Monday, October 25, 2010


It's the team annual trip to the pumpkin patch!! Alex's third year (check out that flashback! wow has Alex grown up!!) to go and Ellie's first. And this year we were joined by Nani and Papa Wes and the Choudhrys! I do admit that I tend to stress about getting "good" pictures BUT I made a mental effort to let go and enjoy the fall fun! Alex wasnt really feeling well but we made him suck it up, sadly. He was a trooper and had fun overall! We bought a pumpkin for each of us and look foward to carving our jack-o-lantern! It happened to be the day of the fall festival there at the church and so they not only had the pumpkin patch but vendors, a fire truck, and a drum school performed. This was the highlight for Alex. He won't stop talking about it! He loves drums!! I suggested that maybe Papa Wes's house be the host for his future drum lessons. ;)

Ellie is just a precious pumpkin! I made her shirt and headband for know, in all my free time! :) But really, I do enjoy a craft once in a while.
Trying to get a picture with the Grandkids is near impossible...quite humorous really. And so were the cheerleaders!
How much for these pun-kins!?

And I REALLY wanted a picture of my two kids together but that attempt failed. Its a no go. Next year!


Solomon Clan said...

Love the outfit you made! I think I need to hire you to do some cute stuff or maybe you could have your own store on Etsy. I love your pics. The kids are so cute!

Kristen said...

CASSIE!!! so impressed with the shirt and bow!! i want one, i want one!! (or make that two!)

cute cute kiddos. awwww... the quest for the perfect pumpkin photo...i try every year too.

Jenny said...

cassie, that shirt is soooo cute! way to go missy! i am so impressed! i love the color combo! amy and vaughanie, the queens of onesie embellishing will be proud! those pics of alex are precious too, especially the one of him holding the pumpkin and looking so sweet and innocent! : ) i like ellie's bow too! she is so stinkin cute cassie, and getting so big!

Kristen said...

Those pictures are great! You are amazing...I LOVE that shirt you made for Eliana. I really don't know how you find the time!!

Andrea and Jason Farrell said...

I love your blog updates, Cassie! You always make me laugh. And I totally want to copy your pumpkin shirt idea next year :).
We went to the same pumpkin patch and plan to make it a yearly tradition, too!

Carla said...

Super cute! LOVE the shirt and bow too :)

rebekah l. louis said...

precious pics! i'm super impressed with ellie's shirt and headband- super mom!