Sunday, July 1, 2012

Alex turned 4!

I am way late on this one and totally skipped it when blogging but I still love you little one!! and as always I will break this down a bit and do his party and then post on his birthday and a little about him at this age.

Well, in my haste of planning his party while in my last few weeks of being pregnant/having a newborn, I planned it at a place I had never even been to. Great idea, right?!  We went to check it out the week of the party because I was getting nervous and that only made me even more nervous because it was GHE-TTO. But Alex insisted that it looked super fun and he wanted his party there...that's all that matters, right?! So, Kiddie Acres it was!

and you know what?! it was the best party place ever! The kids had an absolute blast! and it was so easy for me as the hostess and reasonable in price! We got super lucky with an overcast windy day to keep it cool and dodged the rain. I decided to keep it small and do boys only and during afternoon nap time so there was no meal to serve. It was a great party!! You can tell by all the BIG smiles! I had a hard time narrowing down all the super cute pictures of all the fun!

 you should see all the others taken in this series...silly boys!!
 It HAD to be Cars2 theme...and the easiest way for me to do that was with these cupcakes. Printed the cars and poked em in. My "grass" didn't really turn out but the boys didn't seem to notice. ;) And I was kinda proud of my racetrack idea on the bottom level of the stand.

 The actual party was too windy for me to set the cupcakes out but you get the idea.

 My sweet big boy....soooo excited to be sung to! And you might notice his shirt of choice- blue, fav color, and Cars.

this girl was a HOOT! probably had the most fun of anyone! 
 what a good sport and momma Kelly is!

 trouble at the back of the train



Ellie's new friend that she rode several rides with :)
 Travis and I got a huge kick out of watching the video of this ride. Ellie cuts around the ticket girl and b-lines straight for the purple car. She knows what she wants. Poor Connor wanted to ride with Alex but instead got a date :)
 She could stay here all day!

 It's just so sad that he didn't have any fun...

What?! I slept through the whole thing?!


KC& Sterling said...

Oh my gosh Cassie, I had a birthday party at Kiddie Acres growing up! I can't believe that place is still around! I remember having so much fun there. Good times! Love your precious family!

Jenny said...

that was an awesome party! and i loved hearing about ellie beelining it for the purple car! her and bekah need to hang out more! i am so glad that it was easy on you and SOOO much fun for him! miss you!

sarah said...

Looks like a perfect party place! I hear you about the windy thing... I couldn't set up Caroline's party cupcakes and decorations either. I was so bummed!

Kristen said...

Kiddie Acres is great! Alex is getting so big, I can't believe he is 4.

Holly said...

That turned out great! I love your grass and all. The cupcakes were wonderful, and the kids all had fun! Mission accomplished!