Monday, December 5, 2011


Ellie dressed up for music class a few days before Halloween...even kitty cats need to brush :)

Our little Cat Woman was quite mesmerized by all the costumes out already...what is going on?!
Our SUPER duo
Alex was pretty persistent that Daddy needed a super hero costume too...I got sick the days before so our homemade Robin costume didn't happen and Captain America tshirt from Target was an answered prayer :)

Gibson, Evan, Brennan, and Alex
these boys have too much fun together! we are so blessed to have them on our street

Ella Kate, lil miss Tinkerbell, was ready to roll. The girls really do love to see each other :)
Ellie was a pro trick or treater and really did well keeping up with all the big kids
Ellie LOVES our neighbors sweet baby girl, Kensington
best buds and crime fighting duo
It was hard to keep up with these two! They were running from house to house and on a mission!
our sweet neighbor, Mrs. Sue
Cousin Kalyn and Auntie Jo, in their awesome pirate garb, came by at the end of the night
It was a fun crazy night and WORE ME OUT! We went all around the big circle of our neighborhood and then partied a little more when we got back. The kids got a ton of candy that I gladly took care of...oh the few joys of food allergies.

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Kristen said...

That is the cutest little kitty cat I've ever seen!!! And Travis is such a good sport dressing up with Alex :)