Monday, March 3, 2008

Pains and Gains : )

So, last week I started having stomach pain- the kind where you think back on "what did I eat today?!". It was pretty intense but I took Tums and hoped it would just back down. The next day I had a sharp pain in my right side. It made me a lil nervous and was very painful so I went in to see the doc and have it all checked out. It seems to mystery pain because everything was fine and they went away over the following 2 days. Who knows? Doc thought maybe a kidney stone ?? I am just glad it went away. :) and we got to do an ultrasound because we had a reason (otherwise my insurance wont pay for it). So there is a pic of our lil boy growing big and strong. He is 2 lbs 9 oz! Right on track! According to my pregnancy web site- the size of a chinese cabbage, who knows what that looks like! haha
So, I had my check up today and it was super quick since I just went in last week. Everything is good and big momma is growing like a champ. May need to lay off the sweets a little more ;)
I go in again on the 17th. I will end with... thank goodness for spring break next week!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Cassie- I had that too with Kate and just a few days agao as well. I took Gas X ( I never thought I would be saying that!!) and it worked like a charm after a few times. My OB said it could have been really bad gas....gross! But normal part of pregnancy. Hang in there!!