Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Wanted to throw up some pics of the kids from the last few weeks since we got back from the trip. (I will finish the trip! and work back through the events I missed from before that! dont worry)

happy 4th of july!

it was so cute that the kids set these chairs up all by themselves

they now love to eat breakfast together at the little table

can you see the pain in her eyes?
she wants to do everything big brother does! including hockey...
and the weed eater
seriously not set up....rare moment caught on camera... it was not a wrestling hold but a true embrace. they love each other sooo much and its been so fun to see them grow closer over the last few weeks. I think the trip really helped them bond.


Spicy Magnolia said...

Very sweet, and I love the Fourth of July picture!

Julie said...

They are so cute together! I hope Molly and my future kiddos have that great of a relationship! I would think 17 hours in a car would make for some good family bonding!
You guys are brave but it gives others hope!
love and miss yall

Kristen said...

So sweet!!! I love watching the kids play together!