Saturday, October 9, 2010

meet you in the middle

We decided to meet our good friends Carla, Izzy, and baby Andrew in New Braunfels for a playdate at the McKenna Children's Museum. My friend Leah suggested it and I am so glad she did. It was the perfect place. It's a VERY nice, clean, big, and fun children's museum and it was a good "middle" place to meet from San Antonio. The kids had a blast running around and playing and Carla and I got to chat, a little :)

alex hogging the space monitor
watch out! coming through!
story time
playing bank....even though they have no clue, its cute!

the lil monkey Isabella(alex's shirt was all wet from playing at the water tables outside)

a little lunch date ;) at chickfila
I love sweet!

We had a great time and love hanging out with our friends! We wish we could see them more!! I was really proud of myself. It was a big day (and totally by choice) but I am really glad we did it!


Paige Reynolds said...

Fun!! Next time I want to go!!

Jenny said...

Oh I am so glad it worked out! I am so glad that you found a new routine to start! Wish we could have made it!

Solomon Clan said...

That place looks very cool. I might need to add it to my places to check out list.

Kristen said...

Who knew there was a great museum in New Braunfels??? We will have to check it out!