Thursday, June 21, 2012

family vacation

We planned a last minute family vacation over Memorial day. We were thinking somewhere close, fun, and easy. Sea World was a great option and we had been wanting to take Alex for a long time. A friend suggested the resort- The Wild Oak Ranch- and it was perfect for us! With an infant and then kids with food allergies, it is way easier for us to cook meals than eat out so a full kitchen is so nice! Well, not that it was easy to cook food with these crazy kids and a break from cooking would be more of a vacation, but it is actually easier. This place has the benefits of a condo but also a hotel. Its also a part of the Hyatt Hill Country so you could ride the shuttle and swim and play over there if you want to.  But it has great amenities itself!

the night we got there, after a quick swim, dinner and sunset dessert

 our view- you could see the roller coaster at Sea World
 this lil guy was a trooper the whole trip!

The first day we stayed at the resort and had a pool day.
Gotta start off with a cereal buffet! The kids had never seen lil boxes so they were super excited to try them all!
 Travis might kill me for this but I just love the kids!

 first swim, I dont think he cared for it too much, would rather be sleeping :)
 gotta love all that chub!!!

 lunch break! they served hamburgers and hotdogs poolside

 After dinner we went to get slushies and enjoy the pretty campfire sites. Would have stayed for the outdoor movie if it didnt stay light so late- boo.

 she was not in the mood for pictures

 Day 2 Sea World
We decided to go hard and make it a full day and do as much as we can! And go hard we's a miracle we all survived but Travis especially gets a gold star for being our pack mule all day. in the extreme heat mind you!! It was stinking hot. I knew it would be but wasn't really prepared. Should have brought a fan for the baby carrier and an umbrella to shade the big kids. Maybe one of those spray water fans too. And really it was kinda coo coo to take Jacob. We admit that. But at the time it felt like the only way to go. Next time Grandparents are invited for sure! :) We had so much fun but it was a lot of work.

We saw all the shows we wanted to see and got in the extras too! The only thing that didnt work out is that we didn't spend as much time in the Sesame area as we would have wanted to. I know that sounds backwards since we took the young kids but we really wanted them to see the "sea life" being at "sea world". We will go back in the fall and play more! :) 

 Shamu was a hit of course. I love that Ellie's hand kept going up and blocking my shot. :) I am still so amazed at this huge jumping animal! I will add that I am not a fan of the new show....maybe I am old school but I miss that they don't have the trainers talk and explain and teach about the whales. And for the little kids there was just too much going that it makes it hard to know where to look.

 Jacob had a good seat! :) and right after this shot, he lost it and I nursed him during the rest of the show. To think of it, I nursed him at almost all of the shows. It was so hot I knew I had to.

 classic sea world picture....I love it! Ellie was fussing because the rocks were hot under her legs even. I shouldn't giggle, but look at their faces. I mean, they were not excited.

 The ONE family picture we took all day. Not at the front with the pretty background and us looking all cute like I dreamed but I will have to take it. I actually think I like this one better because it shows the truth. We were hot, tired, and just a mess. Good times.

 Did I mention that Ellie cried out in terror for mommy in all the shows? She is ridiculous. She wouldn't let us get any closer to the divers here, and I had jacob in my arms, hence the blurry shot. I think she was just so tired with no nap.

 My favorite quote for the day "why is this whole place up hill?!"
 and a quick bath before a movie and bedtime

 Day 3 Daddy took the kids to the pool one more time so I could pack up.

Can you tell Ellie liked the car?
 Not only was the resort great but our room was great too! So spacious and nice!

Jacobs "room"...yep the closet right in the middle of the living room/kitchen with a blanket over the pack n play- slept like a champ!! 

I will give you a sneak peek in our messy room...

the bathroom was awesome! huge!! 


rebekah l. louis said...

so fun!!! glad you had a great time!
maybe one day we should go together to good ol' wild oak ranch... and maybe the kids will be old enough to send off to "camp hyatt" and we can lay quietly by the pool ;)

Kristen said...

We took Dawson to Sea World when he was 5 months old in July and I totally understand! But you still have to do fun stuff for the older kids. It looks like it turned out to be a success!

Shelby said...

Wow! The things we do for our kids. Kudos to you girl!!