Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surfside Beach Trip

We headed to Surfside for a long weekend at the beach with the Skeeters family. The car ride there actually went pretty well considering there are three little uns to entertain, feed, and get to sleep and it all pretty much happens at different times.  Not fun, but not painful. That's all I can ask. We purposly like this beach because its pretty close. Made it in record time with only 1 and half stops- the half was a drop off, dont stop the car, run in with Alex, run out and hop in the almost moving car= half stop.
It had been raining monsoons all week and thankfully it parted for our first evening there and first day. We had rain on the second morning but it cleared off for the afternoon. The day we left it was gorgeous but we have to be grateful for what we got! It could have been way worse! Back home it rained nonstop supposedly.
We also love this beach because the beach houses are right on the water. Not too much of a hike with the kids and gear! Because of the rain storms it WASN'T pretty like the last time we went. We went 5 years ago for a HUGE family reunion and stayed at the house next door. Good times! (Its funny to think back that we were kid free that trip. What did we do with ourselves?!)
We had a great time and I wish we would have stayed longer.  I was exhausted but all the more reason to stay, right?! And it would have been nice to have one more beach day to just set up and leave it all day..

 Ours was the orange house in the back there.

this lil fishy looooved the water and had no fear!

Alex had a blast out with Daddy

Ellie and I stuck to the sand

cereal and cartoons are a must

aren't they cute!?!
dance party!

feed the birds

 this was for you to see our neighbors...they were right there. all gagillions of them. :) and they were fun to watch if you know what I mean.
A friend of ours goes on a family beach trip every year and the Grandfather does a treasure hunt with all the grandkids...if you know my dad, this is right up his alley!
Really Papa? In the mangled tent frame? Ok!
Next time I might have to give a little more instruction but the kids had fun!
Rainy morning fun

yep, playing baseball in the house

this was a game my dad invented when we were kids on road trips...hold the candy in your mouth and the last one with any left wins! aka genius quiet game

someone finally took a good nap!

he could have kicked ALL day...oh wait, he did

forced to get close to the water because you will like the beach by golly
so impressed with the birthday girl! 85 and made it down to the beach both days and even asked to help carry things!?! crazy woman! she loved her some babysitting though and we gladly obliged


my mom got the kids these headlamps for the beach thinking they could go looking for crabs but they ended up just running around the patio like little lighting bugs...they loved em though!

Time to go! Last chance at pictures was a bust


Kristen said...

oh so much fun! and i'm in love with that black swimsuit of yours. i want one like that!

Kristen said...

You got some great pictures!! We went to Surfside earlier in the summer and I too love that the cabin was right on the beach. Fun family times!

Andrea Farrell said...

Looks like a blast! You got some really great pictures. Jason and I want to do something like that next year.

rebekah l. louis said...

i agree with the others- you got some REALLY good pictures of fun times together!! glad the trip was a success!

texasbean said...

Great pictures, Cassie!