Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Jacob 1, 2, 3 months!! recap

The first month was a blink. really, not sure where it went! I do know that I wasn't sleeping a whole lot and was sick off and on, on top of just recovering from the delivery and getting used to the new life of three. I had some intense pain in my side/back that we were trying to figure out what it was. It took a trip to the ER, a few trips to the doctor and even a CT scan to conclude it was nothing. Well, it was something....but it went away on its own. Dr. Vinnie (bro in law) said he saw a collapse in my lung that could have caused the pain but ??? it was weird. Anyway, it put me in bed several different times and then to top it off I got bronchitis. Coughing in the middle of the night sleeping next to a baby was not ideal in the least. I have said it before and I will say it again, thank goodness for grandparents!! We couldn't have made it without them! Jacob was doing well, eating, sleeping, looking cute, as he should. He liked to be held and had to sleep in his chair upright- hated the bassinet and hated being swaddled.

how he slept at night for the first 6 weeks, right by my bed
how I got dinner on the table a lot of times...my peanut chef
After 6 weeks, I finally started feeling like myself again, got over the bronchitis, and Jacob started sleeping longer at night! It was an overnight wonderful welcomed change! Travis might have been the most excited! ;) We also got Jacob in his new room and bunked Ellie up with Alex. I think that Jacob loved getting a bed and sleeping in his own QUIET space. The kiddos were starting to get to him. So at 2 months Jacob was sleeping about 8 hours at night, feeding, and then going back down for a good 4 to 5 hour stretch. He quickly made that a 10 hour stretch! I am telling ya, I wouldn't have believed it myself. My best nighttime sleeper!! Hallelujah! I am so glad he seems to roll with the punches and can keep up with us as we are always running around town. It was the Mother's Day tea, I realized that he was not keen on being in the car seat though, like I thought he did. Likes to go, but not those pesky red lights I tell ya. He started smiling and cooing- ie. the sweetest stuff in the world! just makes ya want to kiss him all over and all the time! Can't keep my face off of him! His first coo was for my Uncle John (aka. the baby whisperer. too funny! but he is great with babies and kids!)  I believe his first smiles were for Alex.  He can't get enough of that big brother!  Jacob is a very happy baby and so content looking at his "friends" hanging down on the toy bar in his bouncy seat.  Unfortunately, he gets left there a lot as I tend to the others. It also allows me to keep him up on the counter so that he is safe. ;) I can't blame the kids, he IS the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

jacob is mad because we squeezed him in this outfit one last time but it really did NOT fit
lil whoop, auntie jo got him this in the hospital

 on Alex's birthday (so 2 months old)

 Alex really is a great helper and loves to watch him. They get special bonding time during Ellie's nap sometimes and I know they both love it!

 Nobody loves him like big brother!
 well, this one does too, but a little love/hate

the BOYS watching basketball
 As for the latest, 3 months old!!, yikes! he has rolled over from his tummy to his back, took his first road trip to San Antonio (and second!), has been sleeping 12 hour nights!! (I still pinch myself every morning!), was baptized, had his first fever bug and therefore first sick doc visit, can sit in the bumbo, and is kicking and batting at the hanging toys like a pro! (I have a lot to catch up on on the blog!)
He is growing like a champ! Out of clothes so much faster than Alex was! He was 12 lbs 3 oz at his 2 month well check. The doc said she could tell he had big "paws" that he would be growing into! 
Time is flying by!! It's a constant circus at the house and there is never a dull moment. Jacob is just a precious precious doll that we all adore! Everyone, even strangers, can't get enough of his cute big open mouth smile! I love to ignore the others and just stare in his eyes and rock away all the rest of the world. When I come back to reality, I have to clean up the mess, and there is always a mess, but it is so worth it!!

one month
two months
three months


Sarah and Eric said...

Aww, he's so precious Cassie! So glad to hear everything is going well!

Carla said...

That sweet guy just gets cuter and cuter! Love the pic of him in the too small outfit!

Kristen said...

wow, so cute, and i can't believe he is 3 months old already! and congrats to you on getting such a good sleeper! that is amazing! sorry to hear you had a rough start health-wise, but glad things are going smoothly now.

rebekah l. louis said...

you've got some great pictures! his monthly ones are beautiful!

and i'm not going to get jealous of his sleeping... not going to get jealous one bit. (sigh)

Kristen said...

Cassie, he is adorable!!! It sounds like things are getting easier and that he is a really good baby.