Friday, June 11, 2010

The Word on The Street is PARTY

These are pictures from Alex's 2nd birthday party! He had a blast and that made it all worth while! :)

the big kids
Evan, Gibson, Sophie, Alex, Annie, Kenzie, Madison
the little ones
Ella Kate, Dawson, Eliana, Kalyn
We had fun activities thanks to Honey, since the rain ruined our park plans,...
like put the trash in Oscar's can
Sesame Street Hop Scotch

books toys and puzzles
elmo fishing...thanks Honey for being our fish! :)
annie, checking out the loot...just a sticker :)
and dancing to Sesame Street songs- Alex's favorite part I think

The details...
we were up to our elbows in elmos!
thanks ruth for working in the elmo sweatshop!

chex mix "trash"
cookie crisp cereal makes cute little cookies that are milk free!
Alex's favorite! He had this instead of a cupcake!

favors...sesame street book, cookies, and stickers

Alex LOVED the birthday song and blowing out his candles! I was so impressed with how well he did! We did it twice because he loved it so much! :)
We were so lucky to have both families in full at the party!! Such fun!!
(Vinnie and Kalyn were at the party but had already left when we took the picture, sorry!)

Thanks to everyone that made Alex's day so special!


Kristen said...

It was such a great party! Kenzie loved helping Alex celebrate :)

shalonda said...

awwww looks like a fabulous party! and seriously the carseat shot cracke dme up!
happy birthday big boy!

rebekah l. louis said...

super job, cassie! love the different games and party favors. looks like alex had a great time!

Rob and Leah said...

Great Party! We had a blast! Love your craftiness and attention to detail:)

Jenny said...

oh the party ended up looking like so much fun, despite the rain! and gosh, you did so much, from the cute party favor bags, to the food labels, i am so impressed! it was all so cute and fun cassie, wish we could have made it!