Talent Show Tuesday

Alex is a man of many talents. So, I thought I would try to capture some to share the joy! :) They include (and are not limited to, of course!) waving, giving kisses (check out the banged up face due to be a wild one), spinning (this is a very new one! figured it out on his own!), clapping, and dancing. As far as dancing goes, we have several favorite moves. The ever popular and basic "knee bend", the "high elbow twist" (similar to the "sprinkler" but not to be confused), and a new one that Kristen Seamans named "the hula hoop" (a nice way of saying hip thrust). It has also led to a very exciting butt clench...wow, did I just type that! haha! See if you can spot them all!!

*Another talent is the way he can destroy the house by spreading toys everywhere in a matter of minutes! Excuse the mess :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

The New Girls In Town

There are two lil ladies that are now in our lives and we are so glad that we have gotten to meet them.
First is Miss Rebekah...I have been a bad blogger and never posted these from a long time ago! (maybe cause Alex wouldn't really pose with the baby so the pics are not that great!) Well, Alex loves her and just wants to touch her! Mainly poke her eyes, but its cool. (I cant really blame him for wanting to touch her...I love holding her myself! and have a hard time letting go!) We had a few great hangouts with this little lady and we are soooo sad that they are now in Houston. We miss you!!
Next is Miss Ava... We finally got to meet this little thang on her way through town to the river! We are soo thankful to be a rest stop! :) Alex was intrigued but I am not surprised since she is beautiful and just as precious as can be! I mean, look at those big eyes and pouty lips! Sadly though, he might have been a little more intrigued in Macy, their dog, in the backyard. Oh well, no hurry...someday he will be more interested in girls and I won't want him to be!

We can't wait to be with our best new girls again soon! They are both sweeter than sweet! and they are such good babies they make it look easy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Happy Fish

Well, to update...
in the poop dept. we are back to normal! woo-hoo! :) now if I can only get his sleep habits back to normal...or really I'd like better than his normal!

We started swim lessons yesterday. Alex is doing so well. Even though he is the youngest, I think he is the star of his class! :) Well, he didn't cry and doesn't mind getting in the water! He loves to kick too! Something he does on his own. I knew that this would come in handy sometime! :) Today he got dunked underwater and he did great! Just a little taken back, but probably ready for more! Go figure! The only down side to the class is that the water is freezing and Mom doesn't want to get it! and poor Alex had blue lips by the end! (As Jenny and I discussed, this is why I never did swim team!) There are only 4 little boys in the class (including Alex) so it is nice and small. And we are pumped about being with boys for a change! (No offense girls! We love ya, we do!) We will see how the rest goes and I will have to post some pics or video of my little fishy soon! Oh, and I am foreseeing great naps for these 2 weeks due to one tuckered out little fish! Double woo-hoo! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

To all the Dads out there!! Hope you have a relaxing day and are reminded of how much you are loved and appreciated!

I love you Travis and I know that Alex loves you more than words can say! My heart melts everyday when I see him light up as you walk in the door! He then proceeds to follow you around already wanting to be just like you and always with you!

Cheering on the Rockets Grillin'

one of my favs from the early days...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Beach Trip

Port Aransas here we come!
We are not so good at the snack catcher yet. There were Cheerios everywhere!...oh well, whatever keeps him happy! We are almost there! (He is focused on the video on the console, thank goodness for that!)

We are here! Yea!!!
the view from our room at Port RoyalMorning 1- Hit the beach!
We decided to take the car, which was a great idea...except when we got stuck in the sand. But its cool, we got out with a little help! And then it was time to enjoy the beach! :) Having the car right there allowed us to set up with all our "stuff". As a typical first time mom I over-packed but of course forgot his hat- how does that happen!?

my little beach baby

Alex was really tired that morning...notice the yawn. Cracks me up.
Alex really wanted to catch a seagull. He chased them for a good long while...poor guy never could get em! I am always impressed with his determination.

This picture just cracks me up because Travis is working so hard to put in the umbrella and Alex is looking through the chairs. He noticed that it looks cool through there! ha! First time out in the waterHe didn't like it very much after thinking about it. The waves totally scared him and he cried every time we tried to get him in again.

Let's just stick to playing in the sand, Mom.Alex loved the sand! He just wanted to stick the tools in the bucket of water and bring them out! He kept sucking on them too...a little salt water and sand never hurt anyone right?!

sandy feet are the best

Morning 2: The Texas State Aquarium...
Dolphin show

Watching the dolphins from underwater view

some BIG fish

The USS Lexington

he's just a little bird
watching the bird show...I was feeding my own lil bird treats
not sure why, but this was in the bird show

sea turtles...this was my favorite- they are so big and so close!
do you see the otter? its right....there!
Travis was making fun of me because in most of the pictures I was pointing things out to Alex. What a teacher, right?!

Dinner one night down by the ferry...mmm, fresh fish!
I don't think any of us were really into this pic....it was really hot and the guy taking the pic was weird. But you have to take a pic with the big stuff outside the souvineer shop! Its a must!

The other parts of the trip were filled with pool fun!!

We only had one little incident where Alex tripped on his little car on the patio and skinned up his nose pretty good. He was tough and seemed to recover quite quickly. Mom is glad that she was sleeping through it and didn't have to see the blood. Overall, Alex did so well! He seemed to have a great time and surprised me with his good behavior...although our neighbors might disagree. He is so loud these days! :) And the trip home went ok...would have been better if he would have slept! Yep, he was awake the whole way! geez.
Overall, we had a great time on our first "us only" family vacation!

On the home front...
Sadly, Alex caught some kinda bug (probably from drinking pool water! ugh) and he has had diarrhea ever since we've been home. Fun. Here's hoping we are on the road to recovery fast!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

13 Months

What a fun month! The things I want to remember ...

* He is talking more and more. Things I swear he has said (Travis can account to these)...
kitty cat (really Carla!), car, poo-poo (oh yeah), Good Grub (name of little character,totally random I know!), and as of last night...juice (with a really cute th sound instead of j) .... okay, so maybe they just sounded a lot like these words but its fun to listen to!

* He LOVES getting in and out of his little car! We brought it inside the house since it is sooo hot and he loves to sit in it. We call it his office. He does a lot of important work in there.

Alex loves to play with his good buddy Evan!
*He loves to sit in his chair now! Honey brought it in the living room and he has been sitting in it ever since! Granted, he moves around constantly but he will just sit and look around the room even!

* He carried this Sprite bottle around for days. He often just wants to carry around a plastic fork or spoon or plate (from the kids dishes set) anything random really.

* He is really good at going up and down the stair in the backyard and anywhere for that matter. He even does his little turn around drill on a little ledge like the garage. I am just so glad that he doesn't try to go head first or walk right off any more!

* He is officially waving bye-bye to any and everyone! Yea!! :) Its super cute and he normally does both hands. Its a big hit with the ladies. It is often followed with hand clapping because everyone is so excited that he waves.

*He loves to read still and I often find him reading on his own in his room or the playroom. He also likes to read on the changing table... a little bathroom reading you know.

* He just started mimicking me. If I put my hands up, he will. If I squat down (like stretching before my run) he will squat down too. He thinks it is very funny. He thinks a lot of things are funny these days actually. He is quite the silly boy!

*He still loves to be outside. The backyard has been fun lately. He likes the little rocks we have in the landscaping. Unfortunately he likes to put them in his mouth too- and now I know he does it just to get me out of my chair and rowled up! Little stinker!

*Which brings me to my next point...the little stinker is a pro at throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get his way. And off to a good start he is! (This is why I have been reading Happiest Toddler On the Block!)

*The little busy body has learned to reach up on tables and counters. He can reach amazingly far too. He spots what he wants from a far and then goes in for the getting! He ALWAYS wants the phone, tv remote, and my hair brush.

*We have been enjoying the water this summer! I am so glad that he has taken to it so well. At first he didn't like getting wet at all! He cried. But he now likes the sprinkler park, the hose, and the pool (big and little). We start swim lessons on Monday!! Eek!
Alex helping water the flowers...or just getting wet!

Alex with his friends at the pool.

*His hair is growing in finally! He has two long curls behind his ears...they may be getting a little too long? First haircut may be on the horizon!?? What is your vote? Is it time?

*We are working on weaning. Working is the key word. Slow and steady wins the race right?! I won't name names, but its not me that is having the problem letting go. He does well with a sippy cup and took to soy milk well, which has been great! (I have realized that he has a favorite soy milk. He really likes the Walmart brand! go figure!)

*He gives super sweet real hugs and will give wide open mouthed kisses if you ask (and sometimes on his own sweet will). oh, I soak em up!!