Tuesday, February 19, 2008

27 Weeks (well, tomorrow)

Hi all! So its already time for the next post! Time is flying :)
I went in for my checkup yesterday and everything went well. All is good and growing. I took my glucose test too. Its real fun let me tell ya - chug an orange soda like drink in 5 min and get a major sugar rush, then crash while you wait for the doctor for forever, then get your blood taken (my big fear- but I was brave!). I would say the hardest part was holding off on the sweets for the day (so it doesnt alter the test)! So there I am in the waiting room and all these pregnant women get to watch me chug this drink and kind of cheer me on- It was almost like a flashback to The Tap in college! haha! I did alright...what if women bragged about their time like you do when you dunk your ring!?
Anyway, we are setting up the baby room and finishing up the painting! Its so fun, its hard to focus on anything else! I will post some pictures of the progress tomorrow.
I am feeling good! I am dreading the 3rd trimester drag if it is anything like my 1st- and I cant believe it is around the corner! Lil baby "I" is a mover and a shaker! He loves to kick and move and I can really feel it! ALL the time now! Yesterday was the first time that I really felt his foot though- he pressed and I pressed back. He was not amused. :) I was just excited that I could feel his foot for longer than a kick. It was really cool- doesnt feel too great- but cool.
So I go back in 2 weeks cause my doc is on vacation in 3. I know it will go quickly. :)

*Thanks to all the participants of my husbands cheesy name poll. He had a great time watching! As you can see, you are all crazy- Bobby Jo Travis won! No, this will NOT be the name of my child. Sorry to disappoint anyone! :) Keep posted for the new addition to the blog- "Coach's Corner!"


shalonda said...

lol! i was a little scared to vote, heehee...gotta love that glucose test, blah! you are almost done hun he will be here before you knwo it!!!

Paige & Ryan said...

We're so glad to hear things are going so great. Can't wait to see new pictures! Ryan is so excited about "Coach's Corner"! We miss y'all!