Wednesday, January 2, 2008

20 Weeks- We are half way there!

This is the 3D mode- thats the precious face, with his hand up, the placenta and the cord blocking too. You take what you can get, right?!

It is a boy, for sure!

Here I am in my pink "scrubs"- I like to call them.

Today was my 20 week doctors appointment. It was all good news - signs of good development and health, confirmation of baby boy, and I didn't tip the scale after all the Christmas goodies! :) Baby didn't really want to cooperate as he was face down and "blocking" us out with his hands covering his face. Still got a few good pics and still looks "too cute"! I felt him kicking and moving for the first time this weekend. It is exciting and amazing, and I only wish that Travis could experience it with me. It might be another month till he can feel it on the outside.

I have to mention our other Isaacson excitement...Travis recently found out that he passed his Professional Engineering Exam! He ROCKED it and we are so proud of him! This was truly something to celebrate as most people have to take it multiple times! Congratulations Travis!!

We look forward to the new year and really count our blessings! Happy New Year to you!

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shalonda said...

wow i can finally leave a comment, i have tried for a while and it wouldnt let me...okay first of all wooohoo for a healthy happy baby boy! addi did the same thing she never let us see very much she usually had her hand over her face which has now progressed to thumb sucking, lol! HAppy new year hun!