Sunday, August 19, 2012

4 and 5 months

 okay, so I missed 4 months and by the time I was going to post I thought I might as well combine!  Get ready for some major fun because these two months were full of it! Jacob, you got so big this month! You grew up over night!! Still such a sweet, happy, good, easy going baby! Naps and night sleeping has changed up a lot over these two months but you are still pretty good. You don't want to sleep while we are out as easily and you tend to wake if we transition you now. But I am just trying to go with it. We stay home a lot and try to let you have little naps in the car on the way home or way out.  Ever since our beach trip you stopped just going to sleep on your own, easy, in the bed. I started bouncing you and singing and it seemed to work pretty well and didn't take too long. Now I have let you cry to go to sleep because you just won't let me rock/bounce you anymore. It's better for everyone and going pretty well but I miss cuddling you. And you wake one time in the early morning usually but you eat and go back to sleep. I don't mind because it gives me my morning to get ready and take care of the bigs.

 the pj picture was not going well
 a little better, 2 outta 3, and then....hand in the pants, nice.
 Alex really hates pictures, BUT NOT with you!!! He wants his picture with you all the time! It really is so sweet! He also cant wait for you to play power rangers with him. Ugh, power rangers. Thats a whole nother post. 

 a little unsafe, yes, I think so
 he is a rolling!! can roll both ways now! and fast! once they learn, it's all they want to do
 we got the exersaucer down and you love it! and so does sister!
 still love the bouncer, thank goodness
 but you can now pull the toys off and its a fun game for you
 hands are ALWAYS in your mouth! surely we have some teeth coming through soon!
 if they aren't in the mouth, they are on the toes
 and you found your tongue too
 this cracks me up because it was just one of those nights...impromptu craziness. the kids are eating bread and we found out you can play the piano :)
Alex requesting more pictures- this one, boys only
 and now move to the bed mommy!

 sister has her fair share of requests...she cant get her hands off of him and just wants to hold him
she also thought that it would be great to put two babies in there, one in front and one in back
 you have been so affectionately named baby bubba. you can't miss it. she says it to you probably 50 times a day. not. exaggerating.

 the funniest thing is when she talks to him. its ear piercing high and it tends to be in this Swedish style- "want me hold you? yeah? otay!"

 4 months

 this blanket was Travis'- its so neat because the women in the two families each did a square and stitched their signature. Even Steve did one, Travis' dad. He would "work late" and go to her sisters to get lessons/help.

 we only like the bumbo for a short time
 some momma love with the timer. I kinda like that they are blurry and off.

5 months

 the bigs were insistent on a group shot
 getting the hang of the jumper

 sister is yet again obsessed with you in it
its a good thing this picture is dark because the oreos in her teeth are not pretty
(love that she has started to pose and cheese it for the camera though)

I also want to record even though I dont have a picture- you started pushing up on your hands and knees slightly the other day! goodness please don't start crawling yet!! you are not big enough! 

 you tried oatmeal for the first time last night. started to feel bad for you the way you follow the food to our mouths with puppy eyes
disclaimer: don't worry. we don't leave him on the table in the bumbo, this was just for the feeding while I was right there with him
 save me daddy
 pretty sure that was NOT what yall have been eating in front of me

verdict: its a no thank you

jakey, we all love you soooo very much and just cant get enough of your sweet sweet love!  

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Kristen said...

5 months! i feel like you just had him. he is looking more like a blue eyed alex to me. such a sweet baby.