Monday, October 10, 2011


Go Avalanche!

Alex is doing YMCA soccer this fall and is loving it so far! He has been waiting for this for a while and couldn't have been more excited! Dad decided to coach and relive a little of his high school glory days :) Well, at least he thought he would use soccer skills. 3 and 4 yr old soccer is not alot of skill. These kids just run around after the ball and kick it wherever...if they are even paying attention and not playing in the dirt or waving at mom on the sideline. Quite entertaining and seriously cute. But Travis has done a GREAT job with the little ones and really enjoys seeing them succeed and be so proud of themselves. He is putting a lot of time (and patience) into it, so I am really proud of him! I love the precious moments father and son are getting together too.

Alex is doing well but has really had to warm up to the idea of games. He is little and young compared to a lot of the other kids so its kind of intimidating and can get rough. I know he will get his goal by the end of the season! He has had some great kicks on the ball and has had some good defensive moments- my favorite move is arms and legs out like he is totally blocking all that he can.

mom can coach a little too- "you want to go that way"
end of game cheer tunnel run! maybe Alex's favorite part?

Here are some of the details...
Practice every Monday night and games every Saturday (ours our at 9).
They don't keep score and its all about fun.
Travis stays on the field the whole time to help.
They play 4 on 4 and there is no goalie.
The kids get subbed out often to keep it fresh and give everyone a chance.
Our team name is Avalanche and NO Travis did not come up with that, it was assigned. please. :)

We are loving our team and have great participation! The kids are just adorable!! We especially love that Evan S., our good buddy, is on our team! And his Dad is helping Travis out by assistant coaching!

We have quite the cheering section...with all the family in town there is always someone (or many) to cheer Alex on! He is so lucky and doesn't have a clue.

this cutie was a good cheerleader
and the biggest fan and Alex's favoriteEllie shockingly stays in her chair most of the time!

First Practice!
It was HOT! So glad its cooling down a bit!

This was just a day that he wanted to wear my headband while playing soccer in the backyard...said it helped him. As cute as he is, glad it wasn't a trend that stuck.


Kristen said...

adorable!! can't wait to give it a try with annie.

Sarah and Eric said...

So fun! The cheer tunnels are the best, I vividly remember those! I love that his shorts are so long that they touch his shin guards. Too cute!!! That big hug he gave Ellie was so sweet! Can't wait for those days!

Spicy Magnolia said...

Go Alex! That first picture of him is so good! We hope to make it to one of his games to cheer him on.

Kristen said...

Alex, you are amazing!! Love those kids in the uniforms and way to go Travis for coaching!!!

Jenny said...

This is seriousely one of the cutest posts i have seen in a long time! That boy has found his niche in sports, hasn't he? And I love how it is a whole family affair, wtih dad coaching and the rest of the family on the sidelines, how sweet Cassie! That one pic of you "coaching" is cute! And oh my I can't get over how cute your neice is!