Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How are you feeling?

Wow. Everyone is so nice to me right now. I don't know how many times a day I get the question, "How are you feeling?" It is a normal question and everyone seems to be very caring (including strangers), I just don't know how to answer it. "I'm okay" tends to be my reply of choice. I feel pretty good considering the craziness that is going on inside of me at all times. I am excited about baby stuff, but I have a month to go which is still a long time. I think I am in the calm before the storm stage. Travis and I have been trying to "hibernate" to store up energy and enjoy each other (thank you Gordon for that wonderful analogy). I realize people just want to talk to me. People love pregnant women! and I think it is so funny! I think someone on almost every isle of the grocery store yesterday asked me when I was due. Strangers feel they need to ask. They can't help it. It just comes out! :)
I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is good. I haven't started to dilate yet and everything was on track for growth. I was worried that baby was stuck sideways for a while there (which would mean C-section if he stayed till delivery) but we think he has moved back to being head down. That was a relief! and it is a little more comfortable for me! I am going to the doc every week from now on, which makes me feel like I might be on the fast track!
Our house is now quickly being invaded by baby stuff. We set up the swing in the living room and the pack and play in our bedroom and the stroller is in the front room.... can you tell we like to be prepared! :) It was a fun weekend! We were like two kids at Christmas!


Anonymous said...

haha Cassie - I know what you mean! It got to a point where I wanted to say to people. "I feel like my stomach is stretched to the max, my back hurts, and I'd really like to sleep through the night without peeing." But I held myself back :) Hang in there! Enjoy hibernating with Travis! Take advantage of that. So excited for you guys. Now that you are at your weekly exams, it will really fly by!
love, christy

Beezer Mom said...

Ahh memories! :) I remember the "how are you feeling" question. For me, I wanted to tell people that I needed a crane to get out of bed and a bathroom every 10 minutes - other than that - life was great! ;) I'm sure you're in cleaning mode in your classroom. Just pass on whatever I gave you to another newbie. :)