Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday

We had a wonderful holiday in The Woodlands! Alex did pretty good in the car actually. We timed it out well and he slept for almost an hour there (darn train! whistle sounded as if it was coming through the car!! I couldn't believe our luck!! ugh!) and a good hour on the way home! The rest of the time was "The Mom Show" as usual. Alex is making progress though and did a great job! :) Oh, and I got a second aquarium at a garage sale ( Only 1 dollar!!) for the car and that was a great help in the entertainment! He loves that thing! The only problem is that he wants it in his lap so that he can suck on it AND watch the fish!

Daddy carving the turkey!

We had a great time with the fam! Lots of yummy food, playtime with Alex, games, shopping, naps, and visiting!

Alex didn't eat turkey this year but he did try sweet potatoes! and he liked them! yea!! He has not been liking fruits so I think we are on to something with the veggies!

Alex has figured out this whole scooting thing and is now a man on the go! If you take your eyes off him for a minute he could be way across the floor! Maybe sucking on the coffee table! eek! haha! He also has a new found love of cups. Yep, he LOVED the simple plastic kid cups that Honey had and kept them close by all weekend. She even let us bring them home! :)
Travis and his sister are training for a half marathon and kicked it off with a run on Thanksgiving morning.
I was thinking about how last Thanksgiving I found out that our baby was a boy! It was such a wonderful time and special memory that I will always remember during this holiday! I am so so thankful for you Alexander!

We are so thankful for ALL of YOU! We are so blessed!

We hope you had a very very Happy Thanksgiving!!


Jaymee said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! It's fun to see all the cool things Alexander are doing!! :)

shalonda said...

awwww so fun! its pretty crazy how much your life can change in 1 little ol year, heehee

Sarah and Eric said...

That Travis and Alex shot is amazing! They look so much alike! Both smiling, wow, it's perfect.