Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Colorado Springs

little did Alex know the fun that awaited him in Colorado Springs! We stayed with my cousin and her crew and their house is like a boy wonderland of toys! I have never seen so many different cars and trucks and nerf guns and trains and just coolness :)

Brie was lucky enough to get my grandmothers organ. I have such fond memories of playing this every time we visited her and it was fun to play on it with my kids.
he fell in love with this lacross stick (we are now the proud owners of our own set and mommy can be found playing lacross in the street most mornings thank you very much)

Needless to say he had so much fun with Jaryn (3) and Brayden (7). Brayden was very sweet to play with Alex a lot! and Alex totally wanted to do everything he did.
Swimming in the cold hot tub- Isn't their view amazing!

Jaryn was very interested in Ellie....he loved talking sweet to her and giving her things to hold. He is going to be a great big brother to his new sister coming in the fall!
Brayden is excited too.

Alex was completly anti- pictures (thats how he gets when he is exhausted) Him and Jaryn both actually. They were like two lil peas in a pod and even look a like! Picture me saying "get together!"

brayden was eager to pose :)We decided to keep the events low key and just be together...we went to the Focus on the Family center which reminded me of a small childrens museum.

the boys put on quite the puppet show

dance party on stage!

What cracks me up about this picture is that Alex helped to get Jaryn to smile by shockingly showing his booty! It may have just gotten them their Christmas card though! I do NOT know who taught him that!?!

and after, we hit up a nearby park. We really enjoyed the weather- can't do this at 2 in the afternoon in Texas!

woodchip birthday cake anyone? Ellie wants some!

that night Brie's brothers (my other cousins), Preston and Reagan, came over and Preston put on a little show for us. He spins poi and was really good if you ask me. The kids LOVED it! Here is the wiki on that for your info :) Think glowsticks on strings to techno music but Preston would be so offended if he heard that explanation :) I am sad I didn't get a picture with them! It was fun to hang out and see them!!
We also loved getting to hang out with Brie and Jonathon and stayed up till midnight both nights chatting and laughing! It was a great visit overall, too much fun for everyone, and we are so thankful to the Hendrys for hosting us!! Btw, I soo need a basement! :)


The Hendry Family said...

Yay, yay, yay!! Love all the pictures and yes, the one of the Hendry family is one of the few we have with everyone smiling. Thank you Alex for your humor :) (let's just hope my boys didn't teach him his new smile trick) So happy yall were able to stay with us and we also really enjoyed the kids, company and late night conversations.

Rob and Leah said...

Looks like great fun! I'm so jealous of their view. Can't believe the booty story...hilarious!

Kristen said...

What a great trip!! So funny that Alex has learned to moon!!!

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