Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis The Season

Well, "the team" has been dropping like flies this week. First Alex got the "bug" on Monday. I got it on Wednesday and Travis got it on Thursday night. An innocent helper in it all, my poor mom, who came to watch Alex while I was sick, got it on Thursday too. Not good. She was supposed to be helping my sister with the new baby! Horrible timing. We are finally on the mend, but Alex is still struggling and had a relapse yesterday. Here's to hoping things get better fast! I don't know how much more poop I can take! :)

I will leave you with some of our holiday cheer to lighten the mood...

Alex loves the tree and ornaments...I had to get some kid friendly ones for him because the temptation is just tooooo much!

Its been cold cold cold, but sometimes you just have to bundle up and go watch some traffic.

(waving to the trucks, no his hand isnt ginormous but I bought gloves that are way too big and its all we had, adds to the effect though)

It was so funny because Alex would not stop looking at Travis when we were taking this picture. It was like he was intrigued by his hat ? we just couldnt stop giggling it was so cute!
Alex loves the nativity scene animals. I thought we were doing well with the "no touch" till the other day he brought me a cow in the kitchen and was saying "moooo". All is well, no animals were harmed.

And I leave you with this beauty... bunco theme this month was "lovely" christmas sweater/vest
I am just proud that Leah and I participated with our baby bumps!


Kristen said...

Hope everyone is 100% soon!! I love the picture of him looking at Travis.

Kristen said...

sorry you guys have been so sick, yuck. we have that same nativity and i love it!

Solomon Clan said...

No fun being sick. Hope everyone feels better soon.
Alex, I like your tough cookie shirt. Too cute!!

Carla said...

Hope you guys feel better soon :) Love the one of Travis and Alex looking at each other- that will be one you will probably always cherish!

Jenny said...

oh cassie, i am so sorry you have had such a hectic week! i m glad taht you guys are on the mend though! and that smile of alex's is just the sweetest thing! maybe i will get to see it in person next week!

Kristen said...

sorry yall have been sick! That is no fun! The pictures are adorable, especailly of the boy looking at the cars in thier winter gear. Miss you!

Brandy said...

sorry I'm late, but glad you guys are all better now!