Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun Foto Friday!

Here is my lil chunker...he is getting so big you wouldn't think its the same baby! It has felt like he gains overnight! This is my "FAVORITE FRIDAY FOTO"

We are officially out of our newborn clothes- well the Gerber ones for sure are way to small. I think I gave Alex a baby wedgie for a few days before I gave in. So, we are now in 0-3mo outfits and it is so fun to have new clothes! They are just so cute on him!

He is still eating like a champ, including through the night...I am lucky to get 3 hours of sleep at a time still. I am praying for a miracle every night. :) He does go right back to sleep though and that makes it a little easier to deal with. Not to mention with all the good summer reality shows on right now- I have plenty to record and watch at night. Sometimes I don't even want to go back to bed yet- I want to see who gets kicked off or how it ends! :)

We have had some difficult days this week- Alex sure can be a spoiled lil bug...he loves to be held to say the least. But when we have good mornings like today, the tough times melt away in his sweet face. So it was time for a photo shoot...

He is smiling and laughing more and more (mostly on the changing table still though)! Too bad I can't seem to capture it yet.

Alexander is a mover and a shaker! I couldn't keep his arms or legs still if I tried!

Its a hard life being a baby model...enough already ma! :(


Heidi said...

I just love coming to your Team Isaccson Blog, I check all the time to see if there is something new. He's soo cute Cassie, I love all the pictures you are getting of him hes already growing to fast. Enjoy, BTW I love the addition of the music its wonderful!!! Hope to talk and or see you soon. Heidi

heidi said...

Sorry always want to spell Isaacson wrong, forgive me please!!!

Carla said...

Cassie! He looks so precious and healthy! His face sure has changed a lot over the past few weeks. Being a mommy can be hard, but you are right, they always know just how to melt your heart :) I can't wait to see you both again!