Tuesday, August 2, 2011

taking ya way back

so I want to fill in some gaps...

we went to the Waco Zoo back on Memorial Day weekend (yes, I said WAY back)

LOVED it! GREAT zoo! It was starting to get hot but the morning was bearable. Glad we went when we did. Alex really took in the animals and still talks about them in connections.

the best part about the zoo is how close you get to all the animals

yes, the cheetah is RIGHT there! crazy!
Ellie is off to see more!

Alex was in love with his lizard juice
I liked the elephant best! We were so close and had him all to ourselves!

The boys went to the Round Rock Express Game with my dad that weekend too. Great time!
Alex got this "indoor" baseball set. He immediately became pro and obsessed. It is actually pretty good for in the house and great to beat the summer heat. Because, by the way, its an inferno out there now.

Ellie and I hung out and had a lil photo shoot of her cute red, white, and blue. Yes, you saw it again on the 4th with Alex's matching shorts.


Sarah and Eric said...

I can't wait until Miles is old enough to enjoy a zoo, how fun! Oh.My.Gosh, that outfit on Ellie is too cute!!! Maybe sometime in the near future we can get together. I'm a stay at home mommy now too!

Kristen said...

it is really cracking me up that you are going all the way back to memorial day... is it just me or does that feel like a million billion years ago (yes, it has been a long summer.)
i want to try out the waco zoo now! (well, not now, maybe in november.)