Saturday, December 5, 2009

18 Months

(First off, I know that I am about a month late with this! oops. what are ya gonna do?)

A year and a

He LOVES cars, trucks, motorcycles...anything big and interesting on the road! He begs to watch the street behind our house and could sit on the wall for hours I think, if we let him. He acts like its a real show and claps for the big construction trucks or school buses.
This has also lead him to be VERY good in the car. He can see out the windows now and is constantly on the lookout for something cool! He also no longer asks for cartoons in the car, but music. Oh such joy! I am so pleased with this choice!

This is also his new toy obsession. He plays with his toy cars and trucks on his own all the time. Its the first thing he goes to in the playroom. He moves them from room to room, moves the little "guys" that drive from vehicle to vehicle, and even started making that precious "vroom vroom" sound. He is ALL boy! :)

His other obsession is still music. He has a deep passion for it, I believe. The child has some stamina for drumming that is like no other. Somehow we got several drums and sets of drumsticks so there is always something to drum in every room. He has also started doing some of the motions/songs we do in music class at home. He loves it and always asks for more when the song is over.

He has started to feed himself with a fork and spoon. He is not a pro to say the least but has made very good efforts over the last few weeks and gets better everyday. Most of the time we have to get the food on there and then he will take it from there. (Update, he is now stabbing pretty well!)

He learned to drink from a straw just the other day, finally! He thinks its really "cool" and will drink a ton of water just because its through a straw. He prefers mommy's waterbottle...the water must taste better. yeah, thats it.

He is starting to want what we are eating. Although I am not sure if he just wants to know or wants to try it- he is still sooo picky. But this makes me so sad because we have not given up dairy and so in most cases, he can't have it. I continue to pray that someday he can eat whatever he wants. He did eat some of my banana the other day which is crazy because normally he wont go near a real banana- yea! And he loves tortilla chips and saltines...both things we were eating and he HAD to have one. He likes when we give him a whole one to bite- very cool you know!

He knows his body parts and I am pretty sure that his tongue and belly button are his faves.

He will motion his arm for choo choo. And he just learned to say Ho Ho Ho for santa.

Every time he sees an animal (no matter which one) he makes a grunting sound. He does it non stop for the huge blow up longhorn that tends to be in a lot of stores around here.

He loves to be silly and thinks he is pretty hysterical. He just started tickling us with his little fingers. He thinks its quite funny. And he even does the high pitched "tickletickletickle" to go with it. He thinks its really fun to sneak up behind me and also not push the garage button while I am waiting (not good for a pregnant mom that has to pee btw!).

He loves to ride on our backs for horsey rides. He hates when we stop and will push your back and climb on you till you give in. Unfortunately, Mommy's pony is pretty slow these days and getting slower. Dad is the best! Alex just beams as he bounces along. He loves to wave to Mommy as he goes past me- not the safest- but pretty darn cute.

sat. morning with daddy...already reading the sports illustrated

When we went for his check-up he got gold stars! He is doing great! He is still growing like a weed (about 3 inches since 12 mo) but not gaining any weight really.


Mya Sage said...

Happy 18 months, Alex! You are Mya are too much alike with the cars and buses. ;) We hope to see you again soon big guy!

Jenny said...

oh my goodness, he is wonderful! i must see this little guy cassie! i miss him so much! what a wonderful update and gosh, i love those pics that adrianna took! beautiful!

Kristen said...

the new pictures are beautiful! happy 18 months alex! i think i just bought annie that exact same bus for christmas, i mean, i told santa to get it for her.

Kristen said...

great update on the little guy! i cant believe he is a year and a half! he gets more and more handsome everytime i see pictures of him. LOVE LOVE LOVE the professional photos by the way!!

Kristen said...

Oh are growing up so fast!! It is so great that he loves music and watching cars while in the car. It makes for a more enjoyable ride for you. Happy 18 months Alex!!