Monday, December 5, 2011


Not sure if anyone follows me anymore because its been WAY too long since my last post, but I will keep posting! and I WILL catch up! Its my New Years Resolution! Pick it back up, and be better about staying current! With the baby coming in just a few short months, I really want to be back on the ball. The holidays have always been hard for me to blog but being largely preggo, with 2 kids, and the was just too much! Enough excuses I will start with the big things and may have to go back on some of the things I am missing.

Thanksgiving was at my parents house this year! Always a day full of blessings and reminders of how thankful we are. The hard and sad part was that my brother couldn't make it- he was struggling through a kidney stone in San Antonio. Nothing could be worse- not only was he missed dearly, but knowing he was in pain was very tough on all of us.


so thankful for his Daddy! and the candy bribes he was getting all day to take pictures...dont let the cooperative model fool you :)

the whole gang, including Vinnie's parents and Gigi

my adorable parents
so thankful for them!

my sweet sweet boy and baby to be! about 24 weeks along
pretty girls

us girls have to get in our ad shopping! start em early!
Alex got this Aggie football outfit from Daddy who couldn't pass it say Alex was super excited about it was is an understatement- WHOOP! But for record, it was not a win this year, lets not talk about it :(
That weekend we also met up with my Dad's side of the family in Waco to celebrate my cousin Amy's 40th!

Alex, Me and Ellie, Amy, Jo and Kalyn, KellieAnne and her two girls Annsley and Grace

Aunt Barbara is so sweet and brought treats for the kids :)

Happy Birthday Amy! I can only hope to look as great as you at 40!
It was so great seeing everyone and catching up a little- it was a quick day trip. Only wish we got together more often!

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Christy@pipandsqueak said...

Who lives in Waco? You all were so close. We need another "Skeeters" reunion before long. I think Melinda is moving to Nac soon and Andi a few years later.