Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lake Reunion

Back in June (before Colorado, promise this is the last of the catch up!) we had Travis' family reunion at Lake LBJ. It's always a great time and we love the lake, family, and fun! This year they brought back their long time tradition of an ice cream freeze off, complete with skits to introduce the flavor. All I can say, is now I know. :) Really fun stuff!

This crazy heat hadn't fully kicked in yet and most of the day was comfortable except for the late afternoon (which is when we did skits) and Alex just got too hot and too worn down...led to him getting sick and throwing up on us in bed that night. But besides that and the roughness of just being away from home and all sleeping in one room....we had a blast :) for real....look at these smiles! btw, I take way too many pictures!

Ellie LOVED the porch swing and Grandpa was always nice enough to oblige.

elfert islandthe porch and yard were perfect for hanging out
good cuz time...Alex has really never seen a "gaming device" so this was a big wow moment for him

early morn fishing practice...he was a little excited to use the buzz lightyear glowing fishing rod. just a little.
some pool swimming

some got sucked into a puzzle with Zachary

that went on into the late night to finish

Alex could have played with the big kids all day...and wore himself right out
Ellie found out she LOVES corn on the cob

skits...the audience is ready cream just how you like it! Sundaes by the Scotts
Swamp People by the other half of the Scotts...hilarious! Skit winners actually! and they made Gator Green Ice Cream (Pistachio)

Uncle Mikes Pot o Gold...Irish Creme Ice Cream that was so good it won the contest!

The Yankees came in their RV and did a little yankee doodle number with their blue bell cheater...really, they are adorable!

The People Of Walmart...Holly and Rita....Really. Tooooooo funny! Brave ones of the group

Holly went all out...really. ALL hanging out :)

and us....the pirates of lake LBJ and our Golden Booty ice cream that for being milk free was pretty good if you ask me. We put in Golden Oreos seeing as it is "captain hook's" favorite. :)

look at this tough grandpa! lil pinkie pirate was the cutest if you ask me and she gave the ice cream a thumbs up
and the your chips in the cups of your choice
these two have too much fun really

and fishing with daddy (and Uncle Mike)- something Alex had been looking forward to for a long time!

He caught several fish and loved every minute of it!

We also got the special treat of meeting our newest "cousin" Madeline Scott...she is a doll baby!


Ashley said...

I'm surprised anyone in the "Walmart" group had shoes on! And John is totally going to give Matty-i a hard time for that pirate costume!!!

Rob and Leah said...

Glad to finally see skit pictures! What a fun family!

Sarah and Eric said...

Gosh, what a fun family you guys have!

Kristen said...

looks like such a special trip!! glad to see a post from you, i was starting to get worried about you over there!

Kristen said...

Skits, are you kidding me! I've got to talk to Dennis' family about stepping it up next year. It looks like sooooo much fun!!!

Jenny said...

gosh that looks like fun! can we come crash your reunion next time?? : ) teehee, reunion crashers, not wedding crashers is the new thing! : ) those pirate pics are too funny, and i do agree, ellie is the cutest of all!

The Scotts said...

love that pic of maddiecakes! congrats again on #3! how fun!