Wednesday, April 23, 2008

yeah yeah yeah...bor-ing

The 36 week check today was not so exciting. As the doc said...oh, yeah he's still way up there! She said it like it was funny. I do not think it's "funny". Well, maybe a little, but no progress! :( bummer....BUT I am really not ready to leave school (well I want to, but the work is not done!) and I still have so much to do around the house to be "ready". OK, we will see next week! I was just hoping for a little excitement.
I did pack my hospital bag today though. Travis has been bugging me to do that so I finally gave in. I just hate packing! ha! I have actually been feeling pretty good this week. I think I got my motherly energy boost or something ??? it is weird!
Travis comes home today from Vegas (work trip) and I am so glad! I have missed the Coach so much! He really does take care of me :) We are glad that there was no reason to rush home either! Bonus, he did walk away from the tables with a lil cash! Fun fun!

Happy Birthday Vaughanie!! A lil shout out for ya! :)

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Paige said...

Cassie- we're so glad to hear things are going so well. I just love the blog and can't to see pictures of little Isaacson. That's great Travis won a little- Ryan lost a little when he went to Vegas for work a few months ago. Can't wait to catch up!